Jaffa oranges - made in Spain
Meirav Crystal
Published: 27.02.11, 14:36
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1. Nokia made in China
eddie ,   london UK   (02.27.11)
Jaffa is a great brand name, and you can buy Jaffa Cakes, which are made in England or a TV or cellphone made in China, so what difference does it make if the oranges are grown in Seville?
2. Then brand gets worthless
blash ,   Jerusalem   (02.27.11)
Israeli oranges are the best oranges in the world. When people saw Jaffa oranges, and asked, "why Jaffa?", then bit into one and knew why. If you lease the brand name out to everyone, then people will ask "why Jaffa?" for good reason - the oranges taste like everyone else's oranges! So then people will stop buying Jaffa oranges because they are the same as everyone else's.... and then the brand name becomes worthless. If people knew Jaffa was quality before it was available year-round then why do we need to make it available year-round to get people to know that Jaffa is a quality brand? Do you think Coca-Cola leases out their brand name to Pepsi or RC Cola for greater brand distribution? What about Apple or Microsoft? Burberry? So why Jaffa?
3. Coca Cola is manufactured
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.27.11)
in many countries, UNDER FRANCHISE, royalties must be paid to Coca Cola Co. in the USA If anyone else tries to use the brand names of Coca Cola, Coke, they'll have the pants sued off of them “Swiss” cheese lost the exclusivity when the Swiss didn't enforce their legal rights to the brand name You can now find "Swiss" cheese that's made in Finland, the USA, or wherever they want to make an imitation
4. There aren't too many things that
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.27.11)
aren't made in China Swiss Cheese is made in Finland & Wisconsin Don't try using the Name Cocal Cola or any of it's variations, the parent company will sue the pants off you You can call your imitation Cola, Near Cola, you had better not call it Coke or Coca Cola
5. nonsense,£1,if Spanish oranges have the same taste as Jaffa
ab   (02.27.11)
grown in Israel what's the point in buying Israeli ones ? It's not for nothing French insist on Chateu D'Yquiem referring only to wines grown there ,not in Chile
6. comment to #1
Johs ,   Norway   (02.27.11)
Champagne is only produced in Champagne, Cognac is only produced in Cognac. A bit silly to compare oranges with a TV or a cellphone... I think Jaffa Oranges should come from Israel!
7. why not buy land in spain, africa grow jaffa oranges there?
ralph   (02.27.11)
8. #1 Eddie UK - If you want to pretend
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.27.11)
Let's just dress up some old woman and call her the Queen of England Get a retard and call him Prince Charles, you wouldn't know the difference with either substitution get a drunken blond and call her Camilla Or better yet, buy a Naval Costume and sword for you, and then you can pretend you’re Prince Phillip
9. It's called brand dilution for a reason
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (02.27.11)
Now that we know that "Jaffa" oranges may not in fact be grown in Israel, or even the variety grown in Israel, what does the brand mean any longer? Lots of companies - many on their way down like Polaroid - sold their brand name to others, and the brand soon became worthless. I expect Jaffa will lose a lot more than NIS 1 million now that the secret is out.
10. Just saw them in rural China...
Mea   (02.28.11) kidding, and we were amazed to see the famous oranges well away from Beijing or HK or Shanghai. After exclaiming how impressed I was to see Israeli oranges in China, somebody remarked, "No, you probably just saw the label of an Israeli orange...." They were correct, apparently. Talk about killing a brand. Maybe this will cause Israel to get a better viewpoint about honoring international copyright laws, eh?
11. #8 Ben
Mike B ,   London   (02.28.11)
There is no need for you to take the piss out of the British royal family.
12. comment to #6
Marlene ,   Oslo, Norway   (02.28.11)
Champagne buys the grapes at "the grape market" - with grapes coming from all over the place. In the old days Champagne used to be produced only with grapes grew in the area, but not anymore. BBC had a documentary about the wine/champagne fraud going on it was huge scandal! So, to say that champagne is only produced in champagne is BS (it might be produced there, but the grapes are grown elsewhere).
13. Not Really Israeli Either
J ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.28.11)
"Jaffa" oranges got their name sake from German Templar promoters working from Sarona at the turn of the 20th century.
14. Sorry to disagree...
Ehoop   (02.28.11)
but, provided that Jaffa's quality related values aren't harmed, then the strategy of licensing the name is correct. Without it, simply because of seasonality, consumers would not be able to choose their favourite brand. The greater presence of competitors, such as Maroc, would have the effect of reducing consumers' exposure to Jaffa, and that would result in a reduction in consumer preference for the brand. On the other hand, if Amit truly believes that Tesco only sells private label, other than Coca Cola, then he needs to get out more into the marketplace.
15. Betraying the brand
Rami of NAzareth ,   Israel   (02.28.11)
It's a shame that after having an excellent reputation as Israeli oranges names after the city of Jaffa (which doesn't exist in spain), Nowaday, jaffa oranges could come from completely different part of the world..
16. Jaffa Oranges bought in Israel
Yosef ,   Eilat   (02.28.11)
Something I did not understand about the article. Are Jaffa branded oranges sold in Israel not necessarily grown in Israel?
17. Jaffa Oranges and Tesco's
Daniel ,   London UK   (02.28.11)
"The cooperation with Tesco began in 2003-2004," Amit said. "The network agreed to sell a line of Jaffa products exclusively. It's the only external brand, other than Coca Cola, sold there. Tesco sells only private brands." Please check he doesn't mean Marks and Spencer? As a satement of fact Tesco's sells hundreds, if not thousands, of brands.
18. Israeli Real Madrid oranges,for sale.Lol
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (02.28.11)
19. what this means is that
yehuda ,   israel   (02.28.11)
jaffa oranges sold in israel were not necessarily grown in israel and all other produce could be from chutz l'aretz as well. basically, it's dishonesty.
20. Mike B
The Duke of Hiriya ,   MIzbala Castle   (02.28.11)
The Royal Family is no different than you and I. Charles was having an affair with a drunk (and married her)while married to Diana who happened to be bulemic and a manipulative princess of Hearts or something. We know what happened to her after she decided to marry a muslim. Andrew is a twit and married one. We know how they ended up. Princess Anne decided she liked her horses more than soldiering. We know what happened to her. Prince Willy and his brother had their run ins, and we know whats going to happen to them..the only thing I am sure of is that Queen Elizabeth will rule UK till 2030...until her death and then UK will become a Republic.
21. to #16
Mea   (02.28.11)
Jaffa Oranges are a famous, famous brand of orange referring to the original orange groves around old Jaffa, the port city. Originally the groves were Arab owned. And for many years Jaffas were considered the cream of citrus. Eventually the name became a brand of Israeli oranges. Still very good and made from the same stock. There is an excellent book on the history of the town of Jaffa, called 'City of Oranges'. It is a fascinating story.
22. #11 MIKE B.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.28.11)
They're your Royals, not mine Besides, as far back as I can remember the British Government has always been anti-Semitic, Bloody Bevin And the Foreign Office, etal Wasn't one of your Kings a Nazi Sympathizer, you know, the one that abdicated so that he could marry Wallace Warfield Simpson Or how about the internment of some of the Jews that managed to survive the Concentration camps, and courtesy of the Brits, wound up in Internment camps on Cyprus
23. Oranges
Harold ,   USA   (02.28.11)
The best and tasty oranges in the world are those grown in Baquba, Iraq. All those who worked in Iraq say "the only thing we missed in Iraq is thier oranges". Too much propaganda for the Jaffa oranges.
steve ,   Israel   (02.28.11)
Corporate branding is bullshit and usually very misleading advertising.
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