Jewish congresswoman shot in Arizona
Reuters and Ynet
Published: 09.01.11, 00:28
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1. Jewish Congresswoman shot
Joe Charlaff ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.11)
Are the Americans never going to get the message that gun control is needed. If everyone can walk into any hardware store and buy a weapon that is inviting disaster. That is taking democracy too far!
2. #1 only part of problem
talkbacker   (01.08.11)
take away every single gun in the states and they find alternative ways to hurt and kill. they say, the society is deeply saturated with violence, as you can see in movies or games. they censor every nipple, but splattering brains? no problem! gun control plays a role but not as great as you may think
3. Its sad to hear that's.Rest In Peace
Alaa   (01.08.11)
4. Take away the gun of the settlers of West Bank
Peace Now   (01.08.11)
5. Signs of deeper divisions in the US.
Josh   (01.08.11)
Spooky! When will we hear the radical religious undertones. Nuts like this always have a loaded bag of nevee sheker beliefs. Recognize Torah curses when you see them. Touched in the head and soon to show the world the black widow markings? Who sees the world with the tephilin laws of Torah between their eyes and not on their forehead? Members of a family to turn against each other., predicted? A long ago family split that came from Aretz Yisrael in the form of an added book to Torah. What version? King James?! Stop adding to Torah. Return!
6. Jews facing medieval times.
7. Extremely frightening.
noa ,   israel   (01.08.11)
It's just no longer safe to be in public period. Sorry for the loss.
8. #1 Joe
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.08.11)
You rant on gun control for the U.S when the Israeli government disarms fellow Jews and supplies weapons to Fatah? When Israel sets a better example come and preach to us about gun'control' What was the name of the shooter is what I want to know ? They must be hiding his identity for a reason.
9. According To TV 9:47 fx States sources say she is alive.
Josh   (01.08.11)
10. Reuters now reporting
M.Lith ,   The Netherlands   (01.08.11)
she's alive and in surgery
11. #3 As of the moment, she's still alive.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.08.11)
12. #4 - take away guns from settlers...
William ,   Israel   (01.08.11)
and all you'll have is dead settlers (which Peace Now actually advocates). Take away the guns of the Arab terrorists next door...and all you'll have is peace.
13. 5 - You related to Rivkah?
Put the pills down and step away from the computer.
14. One must examine the antisemitism in the growing tea party
DVIDI ,   sweden   (01.08.11)
If part of this is hate crime motivated.. Or the killer is somehow linked to the tea party.. I think everyone needs to examine if the tea party harbours a lot of anti-semitic opinions.. Cause it could be dangerous for jews in the US.. The rise of right wing fascism..
15. #6 - Stop the victim propaganda
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (01.08.11)
2 French guys just got killed in Niger by North African Al Quaida and they weren't jewish at all.... At this stage, we know nothing about the reason of the killing in Arizona. In France, when Jews are attacked, the medias and the people have orgasm when it's said that's it's antisemitism when most of the time it is not...
16. Tragic
Morris ,   NJ   (01.08.11)
Tragic yes, but she is not Jewish. Her mother is a gentile Protestant and her husband is also a gentile,
17. to nr. 12.
sjoerd van der velde ,   hoorn-the netherland   (01.08.11)
take away guns from both parties. only police and army/military can have them in a decent country/society/community!
18. 1 Too controlled-Guns onhand-in Isreal 8 would not be shot
Eric   (01.08.11)
Its a border state. Good security means plenty of guns on hand. The founding fathers knew this. If the crowd or any of the eight had guns they could have defended themselves and certainly the lone gun man could not "calmly" walk up point blank shooting each. Criminals will always illegally obtain guns, even over the border or stolen from police, the criminals always can get guns. Look at Mexico and their tough gun laws and people are not safer. Drug cartels are having a field day down there. In arizona they can;t even keep foreigners from crossing over, how is US gun control helping anyone?
19. #1 a person in the crowd shot at the shooter
Rick   (01.08.11)
Good thing the bystander had a gun. Maybe more than 19 would have been shot.
20. to #1
Koltov ,   pa, usa   (01.08.11)
You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Firstly, only people without criminal records can buy guns and even then a background check is made. Secondly, automatic weapons are illegal in the USA and cannot be bought unless you are a criminal and then you would buy one from another criminal. Criminals have always had and always will have guns. What you are suggesting would leave every law abiding citizens unable to defend themselves during an armed robbery or other life-threatening situation that they may encounter. Your idea of gun control would backfire because criminals would have the upper hand and start working overtime. Do you know how many elderly people living alone are targeted by armed burglars and have saved themselves from being killed because they could fire back?
21. #12
Persian CAT   (01.08.11)
What's wrong with that?! Occupiers and terrorists from any religion and creed must be disarmed, incarcerated or killed. Do you know a better way to deal with terrorists?!
22. Ironically....
Amy ,   California   (01.08.11)
Ironically rep. Giffords was a member of the NRA which opposes gun control..... Well, we also learn that federal judge John Roll was shot to death.....5 others are in critical condition.
23. #8 I beg to differ Marcel
Menachem ,   Israel   (01.08.11)
I agree you with that Israel's policy of arming PA thugs in Judea and Samaria is mildly speaking stupid. However the situation in Israel proper is very different. Due to military service there are a lot of guns available in Israeli society just like in the US society. However unlike the US, Israel has thankfully been largely spared from crack-pots massacring people in schools or in the streets. Besides, no offense, but the US still has a lot to learn from Israel when it comes to security issues at airports and other sensitive public places.
24. Appalling
Cameron ,   USA   (01.08.11)
Reports of 18 shot, 6 killed.
25. # 12
Why there are settlers in the West Bank anyway? They should be inside Israel's proper? In Israel, Israelis & Israeli Arabs have no guns, only police and law enforcement should have guns
26. "Settlers"
Andrew Brehm   (01.08.11)
Taking away the guns of Jews who live among Arabs usually results in their death. This is not a gun issue, it's a murder issue.
27. #5 Shooter's video about US currency & one world order
Josh   (01.08.11)
I called it correctly. From a buzz though his whacky. Mein Kamph is his favorite book. Likely a divisive born again extremist that fears one world orders, and money changer ruling.
28. #6 - not attacked because she was Jewish
William ,   Israel   (01.08.11)
She was most likely attacked for her political views. She's been threatened in the past. There are crazies everywhere in the world. Letter bombs were sent to the Maryland Department of Transportation because the sender was "upset with signs on the highway". Crazies do not need a valid excuse for stupid actions.
29. She's out of surgery
Mike ,   Phoenix,Arizona USA   (01.08.11)
She still in critical condicion but not risk of her life,tne gunmen is presummed to be white supremacist.
30. @20
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (01.08.11)
"Do you know how many elderly people living alone are targeted by armed burglars and have saved themselves from being killed because they could fire back?" No - please tell, this could be interesting!
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