Ben-Gurion Uni changes ethics code over political dramas
Tomer Velmer
Published: 12.01.11, 09:16
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1. This ethics code should always have been in force.
rom ,   israel   (01.12.11)
No schoolteacher or university lecturer has the right to voice their political opinions during classes. This amendment is long overdue and one hopes that it will be strictly enforced. It should also be enforced at all schools and universities in the country.
2. I am curious, what happened when lecturer
ghostq   (01.12.11)
break that rule, will he/she be dismissed? what is the penalty for breaking it and who is going to enforce it, will the dean has guarding dogs so to speak? or will it be just recomandation of rule? ynet don't give us parcial info, you can do better than that. where is good jurnalism when it needed.
3. Waiting for the pavlovian leftist shriek, "Fascism!"
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (01.12.11)
"Silencing people!" "Blocking freedom of speech!" "Blocking academic freedom!" "Anti-democratic!" "Incitement!" bla bla bla bla.
4. Teaching "as part of their respective lines of expertise."
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (01.12.11)
Come on there needs to be some common sense here. Teaching "truth as part of their respective lines of expertise" is fine. A polisci teacher teaching about the conflicts in the Middle East is reasonable. A chemistry or education teacher doing the same is not.
5. Nu? So when will they start hiring non-extremist professors?
Scott ,   USA   (01.12.11)
6. Mabrook & Congratulations : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.12.11)
You learn quickly from your neighbors much faster than expected !
7. Kol Hakavod BGU !!!
Dana   (01.12.11)
8. GOOD NEWS! (end)
roxanne ,   haifa, israel   (01.12.11)
9. I went to a major university and this is what I learned
Golan ,   modinn   (01.12.11)
I could tell you who was a radical leftist, I could not tell who was a centrist, or a conservative.
10. Prof.dan meirshtain,do you have a say?!!!
MICHAL ,   NORTH ISRAEL   (01.12.11)
For years he could influence is Arab studends future and gave them a hard time,I hope the University will stop him !
11. timing
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.12.11)
There is only one reason that the BGU made these rules: philanthropists who supported the University saw that their money was going to "professors" who called for boycotting Israel. They stopped donating. As always happens with the Left, it is never principles or ideology, it is always about money.
12. No longer a University
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.12.11)
A University, that is frightened by freedom of thought and expression, can not be defined as a university
13. #12, where is their freedom of speech limited
Danny   (01.12.11)
They can say whatever crap they want to. What they can no longer do is pretend it is somehow dispassionate, objective, academically sound views.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.12.11)
Israeli is moving to the right along with its government, the silent majority is hiding and the left is persecuted. The academic staff can still speak out, but now they will be either persecuted or forced to hide. It is Iran all over again, or Moldova, or Venezuela. But don't worry about those academics BGU or HUJ or TAU, they are ashamed already to mention they are from Israel.
15. #13 Danny
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.12.11)
For your information, the humanities and social sciences, unlike the physical sciences, are totally subjective. When man studies human motivations, he is influenced by his own world view
16. political stance?
vitenberg ,   france   (01.12.11)
What is a political stance? telling the shoah didn't exist is a negationnist political stance or a historic stance? telling beth sefafah is outside jerusalem or inside is political or geographical? telling the french version of 242 resolution is quite different from the english is grammatical problem or political? etc...etc...
17. #15, absolutely untrue
Danny   (01.12.11)
If I said that not a single Arab was killed in Operation Cast Lead then is that ok because Current Affairs are totally subjective? Or would you - rightly - call me a liar?
18. SALMA , time to convert
HERTZEL ,   TVERIA   (01.12.11)
19. #17
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.12.11)
No...I would say that your claim is subjective and that its plausibility should be evaluated by anyone reading it. You are definitely not a liar, merely a fool
20. #19, so then
Danny   (01.12.11)
If I said in #19 you agreed with me that there are objective truths and that I would definitely be a liar then I would simply expressing my own "truth"? Why is this different from physical sciences? I can claim that all the physics experiments are simply lies and that the moon is made of cheese. After all that is just my opinion....
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