'Germany knew Eichmann's whereabouts since 1952'
Associated Press
Published: 08.01.11, 20:07
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1. Duh!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.08.11)
Germany protecting former Nazis? Tell us something we don't know!
2. Other nations also knew
Jackie ,   Florida, USA   (01.08.11)
The US knew about him, and certainly Argentina knew who he really was. Lots of Nazis escaped to Argentina after the war, aided by the Catholic church.
3. To: Jackie at No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.09.11)
Excellent! Correct! Wanted Nazis escaped Europe by virtue of Vatican-issued passports. All under the authorization -- and command -- of Pope Pius XII. That would be the pope who is up for sainthood. Canonization for operating and overseeing the Nazi ratline. Something really, really, TRULY wrong with the Roman Catholic religion. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. Sainthood for a Nazi war criminal? What else is there to say?
4. Cold war,non denazified germans in top positions saved nazis
Joe ,   Canada   (01.09.11)
At the end of WWII both Americans & Soviet politicians decided to used defeated Germany in the fight for hegemony. Scientists with criminal background (like Von Braun who used deadlly slave labor) were snatched by the US to get ahead in rocket development. French & Soviet authorities took other scientists, Nazi secret service officers like general Gehlen were used by the US to get control of their networks of spies in Communist countries. The pope Pius XII who before the war had studied the role of some Jews in communist politics may have concluded Germans in general & nazis in particular were worthy adversaries of communism who deserved forgetting their crimes against Jews during WWII. This behaviour of the West vis a vis the Germany allowed many nazis to keep high & low level positions in the administration. They in turn had an interest to facilitate the escape to foreign countries of overly tainted war criminals with damaging information. This also allowed the delay of trials & the lenient sentencing of nazis guilty of horrendous crimes. Among those who benefited from this benevolent & protective treatment include Klaus Barbie the "Butcher of Lyon" & Kurt Waldheim former SS in Greece who succeeded to become Secretary General of the United Nations. Many nazi criminals benfited from the cold war rivalry between the Capitalist West & the Communist East & from the fear the Christians had about the atheist persecution of the Soviets.
5. I understand that hanging can be very painful. Thanks
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.09.11)
for such an efficient job of justice. Here in America, he would not be allowed to have "unusual" pain during his death.
6. and Jews know where Ari Sharon sleeps.
RJBH ,   Methil   (01.09.11)
Wake the War criminal gently.... before the Gods punish him some more.
7. Germany wanted to forget the Nazi past not constant reminder
zionist forever   (01.09.11)
There was never a will in Germany to bring Nazis to justice and if it hadn't been for Nazi hunters even the ones in Austria & Germany itself the government knew who they were but had no desire to do anything. I think that because the Holocaust is a painful subject in Germany they prefer to play dum and leave the Nazis to quietly live out the rest of their lives quietly. Let the memories of these people die rather than remind the German people of their past. Even the Nuremberg Trials were about image than a great desire to see justice done. To civilians justice matters but to politicians attitude is if it ain't broken don't fix it and leaving the Nazis out the publc mind suited both the politicians & Nazis themselves.
8. And " When the Saints come marching in "
josef   (01.09.11)
Pope pius XII, the vatican, the catholic church, (all saints of course) ----the bishops, the priests, the nuns, the monks, were all part of this gigantic " escape " of nazis murderers, sadist, killers of men, women, children on a scale unique in the annals of men's inhumanity to men. By the millions tthey went live, thru the flamme of hell.; jews, gypsies, russians, poles, deformed children, and more. By providing " diplomatic " papers, passports, money (stolen anyway), and " rest centers " all over Europe, the hierarchy of christianity became an outright accomplice to mass murder (experience counts). In essence they helped "god's children" (theirs) escape god's wrath (Yeak!). Only a pope is capable of such a " tour de force "; and for this, Benedict recommands a well earned sainthood to pius XII. Throughout the ages, Pagans did not indulge in the intricacies, the niceties of deceit, falsehoods and outright lies - the sword and get over it. Ah! but the church has 2000 years of experience,expertise on this deadly game. Just like islam is doing today with only 1400 years. They are fast lerners.---- For WWII buffs, read " Hitler's pope "
9. #6 RJBH
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.09.11)
Unless you mean the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif, what crime are you accusing Sharon of?
10. lol so what the others also knew that
ghostq   (01.09.11)
states like UK and USA, but they did nothing, cause winning war was more important than justice. the only justice that was by the trials that were held mainly by germans against germans, there was death kamp in the Sudet area that reserved for Germans only, thousands of people were murdered there. left alond the naxis executions of innocents germans who they suspect of undermining the nazis, that is if the nazis didn't send germans to special mental institutions for reducation which who worse than death. I think what if after this bastard was already executed is very redundant. historical wise never ask what if.
11. to #6 you got his name wrong
ghostq   (01.09.11)
probably you got other facts wrong.
12. Not only Germany
Jan   (01.09.11)
Israel itself protected a war criminal.Salomon Morel wanted by the Polish lived undisturbed until his death in Israel.Any requests for extradition were rejected.Israel asserted that his crimes were time-barred.Furthermore they said he was too old and too weak to stand a trial.Sounds somehow familiar,huh?
13. there just isnt any justice in the world period
we can only hope that HaShem will be the final word but we here will never know, some things are not meant for us to know about.
14. Whos surprised - and i bet the British knew.
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (01.10.11)
why else is Europe in trouble by the invading black veil of islamic rabble? Some poeple deserve what they get in return.
15. Do you still beleive Europeans ?
Ran ,   India   (01.28.11)
Ofourse UK , Germany knew very well where the fugitives are hiding after all Pope has some hand to resettleing this Nazis in South American countries...but its irony that even after that Israelis try to be like Europen in heart and mind !!! ..also German fund is amazingly welcomed in Israel....we forget the past very quickly...its a stockholm syndrome
16. Ran
Emma ,   (02.01.11)
Ran You are talking nonsense, are you implying that the Israelis have become like Nazis? Not only is that highly offensive it is totally inaccurate unless you equate defending yourself from murderous attacks with the genocide of a people. By saying that the two are synomous, you are denying the right of Israelis to self-defence and saying that it is ok for Palestinians to murder Jewish civilians in cold blood, much the same as the Nazis did. For your information, the reparations paid to Israel from Germany was money for the resettlement of Jewish survivors of Nazism to be absorbed into the country. At the time there was a huge debate about whether Israel should accept the money or not.
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