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State approves all conversions
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 16.01.11, 08:55
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1. Clearly, ALL Orthodox conversions valid & final
Religious Jew ,   Israel   (01.16.11)
Haredim stamp of approval for the secular state is superfluous
2. Are Lithuanian Rabbis more intelligent?
Israeli 2   (01.16.11)
According to kabalistic sources, conversions these days are a non issue since no one knows who has a neshama and who does not which is the qualification for being a "JEW".
3. State approval of conversion is like pope approval WORTHLESS
Moshe   (01.16.11)
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef only approved the conversion for those who will follow the Jewish laws according to Torah. The ones who have no intentions of observing the laws of the Torah are 100% non-Jews.
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (01.16.11)
A ASH ,   NYC   (01.16.11)
6.  if they are jewish, for the State of Israel, they can marri
fphaim ,   france   (01.16.11)
The ones who have no intentions of observing the laws of the Torah are 100% non-Jews : you're right : but if they are jewish, for the State of Israel, they can married with a jew... it's a diseastre for the Jewish People. Our religion is based on strict observation of Halakha. Who will be a real jew in 1 or 2 generation? I'm afraid for my children...
7. marriage
David ,   Florida   (01.17.11)
If I were an Israeli Jew, I'd rather my daughter or son marry one of the IDF converts than marry an Arab.
8. Those who give three years of their life
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.17.11)
to defend OUR country , deserve to have their conversion 100 % legalised . They at least do something for OUR country .
9. The Lithuanian rabbis should not let the door hit their rear
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.17.11)
on the way back to Lithuania where they can be so strict not even they will be considered Jews.
10. Charles PT (8) is that coming from your mouth?
Moshe   (01.17.11)
For you, who in other posts don't trust ANY conversions to say that, you must be a real hypocrite.
11. #6 ridiculous , stop rejecting peole who are jews or want to
be jews
12. #9 I agree
13. #10 I agree
14. #8 So now government service makes a real Jew.
Because 3 years does not change genetics. Charles you need to clarify your ruling.
15. #6 Whose halacha?
Lithuanian, Azkenazi, Neturi Karta, Shas, modern orthodox, a long gone spiritual leader, the JCC???? There is an answer but not on the above list.
16. Good!
n ,   Canada   (01.18.11)
Why do people try to make this more difficult than it has to be? There aren't that many Jews as it is!
17. I thought it's a mitzvah to be nice to converts...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.18.11)
but it seems to be quite he opposite. I thought your not allowed to refer to someone that converted as a convert ever again. I guess nobody knows about that mitzvah. I though your not allowed to ask a converted Jew about their past. I guess nobody knows about that mitzvah either. "Orthodox' rabbis stint their religion more than intermarriage does. I used to think rabbis were so wise and I was right, they USED to be but not any more. I wonder how many reject converts went on to become anti-Semites? On second thought, I'd rather not know. Boycott the Rabbinate and don't get married outside of Israel either. Sue the state if they don't recognize it. The Israel rabbinate brings shame to all Jews.
18. 14 Interesting too that Charles hasn't served a day
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