European diplomats: Israeli democracy in danger
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 12.01.11, 19:11
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31. It's the height of "hubris" to think that any
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (01.12.11)
western European country, all of whom refuse to recognize the problems they are having with their own internal Muslim populations, should decide to apply their politically correct advice to Israel. I am astounded. The one good thing coming out of this, however, as can be seen by the Talkbacks to this article, is that the Israeli citizen becomes all the more mobilized in the face of European challenges to our autonomy.
32. Butt out Consistent message posted
Martin ,   SA   (01.12.11)
You were happy for us to leave Europe shores some 65 years ago to your relief. Now europe money wants us to dance to their tune Each time they lodge complaints the Muslims award them points. translatested into trade and economic activity. We are on their agenda full time so they can score points by rocking or skewing our boat. This is malicious outside interferance to our democratic rights. And also observers that want to cudgel us to follow their drum beat. Out Considered Replymust be: Tend to your house keeping and economic challenges. We can be vigilent in protecting ourselves from you and your scourge. The latest legal enactments promote pursue opennesss justice and fairness. We request our EU and others neghbour to BuTT OuT.
33. worst stinking garbage from worst people in the world, ignor
ralph   (01.12.11)
34. I think you TB'ers worry to much -this world isn't going
Ken ,   Burma   (01.12.11)
anywhere soon. As for Israel, it comes and goes all the time. it may disappear tomorrow but it will be back in 2000 years so lighten up and live while you can.
35. European Officials
Freha Barbladi ,   Gibraltar   (01.12.11)
So, can I also pretend to be an unnamed "European Official". It is healthy to criticise the conduct of any democracy; whether Israel, North or South American countries as well as India and European countries. Those crtiticism have to be constructive and concomittant to the specificity of each country. Israel is not forbidding the Islamoic veils; nor does it hinders the multiculturalism ( though personally I will call it differently), at any rate if the unnamed Officials are saying every Human Right contribution is up and up, I see no reason to fear what the Israeli law is promulgating: FEAR ONLY THE FEAR ITSELF, as behind the fear something is going on.
36. #26, Michael...the Obama Poster-Boy; Get a Clue!
iNet Fraud ,   USA   (01.12.11)
You sound like U git your education from a box of cornflakes. "The only thing Israel has to offer is democracy"? Uh, ya might want to consider the list of things that Israel invented and people like you use every day and couldnt afford to live without. But ofcourse, theres no talking to a know-it-all brick wall so I'll stop there. Good luck in la-la land.
37. #31, Robert
EUropean   (01.12.11)
"[...] western European country, all of whom refuse to recognize the problems they are having with their own internal Muslim populations [...]" Funny, isn't it? People living in Europe - day by day - don't see any major problems, at least nothing to be afraid of. While those living outside of Europe, who have no own experience about the situation here, keep on evoking the end of this continent. Now, who is more to trust?
38. democracy or not.
sjoerd van der velde ,   hoorn-the netherland   (01.12.11)
to which criteria has a country to satisfy to be a reel democracy and perhaps to be an example for the rest of the world where all people can decide themselves about their own lives and future? and which countries do satisfy this? this has to be proven continually on paper/theoretical and in practice/reality everywhere and always. of course we can know what democracy is, we can have our own opinions on it and we all (the worldpopulation of about 7 billion people) can perhaps agree on it, also in theory and in practice with legislation and how it is implimented and how we can use it in daily life and if we can realize it in a just and good way. if so it can lead to benefit and prosperity for all of us on this planet. peace and justice to all of us.
39. you depend on Europe!
Awad ,   Brussels, Belgium   (01.12.11)
Stop spitting on Europe: without Europe, Israel would never have been established-and maintained for decades. Arrogance is Israeli. But mind your language, times have changed. You do not live in a closed world even if you are Jews and Israelis. You need Europe for your economic survival.
40. Israel should respond by supporting subversive groups in EU.
Dan ,   Israel   (01.12.11)
in the name of European holy trinity: "human rights", hypocrisy and nihilism.
41. 7 - Sure they are satisfied with Egypt, Jordon, Saudi Arabia
split ,   US   (01.12.11)
They don't consider themselves, want to be call or recognised as a the only democracy in the M. East ,...
42. European meddling
Martin ,   Usa   (01.12.11)
While I don't support FM Lieberman, The Europeans have some nerve to interfere in Israel's political institutions by funding groups to their likeing including some that are anti Israel. What about the European treament of their Jewish population? Anti-semitism is at an all time high.
43. it is eu, norway i worry more about becoming anti-democratic
ralph   (01.12.11)
losing touch with democratic principles, forgetting history and to ready to become a province of islam.
PR   (01.12.11)
"All funds sent from Europe to these organizations are completely transparent and legal, he said." - Ooooh really? That is why NGO Monitor HAD to start a legal lawsuit in the European court of Justice in Strasbourg against the European Union to finally after more than 6 years force them to open the books on secret fundib, eh??? Whereever HYPOCRISY and lies take us down, Mr. Somfalvi? Why did you "forget" to map these surrounding and quite relevant isues and concerns? could it be that this has something to do with your own personal political bias then? We know the answer sir.
45. Blatant and untolerable Chutzpah!
Gábor Fränkl   (01.12.11)
Please all read the eminent journalist Caroline Glick's columns in the Jerusalem Post to see through the web of EU-conspiracy, attempted subterfuge and willful undermining of Israel's democracy by funding subversive traitorous groups to hteir liking. Wow - wouldn't you love those lovely anonymous "Western diplomats", hmmm? Or aletrbatively, they took too much to their heart Lieberman's cogent and sane op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal Europe? Hey Euros, nasty colonialism suffused with even nastier antisemitism has come to end - permananently! don't like it? Tough. Go back to Eurabia, London, Brusserls and Paris!
46. Diplomats concerned about Israel
EUropean   (01.12.11)
In the end, every sovereign country is free to live however it wants. Canada is free to be a democracy, just as Iran is free to be an islamic republic. It's the people's right to decide on their own and this, of course, includes the people of Israel. Europe doesn't want to tell Israel what to do and how you should live. As mentionend in the article, the diplomats are 'only' concerned that Israel is removing itself away from Europe, towards a more religious/right-wing authoritarian state (just like Turkey); and we don't appreciate religious/right-wing fanatics; actually, we think they are dumb twits, whether they are Evangelicals, Muslims or Jews.
47. 39 - You need Europe for your economic survival.
split ,   US   (01.13.11)
No one that I know misses them in Europe and Amis are getting fed up with zio-freaks like him too ,...
48. YNET: Why did you not tell the Europeans
Israeli 2   (01.13.11)
that THEY are in danger and that the leftist in Israel are in danger? Tell them that Israel's democracy is thriving because in Israel we are not afraid and we need not use PC statements. We in Israel DO have a RIght and a Left. You in Europe have only a LEFT!! Did you tell them that, YNET?
49. EU: Look into your own backyard
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (01.13.11)
before you come to Israel to preach about Democracy ! Interesting, how quite Eropean diplomats are about the growing islamic radicalization of their EU... In GB the study of Holocaust in every learning institution has been cancelled, to please the sensitivities of muslim population...In Germany, the millions of Islamic immigrants are being a cause of great concern and fear by the government and the german population. And Mrs. Ashton has the nerve (not the 1st.time) to come to Israel to preach the same gospel, she needs to apply to her own congregation.... Avigdor Lieberman is a new fresh and bold new phenomenon, that will help Israel to grow wings of strenghts....If Israel's enemies hate him, it mean they fear... And that is Good for Israel and good for the Jewish people all over the world !He dares to tell the simple truth, that no other politican can ! Go Liberman !
50. So why does EU ignore lack of Arab "freedom of expression"
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (01.13.11)
Pretty pathetic that these Euro-diplonuts are making an issue out of Israel demanding NGOs have transparent accounting. The Since WW2 the Europeans have been sucking the Arab oil tit and looking the other way, since every single Arab regime uses an iron fist against any "freedom of expression". Talk about two faced jerks more concerned with keeping their arms sales to the Arabs in return for Arab oil. They don't really care about democracy.
51. European's Should Worry About Their Democracy
Avi ,   Miami USA   (01.13.11)
The Europeans should worry about democracy in Europe- not in Israel. It is Europe that is full of far right and far left and zenophobic parties. It is Europe that says the majority must surrender their rights and their culture to extremists. The European fear- is simply because their support of leftist NGO's is about to be fully exposed.
52. This is "Diplomatic Speak"
Sharbano   (01.13.11)
In the layman's speak "We at the EU will no longer be able to 'influence' and 'Control' what Israel does. If we allow this to happen, what will become of our relationship with the Arab Nations. We may suffer an oil embargo. Israel will be the cause of a world war between the EU and the Arabs. Israel simply Must abide by the dictates of the EU. The EU and its NGO's are only doing this for the 'benefit' of Israel". The Talmud states that the nations will say everything they have done was For Israel.
53. Catherine Ashton's traitorous look
Len ,   Australia   (01.13.11)
Cannot help noticing the picture of Catherine Ashton trying to avoid looking Lieberman in the face while shaking his hand. What a two-faced snake.
54. The soviet Union prosecute and Jail NGOs
Len ,   Australia   (01.13.11)
Thats the difference with Israel which is a democratic country and has the right to investigate dissidents and anti-Israeli who operate under the guise of NGOs. Every democratic country do these investigations including EU nations. So Israel is not allowed to by order of the EU?
55. Spitting on who?
Australia   (01.13.11)
Who is spitting on who? Your politicians come here and dictate to sovereign Israel what to do? What economic survival? EU is gasping for economic survival and passing the buck around from hip pocket to the next. Who is arrogant? Hitler, Mussolini, the Pope, All guilty of the holocaust. All your present leaders are a carbon copies of these past leaders. Without the EU there wouldn' t be a holocaust. Israel has stood on its own and weathered the recent economic crisis better than all the EU countries. Your country is infested with Muslims and it wont be long before they take over Europe. They have committed multiple atrocities and burnt your flags in your capital cities while you stand watching too scared to act. Cowards!
56. Attila speaks for Livni
Thomas ,   Dixieland USA   (01.13.11)
Attila is a recognized spokesman for Livni for his infatuation with the later is well known. Only the blind cannot see that this sudden euphoria towards the Israel hating Europeans is in full accordance with her recent speeches in which she vehemently defended the Leftist NGO-s. Am I right, Attila?
57. Oh please! Now I want to know more details on how
Harry Wright ,   UK   (01.13.11)
European countries are subverting the one democracy in the ME. These European countries need to explain why they interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, why they are paying to foment chaos, upheaval and violence in Israel . What is the real objective - to bring Israel to their level of submission to the muslims? Investigate the full extent of this interference and confiscate all funds from foreign sources that are used to subvert the national agenda. Europeans should cease and desist from these hostile acts and channel their resources towards empowering the brutally subjugated women of the ME as well as assisting the persecuted minorities there. This is truly sick and revolting.
BOB KIRK ,   LOS ANGELES, USA   (01.13.11)
Firstly the EU finances and politically supports leftwing NGOs, like Btselem, which are ususally highly critical of Israel and very lenient toward Palestinian terror groups then the EU criticises Israelis who complain about the behavior of these EU funded NGOs. For the EU it OK to criticise Israel either directly or via the NGOs but it undermines Israeli democracy if e.g. FM Lieberman criticises the NGOs. EU hypocrisy. They want to criticise without being criticised but democracy does not work like that.
59. liars and hypocrites
Mahlon Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ USA   (01.13.11)
The reason that the Europeans are against Israel's investigation of treasonous left wing groups is that they will be outed as the funders of these groups. Already, JStreet has been shown to lie about their source of funding and the director, Ben Ami, has been shown to have conflicts of interestinvolving millions of dollars. They may also be afraid that Arab oil money will be found as a source of leftist funding. Like England's disgraceful pardon of the mass murderer of Lockerbie, it only shows that money is the nameof the game.
60. EU scared over a little inquiry
Alexander ,   NJ USA/Israel   (01.13.11)
If there's no wrong doing then these folks have nothing to worry about, but if there's some shady business then I would certainly understand them taking their strong stance now.
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