Leftists: Lieberman's comments only spur us on
Yair Altman
Published: 11.01.11, 08:57
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1. Netanyhou is strangely silent.
noa ,   israel   (01.11.11)
Is his smooth, civilized talking masking an angry, vengeful man inside?
2. Message to Peace Now - look around you
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (01.11.11)
Peace Now is generally associated with people who vote for Meretz and Labor. Look at the Knesset. Meretz will most likely disappear from the Knesset in the next elections, while Labor will drop to even lower levels. Stop blaming everybody else for your failures. Look in the mirror and understand that the Israeli public rejects "capitulation now". There is no such thing as "Peace Now". There is a very complex, convoluted conflict between the local Jews and Arabs that cannot be fixed with slogans or easy gimmicks like "end the occupation". The voters in Israel know that when the Palestinians say "occupation" they also mean Tel Aviv. The voters understand that. Peace Now doesn't.
3. Biased article
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (01.11.11)
However much the author cares about stating some unconfirmed opinions from the IDF, this article starts from the premise that somebody should expect condemnation to Lieberman's comments. That is just left sided thinking, it's not understanding reality. Israel and the Israelis are fed up with so called "human rights defenders" and leftist loonies. We don't need them, they hurt our country and actively work against it. That's the true however hard it is for the left to accept it!!!
4. At last, the Government is instituting
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (01.11.11)
counter-procedures to investigate the very organizations, within Israel, which appear to initiate, on a constant basis, unfair and, perhaps, unjust accusations against the IDF and the State in general. Transparency in funding, publication of employee names and salaries and investigation into NGOs' actual methods can, and should be, expected. No more free rides on the coat-tails of what they label as their "inherent freedoms". In any democracy, along with these freedoms, comes responsibility for their own actions and activities. The Knesset has finally decided to formalize what legal responsibilities entail.
5. What are these groups afraid of?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.11.11)
Are they scared the truth about their funding will come out? The money that they receive comes from countries and organizations that are not only anti Zionist, but side with the arab terror war on Israel? They should ask themselves do we hate fellow Jews so much that we are willing to help the enemies of Israel destroy it? These are sick people and should be locked up for their and our good. Why side with someone who wants to kill you and your family? The government is too soft on these groups and is too slow to investigate them.
6. Please see for yourself. (
Rosie Ben-David   (01.11.11)
The thing is, the left wing, (and many of the right wing), just simply have not studied the laws pertaining to Jerusalem. And then the left wing spread the lies (which I do not think are intentional lies by all of them, to everyone else) I urge everyone in Israel (and abroad when you come) to take this tour ( and see first hand the seperation wall, the sheperd hotel, the houses in Sheik Jarrah. Study first hand the laws pertaining to Jerusalem and see how it IS LEGAL to build there. Even world leaders make desicions when the have no idea what they are talking about, and this is worrying. Don't believe the media hype, see East Jerusalem (which is 50% Jewish, and 85% of greater Jerusalem) for yourselves. Jerusalem is one of the core issues for peace talks, and should be one of the most important issues for Jews (If I forget thee oh Jerusalem..)
7. To #1
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (01.11.11)
No, his silence reflects his emptiness.
8. Message for the Left theres a reason you only got 12% of
Jon ,   Israel   (01.11.11)
Jewish seats last election with labor an all time low. youa re aiding our enemies and destroying us as a jewish state more than our enemies. If you dont want to be jewish move to gaza, hoolland or somewhere else, but dont persecute your own people. do you speak up for jews even? answer: NO. Thats only the beginning why u r traitors imo
9. #3 upside down thinking
jonathan ,   london/ Israel   (01.11.11)
we will have to see how this all plays out and what the end result is and whose thinking is upside down. One thing I would say is that the aggression, backward thinking and narrow-mindedness from the right is frightening and this is what the children of Israel are being brought up with. As I said before, with leaders like we have in Israel, who needs enemies?
10. Protest
mark ,   israel   (01.11.11)
Wouldn't it be nice if all these well meaning people would spend their prodigious energies on helping those, Arab and Jew alike , in Israel who need help, and there are plenty of them.
11. Left Wing and Right Wing: It Is All a Big Lie.
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.11.11)
Instead of right - left, left - right , you're going to play right -right, left-left.
12. @11 You are an expert on the Big Lie, aren't you?
13. RADICAL ATHEIST LEFTISTS are spies for the enemy!
Jason   (01.11.11)
14. # 11 listen to me today
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.11.11)
# 11 Well my point is that we are united in the same cause against 'Israel' ...Hamas or Fatah, we are one people, not divided not conquered and today stronger than ever, it is written all over our eyes, and by any means we will send jews to where they came from and install an islamic state in the land of Palestine, without right or left but binding with sharia laws.
15. What is the Left hiding ?
Miriam Woelke ,   Tiberias   (01.11.11)
If the Left is completely innocent and thus, has nothing to hide, why not publishing the donors ? Obviously the Left has something to hide and this is why they come with the old argument of "Rassism". My advice: Send them all to Ramallah, Gaza and iran where they belong to. The Arab world is just exploiting them but the Left is too silly to see that. "Achmadinajad's willing Executioners !"
16. To Leftists from a former Leftist
Adam   (01.11.11)
1. Disagreement isn't persecution. I'm sick of hearing the Left cry persecution when people disagree with them. 2. If you're raising money from groups funded by people & nations who also fund terror groups, don't be surprised if people want to take a closer look. That said, this shouldn't de jure apply only to the Left. However, given the state of Israel-hatred and Jew-hatred today, the overwhelming majority of the issues will de facto be on the Left. The USA has a similar law; it's not undemocratic.
17. #14 sharia laws !
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.11.11)
yes we are ONE people, but not necessarily to be mirror copies we are not only Hamas and Fatah, no, we are Muslims, Christians and Samaritans, secular and religious, etc. Let our my motto be : Religion for Allah and Homeland for All; sharia laws are not reasonable for all of us, what do u think dear FAKE salma ?!
18. Leave the Jewish land alone in peace and pick
frank ,   argentina   (01.11.11)
one of the 22 brutal Arab dictatorships. Jews want a divorce from you. Dont you get it? What do you have to offer except your emptry words, sick fantasies, terrorism, hatred, backgammon and rotten plumbing? Whaevert you touch breaks.
19. The Leftist want to destroy Israel. Lieberman is right!
God Bless Avigdor ,   leftists 4 arabs   (01.11.11)
20. except from protesting lefties r unemloyed losers
ghostq   (01.11.11)
who won't even help their owe people, they call everything racism but they go for ilegal protest and encorage violance it no brainer.
21. to #14 lol after the widraw it took Hamas
ghostq   (01.11.11)
only 2 weeks after the widraw to kill 20 Fatah members. so much for union. hahahaha
22. Hey, where is the truth??
m   (01.11.11)
How about telling the truth for once, about the findings that the leftist groups, like BeTselem receive money from terrorist supporters?
23. lieberman is wrong
fad egypt   (01.11.11)
why did he critisize likud members who voted against the bill? they were voting according their will and their conscience it is not an important vote which calls for keeping territory or banning trading land for peace it is a just marginal issue mr lieberman wants to make himself stronger than benny begin and reuvin rivlin both of them against a pa state and against giving up the land or division of jerusalem as leiberman wants to do so who is stronger ?? who is caring about the national camp? lieberman or these two likud members also there was and still is idealogical difference in israel our home party david rotem: a right wing orthodox resident living in judea danny ayalon: supported the disengagement when he was ambassador and endorsed the two state solution when this government formed sofa landver: former labor mk and still leftist anastasia michael: ran on kadima party roster but when she landed on the 44th seat she left the party and joined yvet lieberman and we must remember yisrael hasson who was member in lieberman party and he was no 2 in the last knesset but he left the party and joined kadima hasson has a leftist record he was party to camp david talks in 2000 when he was in the shin bet so lieberman shouldnt have said that because it can happen with him shalom
24. To # 9 Jonathan
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (01.11.11)
I have no doubt that it's frightening for you! That's the reason you write from London! The leaders are elected by the people, and the people of Israel are more right orientated that Bibi, more in Lieberman's line. So, keep trembling in London, Baruj HaShem we are starting to move in the right direction by stopping leftist anti Israel NGOs!!!
25. Palestine and the Left will lick Lieberman"s boots!
26. " To the leftists"
Brian ,   New York   (01.11.11)
Dictatorship of the right wing is the future of Israel unless the leftists act immediately.
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