20 Israelis rescued from Tunisia
Ronen Medzini
Published: 15.01.11, 21:41
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1. The Foreign Ministry helped
Rachel ,   US   (01.15.11)
They actually did their jobs? Wow!
2. They are not Israelis they are Arabs who is thinking they
Alex   (01.16.11)
Are Israelis
3. if the islamist get hold of power ,bye bye freedom
rachel ,   usa   (01.16.11)
4. Lets hope Egypt's decrepid dictator gets..
Chris.B ,   Australia   (01.16.11)
...the same thou I wonder If the U,S or Israel would embrce him in exile ha ha
5. Translation
Doremus   (01.16.11)
20 Mossad agents were successfully extracted from Tunisia
6. Really Rachel
Israeli Diplomat ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.16.11)
The cynicism is uncalled for. Israeli diplomats across the world do this stuff all the time, even when in dispute. You should be a little more humble and recognizing of good work done.
7. Arab World?
Harry ,   Toronto Canada   (01.16.11)
What arab world celebrated? A few demonstrations. Big deal! Democracy for an Arab country. Thats a joke. Any bets that Tunisia will be cornered by another Muslim tyrant. No wonder the The arab league is worried. They are all the same.... And these jokers call Israel all kinds of names.
8. this is great, the best news ever
ghostq   (01.16.11)
the arab world finally waking up and doing steps toward a beginning of democrachy.
9. Next are Syria and Iran! Go, go Green Revolution!
10. We march to Teheran next!
Down with Ahmedinejad! Down with the crazy Mullahs! Long live the students and the freedom of Iran!
11. This article is overblown nonsense
Baruch ,   Paris, France   (01.16.11)
Rescued from who? Not a single tourist of any nationality was singled out for any ill treatment and the riots never took on any anti-Israeli aspect. So why use the words "rescued" as though anyone had been threatened?
12. Go for it number 10!
Scott ,   Haifa   (01.16.11)
13. Chaos - fruit of Islam
Scott ,   Haifa   (01.16.11)
14. Thank G-d there is an Israel Thank G-d indeed
Al   (01.16.11)
To all the naysayers, bed wetters and piss joys out there who love pissing on Israels parade. Here's a heads up for ya...Israel is here to stay. Get over it!
15. Mubarak Is Next
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.16.11)
And I doubt the Muslim Brotherhood will care about the two billion in aid from the US. The Egyptian people will be free of the backstabbing traitor Mubarak. There will be an open border to Gaza.
16. to #10 I hope so, freedom is something that
ghostq   (01.16.11)
can be achieve, than the masses of persians will be able to learn and get more, today, most of state resources goes to fanatic Mullas, as soon as freedom will be achieve also freedom of knowledge and info will be accessable than wiser people make less wars, the mullas controll the masses by hate and unknowledge.
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