Poll: Jerusalem Arabs prefer Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 13.01.11, 00:31
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1. "Palestinian Arab State" is a correct term
z ,   Palestinian Jewish s   (01.13.11)
2. Some Arabs want Israel
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (01.13.11)
Just goes to show that some people are more devoted to personal and creature comforts and entitlements than they are to struggle for principle and ideals. But they will be making a huge mistake, as they will find to their grief after the Zionist state is purged from the Holy Land. Rewards shall go to those who joined in the struggle against Zionism and fought the hardest.
3. Who cares about their preferences?
What matters is our preferences and certainly that's not being amongst these muslim enemies in our midst.
4. What's this? Better job opportunities?
Canadian Dude ,   Montreal   (01.13.11)
Oh no no no no, impossible, it couldn't be that in the 21st century, many Arabs just care about having nice lives, pretty much like the modern American dream? But I thought Liebermensch was saying that Arabs and the radical left all want nothing but to bring down the Jewish state and replace it with an Islamic empire? Liebermensch's eternal wisdom shows us that the only acceptable solution is to find all the Palestinians (I think there's a whole bunch of them in the West Bank), go kick them around for a few decades while bulldozing their communities, and then while they're picking up their teeth, we can read desert nomad fantasy novels to them explaining why the land was really ours all along.
5. Ela ma! 30% are just FRIGHTENED
Israeli 2   (01.13.11)
Add 30% to the 39% and you will get 69%. Add the liers to the equation and you will get a whopping 99%! Terrific!
6. Isn't it weird?...
Nathan ,   LA, USA   (01.13.11)
When Lieberman suggests making Arab areas of Israel part of a Palestinian state against their will, everyone gets up in arms. But this poll shows that the PA and those who advocate the division of Jerusalem are pushing for the exact same thing when it comes to Jerusalem. Where's the outrage?
7. Of course they do
Rachel ,   US   (01.13.11)
8. American Pechter Middle East Polls for the Council on Foreig
split ,   US   (01.13.11)
How convenient - What about a poll how Americans feel about foreign aid , especially about those billions send to Israel every year ?,...
9. to #2
isaak ,   vienna   (01.13.11)
You wish! All those who continue to fight the "Zionist State" will find themselves, as history has proven so far, at the loosing side. The Palestinians will end up living under "Zionist rule" forever. They never miss to miss an opportunity
10. their wish is not none comand, they give warm
ghostq   (01.13.11)
home for hamas, from Tedy staduim terror plot and they after that want to be part of Israel, I think they just want to be part of state that got more money and actually creat things instead of living on other people donations, too late for that now they already made their choice. actions speak louder than words.
11. To Grazcek #2.
Steven ,   Rockville, USA   (01.13.11)
Graczek, it will not happen even in three of your life time, if you can have that many. I wish you should have three or more life time, during which you keep live in self-inflicted misery. You fully deserve it. Are you totally blind, don't you think that the residents of Est Jerusalem who live there know it better?
12. I want to hold on to my blue ID card, but....
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.13.11)
I reserve the right to run "Israel" in the ground on the Talk Backs : )
13. to #2
david ,   tel aviv   (01.13.11)
Go yourself join "the struggle against Zionism" and let people live their lives as they want. How nice is to write from the sofa in Maryland...
14. # 8 Who cares what the people think? Only Congress counts.
15. what is the third choise???
iam waiting for the third choice..sure it is not hamass or iran or america they are all the same like israil or abou mazen group
16. #12, Oh c'mon, FAKE Salma
Salma (the real) ,   Palestine   (01.13.11)
Tell me honey, do you dream about me ?! for the poll I think the biggest proof the poll is "right" is the second intifada, barely Palestinians in East Jerusalem have participated in it! ha!
17. To: # 2, 4, 12
Observer 1 ,   Chrangbegbo, Ghana   (01.13.11)
This poll did not state the whole truth which is: more than 90% of Arabs would have loved to live in Israel because Israel is a democracy, and a vibrant one for that matter. -Graczek all the way in far away Maryland, USA : How u doing, man? Still smoking that thing I told u the other day to stop smoking, right? -Canadian Dude , Montreal : you've said yourself you are one deluded dude -Salma , Palestine: you are in a light mood today, I can see. Make sure no one takes the blue ID away from you, dear. No other nation on earth will ever ever ever give you anything equivalent to that and while you are at it just know that you are partaking in the blessings of Jacob!
18. Left wing will do all it can to convince them
Z Lando ,   Tekoa, Israel   (01.13.11)
... to object ..... The headline should read: " 'Left-wing' groups fail in Sheik Jarah - Arabs want democracy'
19. you're right, but...
Tal ,   Israel   (01.13.11)
your country doesn't try to help us out of good will. you are establishing your position as the most powerful country in the world. and of course, you're running against Russia, which holds arab's back. your country goal is to gain control of Israel and throuth that, in the middle east.
20. Poll
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (01.13.11)
39% for, 30% did not answer they fear retaliations from PA. Real result is 69% prefer to live under Israeli administration.
21. # 12
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.13.11)
You wish you had a blue (Israeli) ID card. Tesidents of Ramallah have dark green ID cards.
22. what they say in "secret" does not matter
JO   (01.13.11)
what matter is what is said aloud, and in that east Jerusalem is very pro Palestinian and anti Israel, so they should have no say at all, almost none are Israeli citizens. If they say some thing different publicly then they would be listened to and their opinion will matter and change things but as it is public opinion polls are non person polls and do not have any policy influence.
23. But I thought Israel is a cruel,oppressive, Apartheid state?
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (01.13.11)
And so, how could those Palestinians even consider leaving their homes in Palestine, and move into Israel? Clearly they must be out of their mind, to willingly choose to live in such oppressive country.
24. to #16 there is something that caled
ghostq   (01.13.11)
responsibility, second intifada was done by palis doesn't matter from where, if you can't controll yourselves than you r doomed from the start.
25. #21 Birdi , I think you mean Residents not Tesidents !
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.13.11)
any way, read my post #16 , #12 was not mine. the color of my ID is not imprtant , What is really important for me that my blood is red, my land is green , my sky is blue, my heart is white :P
26. # 25
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.13.11)
I know # 12 is not your post. My # 21 should read # 16. (my mistake) Having a blue ID card means you dont have to go through checkpoints & being able to live in Akko. Yours being dark green is a hastle-big time for you.
27. WOW, we're basing this conclusion
GUH   (01.13.11)
out of only 39% of the vote?! What a farce. And this DOES NOT mean that they prefer Israel. It just means that you are more likely to be treated like crap by the racist occupation government in Jerusalem if you only have a Palestinian passport.
28. graczek # 2
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.13.11)
If it wasn't for the Jews it wouldn't be THE HOLY LAND ! Jesus wasn't an Arab, he wasn't muslim, he was a JEW and the Jews are God's chosen people whether YOU like it or not. The grief is going to be yours if you don't change your attitude. The Jews will never be purged from their land.
29. To: No. 25
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.13.11)
Your land is green? It isn’t your land, dear, but, yes, thanks to the backbreaking stoop labor of the Jews, who pushed back the desert, drained the foetid swamps and, having coaxed the barren and abandoned soil to life, planted trees, orchards, olive groves and gardens, Eretz Israel is green and lovely. Stop with your maudlin nonsense. It's turning your nose brown.
30. Make any future deal block population movements
William ,   Israel   (01.13.11)
If, through a myopic and immoral decision by the Israel govt, Jerusalem is split, then enshrine in the agreement that ALL Israeli blue cards are revoked immediately and NO population transfers take place. Those with Israeli Blue Cards are NOT citizens but simply able to work in Israel and receive benefits (most times without paying taxes). No reason to keep them if the PA has sovereignty over neighborhoods and working govt.
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