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Women airborne mechanics flying high
Adva Cohen
Published: 10.01.11, 21:32
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1. The US Air Force found that women aircraft mechanics were
Rivkah   (01.11.11)
not strong enough to carry a toolbox, so the toolboxes had to be put on wheels to accomodate them. Russian in World War II had all women squadrons with female pilots, female navigators, female mechanics for aircraft. That worked better for the entire team to be female with male teams being entirely male. Lili Lutvak was an ace Russian pilot in WWII.
2. Good for them
Cameron ,   USA   (01.11.11)
Only a fool ever underestimates the ladies.
3. to #2 :P no just being under them.
ghostq   (01.11.11)
they got enough back to spar.
4. guns
David ,   Melbourne, Florida   (01.27.11)
do they also fire the door guns?
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