World condemns Sheikh Jarrah construction
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Published: 09.01.11, 23:14
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1. Build in London?
~~Lengualima~~ ,   I   (01.09.11)
When Mrs. Ashton ask permission to the government of Israel to build in London agree with her.
2. Isn't this the same Carol Ashton that...
Rafi ,   US   (01.09.11)
... in the recent 5 power session with Iranian representatives in Istanbul, apologized to the criminal Iranian regime (on behalf of whom?) for the premature death of one of it's top nuclear scientists...
3. who cares
charlie simenoff ,   manchester   (01.09.11)
catherine ashton is an irrelevance promoted way above her ability. as for the uk foreign office--they are still not over their dismay that the state of israel still exists
4. europe condemns......
sjoerd r. van der ve ,   hoorn-this world   (01.09.11)
or there is no promised land and there are no chosen people at all in this world or we all are g.d"s chosen people (about 7 billion people.) and we all live in the promised land. we (mankind) are all one people and the whole wide world is one land, country, nation, state, territory, sovereignity. the whole world is our world, motherland, fatherland. we all have been born in this world/on planet earth, from the beginning of mankind until now, more than 100 billion people who have ever lived on earth or who still are living today. when we go to another heavenly body we can tell that we came/come from the planet earth. all the best to everybody, mazzeltov, sjoerd ruurd van der velde.
5. Never seem to hear from EU when Arabs destroy Jewish sites
Cynic ,   USA   (01.09.11)
6. Jerusalem building
i love Israel ,   Germany   (01.09.11)
Just ignore these stupid Europeans and keep on building because soon you'll need scores of house units for the thousands of Jews returning from the Diaspora
7. Big wup. Kathy Ashton is a horse's ash....
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.09.11)
Her hatred for Israel is nothing new- so her comments are worthless bilge. Has she EVER demanded Abbas stop demonizing Israel? No. Has she ever insisted that PA TV stop promoting jihad and martyrdom to 6 year-olds?? No. Has she even once told Abbas and his cronies that naming public squares and streets for psychopathic blood-lusting murderers is not helpful? No. No once. Not ever. The woman is a useless tool, a useful idiot for the PA. Israel has every right to flatten the entire block and rebuild it in whatever manner they wish. Bravo Israel! Build away! If the most Abbas can do to help his people is to sulk like a baby having a tantrum, then maybe it's time the 'Palestinians' find a new leader who actually wants to lead, instead of an old crony who just wants to hold on to the trappings of power.
8. this ashton
pitta   (01.09.11)
like nigel farrage said she 'never had a proper job' - it's about time to find one. now, as citizen of that EU, i cannot vote against her, that sux rly hard. we europeans should dismantle the whole thing, but that is just dreaming.
9. EU, UN, Hilary & Catherine who?? - Irrelevants
Scott ,   Australia   (01.09.11)
I wish they would all give this stupid 'peace' thing a rest. Really is so tiresome. While muslims refuse to accept Israel exists and refuse to live with it - there's no one to do 'peace' with...And that's the end of it. Keep buiding on your land. Everyone else can go to buggery.
10. Union of Anti-Semites.
Menachem Ben Yakov ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (01.09.11)
Still hungry for Jewish blood these pompous bloated windbags, steeped in self-delusion and corruption, will pay mightily for their arrogance. Swept away in Islamic radicalism, their governments unable to protect their own streets and houses of worship, they will come to learn all too soon that theyl reap what they sow.
11. These morons will probably also recognize "Palestine".
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.09.11)
Oh well, have fun getting it done on the ground.
ME ,   USA   (01.09.11)
Is that the actual name of the news company, or is it like "Sources"??
13. Its true...
Dan ,   Canada   (01.10.11)
America finally showing their true colors....
14. Ashton's vision is the wall of Berlin
bruno ,   portugal   (01.10.11)
So lady Ashton is charging again. That's what she was paid for... Bashing Israel. She noted settlements were illegal according to International Law. What int. law ? Who does she think she is ? Telling others what to do and not to do in their homes ? I got it this time. Her vision of Jerusalem is a real Berlin wall... so disgusting !
15. Shepherd Hotel was not stolen propery!
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (01.10.11)
The audacity of these socalled diplomats to tell us what to do with our own property. And what do they have to say about Hamas and Islamic Jihad regarding the harrowing rocket and mortar attacks we received from Gaza last year (210 in 2010)? Nothing. I thought so.
16. GFY Hilary
A Nice Fellow ,   Montreal   (01.10.11)
When you stop building hotels in DC, Israel will stop in Jerusalem. Deal, you pathetic, craven, appeaser of dictators.
17. Ashton,Clinton ...should stop flogging...
Malone ,   Hfx   (01.10.11)
...this dead horse of a two state solution. I was under the impression this property is privately owned,so what exactly is the problem?? Can an owner not do as he wishes with his own property?? It has nothing to do with the Israeli gov't I really would like to see these pompous,self righteous,uninformed idiots butt out of Israels affairs. I would also like to see Netanyahu tell them to BUTT THE HELL OUT. Get Lieberman...he'd do it in a heartbeat.
18. Catherine Ashton
Lio ,   England   (01.10.11)
All the childish, nasty name-calling, directed at Ms Ashton, has just about been covered on these posts. If the boot was on the other foot, she'd be your bestest friend in all the world, wouldn't she??
19. #18. Lio: Ashton is a nobody: read it!
Thomas ,   Dixieland USA   (01.10.11)
This repulsive looking woman has no higher education, her expertise is with coal-mining. Tony Blair made this nobody to be a Labour " aristocrat hence the humble coal miner became "Lady". Just like the frog that turned into a Princess in the fairly tales.... You can read about her empty life at wikipedia; - we are compelled to deal with these lowly airheads.
20. Mufti symbol of Palestinian revanchism
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church, USA   (01.10.11)
God forbid vacated property of the Nazi collaborator who conspired with Rommel to gas the yishuv (literally) should be razed for Jewish families. Gasp. As the United States and the EU seem to have bought into the PLO's spurious legal argument for a Judenrein East Jerusalem the question is why Israel should not formally pull the plug on this one way "peace process" .
21. #6--you mean you missed some?
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church, USA   (01.10.11)
If there is a German Diaspora it is no thanks to the Germans whose political ideology your little post represents. Don't worry, though, you can count on more building as the West tries to appease the Palestinian demand for a Judenrein East Jerusalem and the end to judaization. But perhaps you feel a special pang that such a good friend to the volk as the Mufti must have his former property taken over by yidden.
22. Finish off Democrats in 2012 Presidential elections.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.10.11)
The loathesome Obama Democrats took a pounding in the midterm elections late last year. For good reason. The Obama regime has done more damage to America in a shorter period of time than just about any other in America's history. Obama is already building his reputation as one of the worst presidents in U.S. history, comparable to the likes of Jimmy Carter, Warren Harding and James Buchanan. Clinton's stance proves the Democrats' despicableness is not limited to Obama. If Clinton was president, Democrat policies on everything from health care to foreign policy would be virtually as contemptible as they are now. American voters should finish the Democrats off in the 2012 Presidential elections.l\
23. #18 lio
Louis Fried ,   Woodbridge Canada   (01.10.11)
Only an uninformed person such as yourself would argue that Ms. Ashton has ever taken a pro-Israel stance since her appointment. She has been consistently anti-Israel which is symptomatic of the affliction which is pervasive in Europe.
24. Ashton
DR ,   Israel   (01.10.11)
No, we don't care.
25. # 18 BUT SHE IS NOT
hannah ,   sweden   (01.10.11)
AND SHE IS INTERFERING WITH ANOTHER SOVEREIN STATE..SHE HAS PROVED TO BE A HYPOCRITE AS HAVE ALL THE EAUROPEAN LEADERS ON THIS..THEY ARE IGNORING REASONABLE DEMANDS THAT ISRAEL IS ASKING FROM THOSE WHO ARE ASKING THEM TO GIVE UP HALF THEIR COUNTRY...ACCEPT ISRAEL'S RIGHT TO EXIST IS SO SIMPLE AND CHILD COULD SEE IT! asking abbas not to demand the removal of eevry Jew from Judea and SSamaria is reasonable is it not?asking that a Jew can still be a Jew in his own country is basic British,is that such a hard thing for oyu to accept that Israelis are Jews,but have arabs among them and allowed to live with them..just like there are 22 Arab states,who is telling them to stop being Arabs..COME ON GET SOME PERSPECTIVE!
26. # Lio in England,I'm British but ashamed of it! and learn
daniel ,   UK   (01.10.11)
history with some humility! And the British should Apologize to Jews for preventing Jews fleeing nazi germany,they did everything to frustrate the Jews while encouraging Arabs to move over at a time Jews needed this palce more than ever..even after promising the Jews in 1917 that this land was theirs! Britain Betrais the Jews big time and that why we have the problem today! Britain chose Oil over doing what was morally riht..Jews where hated ,Persecuted,why should the British lift a finger to help them?disgraceful..I AM ASHAMED TO BE BRITISH! israelis forgive me for what our nation did to you and for what they are still doing..BRITIAN,YOUR NOT IN CONTROL OF THIS ARE NOW,STOP BEHAVING AS IF YOU ARE! you Just can't get rid of your Colonial Spirit! you chose to bless the Arabs at the expense of CCursing the Jews!
27. clinton
Jennie ,   Us/Israel   (01.10.11)
She is the most predictable boot licker politician in the history of US... For US' secretary of State to repeat an untrue occusation about a legal demolition of a private house in the heart of Jerusalem on the Israeli undisputed land, is not only humiliating, but a big fiasco and embarassment...Did we miss something ? What peace process is she talking about? Oh, I get it: she is in Abu Dhabi, the land of asskiss...And she couldn't be happier to oblige with her usual enthusiasm, especially when a reason (no matter how dumb) has been presenting itself...
28. Clinton
David ,   America   (01.10.11)
Mind your own business and take care of the affairs of the US like you were put in office to do. You are a disgrace to America. Please shut up. You are an embarrassment.
29. how come no says these things about rocket fire
reality check ,   usa   (01.10.11)
why should we care what the un, eu or us has to say about jerusalem ... we don't hear a word of unanimous condemantion against the incessant rocket fire, maybe to them jewish life is worth less than a run down hotel ... what hypocrites, rocket fire at schoolyards they choose to ignore but they send condolances to the palestinians .. do you see any mainstream press pointing out that giffords was jewish .. no you do not, but if he shot a muslim or black we would be hearing about the terrible ethnic hate crime ... to the world, jewish life is wrth less
30. #18 - We only ask for balance
realtiy check ,   usa   (01.10.11)
i am proud to say that i routinely call ashton an anti semite and not becausee she supports the palestinians on issues but because she lacks any balance and dismisses arab incitement towards Israel as something that we should take in stride. did you hear her condem the rockets fired last week or the week before, she sure gave enough speeches .. but no you did not. Ashton lacks objectivity, she wants to appease the EU's out of control muslim populatiosn at Israel's expense. Just like you brits who have sold out your heritage as a democracy and are now being pushed into being a hate state by your muslim minorities that are intolerant and actively violent against Jews and anyone they deem to offend Islam. Your politicians lack the will to stand up for whats right and that is why, despite all the big talk and promises to change it, you still have a universal jurisdiction law that is nothing more than a tool to harrass jews aka Israeli officials. the constant attempt by brits to boycott Israeli scholars is your loss, Every jew should leave England and especially the professionals, lets see what happens to your hospitals and universities.
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