Hariri: Opposition has gun to my head
Published: 15.01.11, 14:22
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1. Hariri
Nicegoy ,   France   (01.15.11)
But of course, Mr Hariri also keeps on saying : "Israel is more dangerous than my Lebanese opponents"...
2. Gun to the head or a bomb in the car is same for Iran/Hezba
Alan ,   SA   (01.15.11)
3. Cannot be counted on to respect agreements
Marcel ,   FLORIDA   (01.15.11)
No problem Saad, The Palestinians cannot be counted on either and Israel keeps appeasing them,even with their jihad against Israel underway. Follow Israel's strategy. Learn to become the quisling Israel's leaders have become with goodwill gestures,painful concessions and retreat.
4. Hariri, don't delay
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.15.11)
Reserve your cemetery plot now, you will be using it shortly
5. saad Your Baba Was Assassinated
Brazen   (01.15.11)
by what entity? When the STL releases their findings you we will be one of two pea's in a pod with Bibi. Now you know full well why your baba sent You to saudi arabia, you Look more saudi than Lebnainai? One final comment to you mr prime minister Now That The Shoe Is On The Other Foot It Doesn't Fell So Good, follow your heart and use your head, Israel and Judism Isnt your enemy, but hizbullah and iran are your next move Doesnt just effect You be wise. Find a Quit place and Read all you can from the wisest person to ever walk this planet King Solomon and his guidance with Hashem's wisdom may Help You Find a Solution. Insahallah Habibi
6. nicegoy, france
Daniela   (01.15.11)
he says because like all the arabs he has to say that, but is he really think it?
7. Not need enemies!
~~Lengualima~~ ,   I   (01.16.11)
Mr. Hariri was learned that with friends such as Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran. Not need enemies!
8. hello liberals of the world
Galut ,   selah   (01.16.11)
if you do not see clearly now the true nature of organizations like hezbulah ,Hamas and the PLO the you are truly wilfuly blind ...
9. Pathetic
Merca ,   Barcelona.SPAIN   (01.16.11)
That he has a lot of guts to try to reach a settlement with their father' s killers is a confirmation of his lack of dignity.
10. # 1
Artie   (01.16.11)
He has to... his life is on the line from the vicious, murderers of Hezbullah.
11. if pro-Western forces had more courage..
Alex ,   UK   (01.16.11)
.. they could to get rid of Hezbolla. Just build a Berlin-style defence lines around Hezbolla strongholds, do it fast, and keep that perimeter. Ask US and France for help and air cover. Conduct a referendum on independence in Hezbolla-free areas. Partition the country (it is hopelessly divided, anyway). Hezbollastan will become another Gaza, but at least that won't include all Lebanon. Save what is still possible to save.
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