Aoun: Syria, Saudis fail to contain Lebanon crisis
Published: 12.01.11, 00:20
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1. Peace in Lebanon
shrinkDave ,   Miami   (01.12.11)
Lebanese cousins; until you rid your country of Iranian Hezbollah, you will have a future of war from within and out. Only you can remove them. If you have no motivation left, I'd suggest an extended vacation far far away.
stude ham   (01.12.11)
3. This is so sad. What has become of Lebanon, once a Christian
Bat Zion ,   Central Israel   (01.12.11)
country with a Muslim minority, where everybody lived in peace and harmony. It's too small to hold back it's greedy "friendly" neighbours - Syria and Iran - who gnawed all the good parts, and turned it into a Potyomkin village. This is an example to us in Israel, because this could happen to us too, if we would become too weak.
4. Where is photoshop when you need it?
Keith ,   WV,USA   (01.12.11)
5. Peace in Lebanon
Simcha ,   So.Cal.UsA   (01.12.11)
Why can;t they recognise that Hariri has been emasculated! The U.N was supposed to articulate publicly their findings weeks ago and ,as always don't have the fortitude to do so. Hizbullah is the culprate and we all know it. Why are they holding back? Their guilt posivtivly oozes. The whole scenerio is discusting!!!
6. Lebanon - On a knife edge....
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (01.12.11)
Hariri or no Hariri sooner or later Hezbollah-Iran will be taken on in full force by the Lebanese Army because the status quo is just not sustainable The interests of Lebanon and Hezbollah-Iran are completely irreconcilable and no country in the world can accept this defacto take over and hijacking of a countries authority And a question: Do you honestly believe that Hezbollah soldiers when confronted by Lebanese Tanks and Airpower will want to fight to the bitter end? Faced with an all out Lebanese Army assault they WILL have to accept the total sovereignity of the Lebanese Government and the transfer of ALL military power
7. And the first move? Call my bluff!
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (01.12.11)
CALL HIS BLUFF and arrest Nasrallah and try him for treachery and crimes against the Lebanese State NOBODY not even Nasrallah is ABOVE the Law of Lebanon And who would dare come to his aid? VERY VERY FEW ...if any
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