The secret war continues
Ronen Bergman
Published: 12.01.11, 22:01
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1. So what we have here is simple
Mark ,   Netherlands   (01.13.11)
The iranians are not dumb and they certainly have the resources to fight back. What this article also confirms is the fact that most probably(although we can't tell for sure as for now) the guy shown on iranian states TV was a Mossad spy. Amazes me how most talk backers here under estimate the iranians and over estimate themselves.
2. If the vulnerability ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.13.11)
... stems from the fact that there is still quite a large Jewish population in Iran who are under threat, perhaps Israel and other countries not that friendly to Iran should apply pressure upon Teheran to either (i) get Iran to allow the Jews to leave (with all their property and with just compensation for what they leave behind or sell) or (ii) warn Teheran in no uncertain terms that the Jews of Iran must remain safe and must not be perceived as hostages to the Islamofascist regime .... or Teheran will feel the collective wrath of the nations.
3. " Iranian Intelligence"
Erudite ,   Australia   (01.13.11)
Wikepedia's definition of Intelligence is the folowing; "Intelligence is an umbrella term describing a property of the mind including related abilities, such as the capacities for abstract thought, understanding, communication, reasoning, learning, learning from past experiences, planning, and problem solving" Non of the above superlatives can be identified with the Iranian regime. Iran mimic clever nations. "Monkeys see Monkeys do".
4. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.13.11)
You are overlooking the fact that his story was wildly inaccurate and highly improbable. The Mossad doesn't recruit blithering idiots. That would be the province of the AIVD.
5. They could have spies in England
Frank   (01.13.11)
You might share secrets with England and then Iran picks it up from there. I would think there is a leak today from even the 'holy of holies' Mossad that makes it to Tehran. It is possible the Mossad did it on purose to confuse the Iranians.
6. Given a lowlevel clerk
Danny   (01.13.11)
was able to download a ton of secret documents and give it to a Haáretz reporter one has to wonder what trained spies are able to do....
7. "Sarah B", why are you advocating...
Persian CAT   (01.13.11)
ethnic cleansing? What do you mean by "get Iran to allow Jews to leave"? Iranian Jews have been free to leave, but even Israeli puny $10000 have not made many Iranian Jews to leave their ancestral homeland. Not every Jew is a crazy Zionist, racist, bigot traitor like you are to the US. The Iranian Jews are safe and at home. Case in point, you cannot point to a SINGLE incident of harassment, Synagogue or cemetery defacement in Iran unlike those in Europe! Iranian Jews have representation in the Iranian parliament and are NOT hostages. Obviously the Iranian Jews are not rabid Zionists and that makes them much more respectable and descent than bigots like you. "Sarah B", you can't hold a candle to the Iranian Jews, so get a clue and stop your BS.
8. to 4
but many idiots like to do the job >second sometimes you can get the real informations from ordinary people more than spies becouse people like to speak and spies afraid of speaking so the rejem to aske evry one is an intilegent one .it means that iran was aware of israil long before israil know that truth
9. What SARAHB fails to realize
Bannister ,   US   (01.13.11)
Is the fact that iranian jews are first and foremost considered iranian citizens and should respect the law of their host country. IF they are caught doing something illegal( lets say spying for example),then they have to pay the price. We did that with Pollard here.
10. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.13.11)
Everyone arrested in connection with the latest Iranian fabrication is Moslem. The whole first paragraph of your post is therefore completely inapposite and entirely worthless. I know very well what was done with Pollard. Curious you should choose to mention only Pollard when there have been so many far more damaging spies in the United States; including many who spied for the Soviet Union -- damaging spies, whose espionage cost the lives of dozens of United States assets in Warsaw Pact countries and, in the case of the Walker family, was responsible for the illegal boarding of the USS PUEBLO by the North Koreans, then close allies of the Soviet Union. Walker was providing the Soviets with naval codes and the Soviets wanted an encryption machine to go along with the codes. Then, of course, there are Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen, whose espionage activities on behalf of the Soviet Union and Russia has set United States interests back to such a degree, the U.S. continues to pay for it today. Pollard's espionage, while morally wrong and against the law, did not cost the life of a single U.S. asset anywhere. What's more telling about your comment is that you despise Jews and Israel more than you love the United States. Poor, pathetic, pitiful you.
11. Nr 9.
Orao. ,   Srbia.   (01.13.11)
Any Usefull Idiot, would believe any Official, public utteranse and public show, uttered or put forward by the Rulers of Iran. Nr 9 seems to know every individual case, regarding Irans official and covered behaivior , with all Israelis in Iran. Amazing. Orao.
12. the secret war continues.
sjoerd van der velde ,   hoorn-the netherland   (01.14.11)
secret war like war in general can also have consequences/has consequences/reactions. can become a total war/total world-war with the ultimate end of everything. hope that common sense and wisdom (will) prevail.
13. You conviently leave out
Paul ,   USA   (01.14.11)
What Israel did with Pollards info and how it was swaped to russia to get jews there out . And thei from an "ally"
14. to # 8
Adi ,   Israel   (01.14.11)
So, when it comes to intelligence the golden rule always applies, You only know what you know. and what you know is that someone who knows a lot finds it hard not to lie...is Iran lying about mossad spies or many iranian spies have been captured by Israel? Knowing Israel as we know Israel probably mossad will not tell us
15. Secret Israel-Iran-Turkey partnership
Samla ,   Palestine   (01.14.11)
Any intelligent person can see that Israel, Iran and Turkey are conspiring to dominate the Arab world.
16. Nr 15.
Orao. ,   Srbia.   (01.14.11)
Any intelligent person can see that Israel, Iran and Turkey are conspiring to dominate the Arab world. Samla , Palestine (01.14.11) Comment - Seems as you are the only that intelligenr person. According to Serbian Prophets - "Turkey will move their Capital to Mecka", According to the Koran - " Turkey will seek the help of Saudi-Arabia against Iran ", According to the Jewish Bible - " Iran will try to invade Israel but will be Beaten to Defeat ". So - !. Orao.
17. #1 who's not dumb? but they followislam?
sure tell sign ,   80 IQ or lower   (01.15.11)
18. Spies
montymoose ,   laguna woods USA   (01.15.11)
There is no such thing as perfect security. They have most of our information and the Mossad has the same. The question is not what they know but how much they know. If we are not prepared for all out war, with / without USA aid, then we will lose. We are allowing piece by piece they dismantling of all of our advantage. Our real problem is Iran and if Iran wants to launch an all out war, what can we do, they have superior weapons and numbers to take us out, and we sit here waiting for the eventual bombs to drop, the missiles to be launched when we could prevent them now. No one has the guts to do what needs to be done, AND THAT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL
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