IDF soldier killed by friendly fire on Gaza border
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 07.01.11, 23:45
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1. Hang in there, guys!
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (01.07.11)
I'm glad your wounds were not worse, and I'm glad that you have first-rate doctors. And mostly I'm praying for a swift recovery. You have a job that's as important as it is dangerous, and we're grateful for the job you do!
2. don't worry,Bibi and Ehud will take care of it
chaim.s ,   brooklyn ny   (01.07.11)
Barak will bomb some more empty buildings,and Bibi will ease some more of the blockade,citizens of Israel get rid of this criminaly insane self hating leftist cowards,before you lose your country
3. Attackers were shepherds and candlestick makers
Stephen in New York   (01.07.11)
no doubt
4. Maybe they were tinkering with the fence
Jeff, Ex-Marine ,   San Diego, US   (01.07.11)
The Palestinians have every right to defend themselves. The IDF has become too comfortable with picking them off one by one. The world's 4th most powerful army against refugee camps. talk about stuffing ones jockstrap. terrorists? does the IDF even know the meaning of the word?
5. plant bombs plant crops, it's their land
observer   (01.07.11)
6. but the killed Hebron man wasn't Hamas
observer   (01.07.11)
7. Ex-Marine, kind of like same people you killed in Iraq?
KMA ,   LaLa land   (01.07.11)
8. #6 the Hebron guy was martyr, but those aren't
shlomo   (01.07.11)
9. HIt them hard
Brod ,   USA   (01.07.11)
Israel should hit them hard and insure that Ghush Khatif is freed from Islamist-Jihadist terrorist infiltrations. It is also time for Israel to end Hamas occupation of Gaza and let pro-Israel Gazans govern Gaza with the IDF insuring security.
10. too bad
wmd   (01.07.11)
11. Dont you worry Brod
Jeff, Ex-Marine ,   San Diego, US   (01.07.11)
Hi Brod, patience. patience. if my caluclations are correct, the current wounded/kill ratio means 40-50 Palestinians will be killed by the end of the month. You think the IDF is gonna let some poor improvished men fight back? You bet they'll hit them hard. After all, they've got a reputation to uphold, parents to please and partners to impress
12. friendly fire?
freddy ,   usa Philly   (01.07.11)
So it's all a mistake? Hamas wasn't there, just two units of IDF forces shooting at each other?
13. To #11, Jeff, Ex-Marine
Arn ,   Israel   (01.07.11)
You're no ex-marine. Not if you see kalashnikovs, ammo belts and mortar launchers as the typical dress of poor impoverished men. And my guess is your name is not Jeff, probably Muhammad. Try a green-beret persona with your next talkback..
14. friendly fire ?
eporue ,   europe   (01.07.11)
well, if the same nerves wreckages as in the bed/coca cola incident were on the fence this evening... then, not unlikely...
15. These troops need that highly touted battle management
seadog1946 ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (01.07.11)
system that Elbit is sold to the Australians last year... it sounds like it would cut down on friendly fire casualties. It also looks like the Gazans are trying to set up a no-go zone on the other side of the fence. Break out the popcorn! The show is about to begin.
16. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.07.11)
Yes. The IDF knows the meaning of the word "terrorists." So do Israeli Jews, and Jews in the Diaspora: I suspect my friend was right. He said that you were probably cashiered from the USMC ("ex-Marine" is not how REAL Marines -- past or present -- describe themselves) and the JAG officer who was responsible for your conviction and dishonorable discharge was Jewish.
17. Aw
Kim ,   UK   (01.07.11)
A bit more difficult than killing a man with a bottle, an innocent women and a 65 year old then....
18. Jeff Marine
Dan ,   Miami, USA   (01.07.11)
My guess is that Jeff was a Marine washout. This knucklehead can't even figure out who the real enemy is. Here is a hint Private Jeff, the enemy is not Israel.
19. To Jeff #4
perot ,   usa   (01.07.11)
jeff the "ex Marine,,is either a liar, a fool or both. Any Marine who served KNOWS that their are no "ex Marines....only Former Marines !
20. Who are the terrorists?
Noah ,   USA   (01.07.11)
...the IDF soldiers, who are members of an occupation army enforcing an illegal siege, or the Palestinians, who are defending their besieged territory from the occupiers? Occupation is illegal under international law, whereas legitimate resistance (which does not target innocent civilians) is illegal under international law.
21. Is that Operation Cast Lead II coming over the hill?
Cameron ,   USA   (01.07.11)
Time to move beyond aerial and artillery bombardment maybe?
23. #4 Shame on ex-marine
Logic ,   Israel   (01.07.11)
The only thing you managed to do here on this forum is tarnish the reputation of the US Marines Corps. Since you obviously have no respect for Israel's struggles or the IDF, I recommend you find your way to the Stormfront or Code Pink website instead.
24. jeff the ex marine
pini   (01.07.11)
i imagine he means ex because he hates he was a marine, either because he was too much of a puss or cuz killing innocent ppl in afghan or iraq broke him, either way. Jeff do you realize we have a border fence with a neighboring country if you will, the country of gaza, and if they approach the fench and try and fire at us we defend our selves, in this case an idf soldier was killed, what exactly did us Israelis do wrong here?
25. # 4 & 11
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.07.11)
Core Values. The values that define a Marine. HONOR,COURAGE,COMMITTMENT Marines are held to the highest standards,ethically & morally. RESPECT for others is essential. Marines are expected to act responsibly in a manner befitting the title they have earned. Becoming a Marine means living by the values & ethics that define the Marine Corps. In the classroom,recruits learn the meaning of the Core Values as well as how they will be expected to act in uniform & out of uniform. These lessons are applied on the trainning field,in scenarios that are important for both combat & life. By the time they graduate,these values will guide every action. As Marines & citizens,they will uphold Honor,Courage & Committment in every situation. You Jeff are not a former Marine. Shame on you for trying to impersonate one.
26. #22 Sue
Mike ,   Edmonton, AB   (01.08.11)
You are a disgrace to our country. R u equally happy when our own troops loose their lives fighting the same kind of terrorists? BTW it's not friendly fire to be blamed. It's the defeatist government of Israel for not finishing off Hamasonce and for all.
27. # 16
freedom fighters   (01.07.11)
let arthur balfour give you his own land not palestine's.
28. How dare - to fight back
Friendly fire   (01.08.11)
29. Dumb army!
hamuda ,   Gaza   (01.08.11)
Those have been killed from friendly fire are greater form those have been killed by opponents or it is a dumb physiological tactic!
30. To: Cameron at No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.08.11)
Well, let's look for a moment at what's behind the ratcheted up violence. I think there are two possibilities: 1. Hamas are the slaves; the Iranians their masters. Teheran is calling the shots. Hamas has to know that it is daylight madness to provoke Israel, that the hardliners in Israel are on the ascendancy and that the whatever the U.S. administration may think or feel notwithstanding, the current Congress is not at all sympathetic. 2. Hamas has lost effective control of Gaza, and the missiles, mortars and attacks are the work of non-Hamas terrorist elements in Gaza. If the former, Israel just might launch Stuxnet II and set Iran back another decade or so. If the latter, isn't it fun to watch Hamas being hoist by its own petard? Their own tactics coming back to bite them in the hindquarters. That said, you can rest assured that Israel's retaliation will be swift and severe. We really are losing patience ... Robert Frost may have thought that "good fences make good neighbors," but he did not live next-door to "Palestinian" terrorists. Happy New Year, by the way.
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