Shultz urges Obama to free Pollard
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.01.11, 07:59
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31. #17 Lawrence so what about Mordechai Vanuu
Avi ,   Israel   (01.12.11)
"Even if he is regarded as a Traitor ,the poor man has suffered enough...and then some " So therefore i presume you support that Mordechai Vanuu will also be released from his current conditions and be allowed to leave the country? As usual your hypocracy knows no limits.
32. 29 Seadog1946: It costs about $50,000. a year for incarcerat
Rivkah   (01.12.11)
incarceration, so 25 times $50,000. plus court costs is about $1,500,000. That's a good bill to send to Bibi.
33. #22 You told a man of 90 shut-up
sam   (01.12.11)
No manners
34. Pollard recently in Emergency room for surgery, repeated reg
Jake ,   US   (01.12.11)
regret publicly and privately. helped an ally of usa, Israel, 26 yrs ago. No US citizen died. Info on Iraq weapons program even US spies who spied for enemy states and infliucted for more damage including the lives of US personalle have been given shorter times in jail pollard has been in isolation for much of his 26 years. enough is enough, congressman and secretaries of defense have come out to say pollard should be released. only anti semites would object at this point given the wealth of information and the context both of his case and in relation to other US spies and the shorter sentences they recieved. Free Pollard now! No injury, much contriteness, and what about forgiveness?
35. Pollard
Scrooge ,   South Africa   (01.12.11)
Yes, he needs to be freed asap, BUT don't forget about Gilad Shalit. He has also paid a terrible price.
36. Salma
Jane   (01.12.11)
It is you who is the pathetic loser, Salma. You and your people. Pathetic losers. George Schultz is an American patriot who knows well the price that Israel has paid at your hands.
37. R u American Salma? If not, keep ur dumb opinions 2 yourself
American ,   Miami   (01.12.11)
38. Avi #31
Harvey ,   London   (01.12.11)
Vanunu was released with certain conditions attached . That he has seen fit to break those conditions by conducting interviews with the press is a problem which he has created ,hence his periodic incarceration. As for leaving the country , again that is highly unlikely given his propensity for talking to not only the press but Israels enemies . On the plus side at least Israel does not adopt the same punishment regime as the Iranians in which case his feet would hardly have touched the ground - literally .
39. #2- Ignorant arab
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (01.12.11)
All the arab terrorists living on Israeli land and caught should be in prison for life and paid for by the arab parasites and the free money they receive and send to swiss accounts. Pollard should have been freed years ago accept for him being Jewish, like it or not. Ms. arab go monitor your backstabbing people.!!
40. #28 - they obviously do ..
michael redbourn ,   arad israel   (01.12.11)
It doesn't matter how you look at this, but Pollard has served more than four times the sentence that anybody else ever served that was convicted of the same crime. Pollard is widely regarded as a spy although he was not convicted of passing on classified information and not for spying on the United States. What's more, his plea bargain was not honored. Michael
41. wouldnt be surprised
courtney ,   usa   (01.12.11)
if americas 2nd worst president (carter) released pollard...
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (01.12.11)
With every $50 spent on shopping..
43. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.12.11)
The most noteworthy thing about George Shultz is that at the time he took office, he was a known "Arabist," and the company of which he was CEO, Bechtel, had numerous contracts in the Arab world. At the time he left office, he was one of the best friends that Israel has ever had in any United States administration, to the point of being openly critical about the views of his successor -- James Baker -- which were very heavily weighed towards the ersatz "Palestinians." Secretary Shultz met the ersatz "Palestinians." He didn't think much of your lot. That makes him a winner, not a loser. It also makes him very, very smart.
44. time to release him
galut ,   selah   (01.12.11)
45. Pollard isn't going anywhere due to the
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (01.12.11)
fact that Israel is making it a political issue. BHO doesn't have the political clout to release a traitor on humanitarian grounds. Mr. Pollard the traitor will rot in jail. Israel needs to show some flexibility in the peace process before BHO would or could consider that issue and we all know how flexible the Israeli's are when it comes to peace.
ASSAF ,   KFAR SABA   (01.12.11)
47. To: No. 16 -- Second Attempt
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.12.11)
Yes, Israel is an ally of the United States. It does not justify espionage by any stretch of the imagination, but Pollard does not fall into the same category as the Walker Family, Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanson, all of whose espionage (on behalf of the Soviet Union) resulted in the execution deaths of at least fifty American assets in Warsaw Pact countries and, in the case of the Walker Family, resulted in the illegal boarding of the USS PUEBLO by the Soviet Union's then-close ally, North Korea. The Walker Family's espionage efforts compromised the United States' ability to fight the Vietnam War effectively. No United States asset has been executed because of Pollard's actions. The United States has not been militarily compromised because of Pollard's actions. Moreover, the plea bargain worked out with the United States Attorney was for a sentence of twenty years. It was the judge who declined to accept the plea (federal district judges can do that), and sentenced Pollard to life imprisonment. While I am not a fan of spies or espionage, Pollard's actions simply were not as egregious and damaging to the United States as were the actions of the Walker Family, Aldrich Ames or Robert Hanson. Pollard’s sentence was disproportionate. But I do have a question for you, given your comment at Talkback No. 2. There are many Israeli Arabs who have been convicted of spying on behalf of Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other rejectionist terrorist organizations committed to the destruction of the State of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people. They have been sentenced in accordance with how Israeli law concerning espionage is presently constituted, which is to say, prison for a term of years. I take it you agree that the laws should be changed to enable the crime of espionage to be punishable by imprisonment for life. That's what you are saying, isn't it? Life imprisonment for the crime of espionage. I take it you also realize that they've gotten off quite lightly, Salma. In my opinion, those traitorous Arabs should have been tried for treason rather than espionage. Treason carries the death penalty in Israel. We know that you have double standards and that you are unfailingly hypocritical. My question was rhetorical, but I would like to see how you fumble around for an answer.
48. Disproportionate sentencing
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.12.11)
Please go to the following link to see how starkly disproportionate Pollard's sentence was in contrast with individuals who spied for ENEMIES of the United States:
49. 48 - disproportionate Pollard's sentence was in contrast ,..
split ,   US   (01.13.11)
You never fail to make my jaw drop to the floor - Tell me something , what hurts more, to be stabbed by your enemy in your chest or to be stabbed in your back by your friend?
50. An adjustment to your analogies...
FrumiousFalafel ,   Virginia, USA   (01.13.11)
Hi Split, I like making analogies, and I think your attempt was 1/2 right. Please allow me to correct the other half, ok? "...what hurts more, to be stabbed by your enemy in your chest[,] or to be slapped on the tush by your friend?" Think of what NFL coaches do when a player jogs off the field -- the coach would prefer to give him a friendly slap on the back, but given all the equipment the players must wear for safety, the first available spot to say "good job" is a slap on the backside. In the world of your analogy, that is more or less what Pollard gave us, a slap on the backside... *certainly* not a "knife in the back!" That's incredibly overheated rhetoric, neighbor.
51. Sarah
Cameron ,   USA   (01.13.11)
Pollard will be released at a time of our determining. That sneak's fate is meant to serve as a sharp lesson to both Israelis and to dual nationals in this country: keep your nose clean & watch your step.
52. To: No. 51
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.13.11)
Well, wouldn't that certainly apply to you as a dual national? Watch your step. Do you have any questionable dealings with the provos in your history? See, I was born in the United States. I CANNOT be denaturalized. You, on the other hand, can.
53. To: No. 49
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.13.11)
No, you tell me. What hurts more? To be stabbed by your brother Arabs in your chest or to be stabbed by your brother Arabs in your back? I answered you out of politeness; I do feel obligated to inform you, however, that your comment at No. 49 is completely inapposite. It was completely nonresponsive to my post at No. 48.
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