Professors boycott Ariel university
Tomer Velmer
Published: 09.01.11, 14:09
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1. I think those profesors got f in history lessons
ghostq   (01.09.11)
politicize the education system is one short step from totalitarian regim, if they so insist apon making adiology class their class can be canceled just for thei political point of view, nor right or left should be in the hands of any political force, other wise you creat situation that only part of the state is entitled for academic lerning, which influense the economy moraly creating situation of better civilians acording to their political point of view, which is non democratic, I think better do that in the parliament forum and not on students or other academic forces.
2. The Yishuvs in Shomrun and Judea, whether
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (01.09.11)
or not academics like it, form the backbone of the state of Israel and protects them as well as all other Israelis residing in Israel.
3. disgrace
Nadav ,   tlv israel   (01.09.11)
academic freedom obviously falls on deaf ears when it comes to these radical leftist lecturers. i shudder to think what our students are learning from these embedded radicals at our universities! Would these same lecturers also refuse to lecture in Tibet, Kosovo, Basque, Corsica, Russian occupied territories, India (Kashmir) etc? no! they would go to the highest bidder if asked!
4. Leftist losers see their fight ending as
Ben Yisrael ,   Israel   (01.09.11)
The vast majority of the Jewish population in the Land Of Israel moves to the right and rejects their capitulation to Islamic terrorists and their supporters.
5. Hahaha-hihihi
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (01.09.11)
B"H Since when profs chose according to location of university? Don't they just love to go to London, Paris, Berlin, New York? Ariel is not Israel? So what? Shall we call it occupied Medinat Yehuda?
6. Well done to those proffesors
Avi ,   Israel   (01.09.11)
Well done, the world is waking up to the crimes of the right wing religious fanatics.
7. Boycott
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (01.09.11)
I don't care how much professors they are. I don't care how important they believe their opinion is. Just that whoever believes that he can attack Israel and it's legitimacy while receiving a salary from the state is terribly wrong. Whoever feels that Israel is an apartheid state and anti democratic, should be honest enough to resign his position and his passport and go to work in Ramallah!
8. #6 can you spell psychopath?
Ilan   (01.09.11)
Somebody should put you into an institute for the mentally unstable. Someone should also teach you the difference between a professor and a proffesors as well why broadsides against entire groups is a sign of a serious mental and emotional problem.
9. Help needed
Carsten Schmidt ,   Germany   (01.09.11)
How can I locate a list of those 'professors' who endorse the boycott petition? I would like to know their field of work so that I can avoid cooperating with them when it comes to the BMBF, DAAD or Minerva programmes...
10. #7 Ricardo Macher
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.09.11)
And what about the boycott of South African Universities that helped bring about the downfall of apartheid there ? But the question is probably wasted on you, since having read your talkbacks here,. I suspect that you probably approve of apartheid
11. Dealing with another fanatic
Ilan   (01.09.11)
Apartheid has nothing to do with it. Unless you consider all Israelis some sort of colonial entity like you Pal and other Jew hating friends. If you feel so badly that Jews live in Israel you should just go back to wherever the hell you came from.
12. To @7, Ricardo. No right of return!
~~Lengualima~~ ,   I   (01.09.11)
Ricardo I disagree with you on the target, Ramallah. Would still be under some influence of "abusive" government of Israel. What do you think Gaza?. They would have full constitutional rights, especially freedom of: speech, religion, work, saying that Hamas is a terrorist group, and others. The only condition that would put it, "There is no right of return." Greetings.
13. to #6 Avi you got serious problem,
ghostq   (01.09.11)
secular people live in Ariel, go check it I have. seems all you know about the place is from propeganda.
14. This will achieve nothing
Madeleine ,   Israel   (01.09.11)
A pathetic move by a group of pathetic so-called academics, who've lost their way as both Jews and Israelis. There are plenty ready to step in where these morons refuse to tread. Judea and Shomron are as much part of Israel as Tel Aviv and Haifa and their pathetic stance is not going to influence anybody.
15. Boycott those 150 Fascist Leftist Boycotters!!
sarah p ,   Arkansas   (01.09.11)
Boycott them!
16. Time to sign petition to boycott
Zev ,   Israel   (01.09.11)
these professors. They should learn what democracy is and that Stalin is dead.
17. #10
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.09.11)
A strange accusation. I have never read Ricardo Macher supporting apartheid, but you have consistently called for creation of an ethnically pure Arab state and called for violent ethnic cleansing of people from their home just because of their religion.
18. your efforts will bear fruit in the near future
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.09.11)
This sort of banning reminds me of the days of the apartheid regime in SA , and the way that the apartheid system treated ..... illegal settlements have no future in our land. hey editor, Am I banned in Ynet for this day or what : (
stude ham   (01.09.11)
20. Last Gasps of The Israeli Left
SendThemPacking! ,   china and israel   (01.09.11)
Could this be the last gasps and "death gurgles" of the leftist stranglhold on universities along with the last gasp of the left wing media mafia the last two entrenched facist leftovers from the socialist days" and may it come speadily in our days and all say "Amen"
21. With such professors it's no wonder
Moshe   (01.09.11)
Israel is going down the drain and the Leftists are becoming more anti-Semitic racists by the day. These shameful racist universities should be closed down or transferred to Gaza. Are there any universities in Israel that have decent non-racist professors?
22. To Number 6: AVI
john   (01.09.11)
You said "crimes". Can you list any crime committed by Ariel? I don't mean against your sensitive leftist ideology...I mean a true crime that the university has broken. If you're going to use the words, back them up.
23. academic freedom for leftists only?
Golan ,   Modiin   (01.09.11)
These leftist professors should be expelled form the Universities and offered a job in Ariel. You think people like these are unbiased researchers and academics?
24. #18 talk about apartheid why are jews disapearing in arab la
rachel ,   usa   (01.09.11)
25. #20
Shlomo Kamera   (01.09.11)
In answer to your questions-NO, NO and NO! Where in China do you live?
26. boycott their lectures, stop paying them salary
ralph   (01.09.11)
27. #10..False analogy and vitriolic comments are way off track
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (01.09.11)
How are you comparing Israel to south African aparthied ? Israel is a democratic country with all freedoms, including the freedom of expression for you to express your opinions in Ynet. Many would strongly dis-agree with your aparthied analogy relating this to Israel . It is also very dis-appointing and disturbing to us in the Diaspora who support Israel. It's very disturbing to hear such innapropriate and false accusations from an Israeli citizen towards his own country and it's citizens.
28. #18 Bear fruitcakes
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.09.11)
Those who spend their time on these boycotts place their left wing fantasy above academics. What they do has no relation to peace. They are just swept away in a misplaced cause. Kinda like Salma. The serious academics are busy teaching and lecturing at Ariel. I hear the school has a great reputation and growing population.
29. Fine, withdraw invitations to professors for Israel proper
William ,   Israel   (01.09.11)
Perhaps they are right and the State cannot, through the court system, force these academics from participating in a valid Israeli institution which is under Israeli sovereignty until (and only until) a peace deal is signed with "Palestinians". So, rather than tie up the court system, simply withdraw invitations to these professors from ALL Israeli institutions and make their credentials suspect. It is their right to refuse to visit Ariel, as it is the State's right to not call on these cretins anymore to take part in State-funded institutions. Let them write a book about it or wave a "Palestinian" flag. Who cares? Ilan Pappe devolved into a void of hatred and anti-Israel rhetoric because his research was shotty and he couldn't accept the blow to the ego. Same here.
30. the weak link
bruno ,   portugal   (01.10.11)
These professors who join the boycott are the weak link of Israel
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