Clinton says Mideast faces disaster without reform
Associated Press
Published: 13.01.11, 12:37
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1. Said the Usefull Idiot.
All those Freedoms are in the US, but the US has the same problem within its own Population. Those Leftist Democrats never learn. Their only solution to all problems, between Good and Evil they face is - Giving in - giving in - giving in - !. Orao.
2. Yo, maidel'e: stop the jive, and get the whip out girl!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.13.11)
3. Now she remembers?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.13.11)
The timing is strange. For years, the US has kept the brutal Arab regimes in power as long as they spent their money on American weapons, oppressed the masses and kept the oil supply steady. The Americans ignored minority and women's rights. This reached a peak under Obama who blamed Israel for everything and bowed low to his master, the King of Saudi Arabia. Does Clinton's sudden epiphany mean she is challenging Obama? Or is she trying to leave a good impression before she is fired for her part in illegal espionage?
4. clinton says.......
sjoerd van der velde ,   hoorn-the netherland   (01.13.11)
mrs. hillary clinton first has to solve the/those problems in her own country together with her collegues/friends before critizicing/judging other countries. she is not the elected president of the world. she is the current us secretary of state, so she has to represent her country in the rest of the world.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (01.13.11)
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