Bedouin village razed again; residents: Fascist state
Ilana Curiel
Published: 16.01.11, 16:03
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1. Land needed for Jewish settlers, Bedouins in the way
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (01.16.11)
While the most the Bedouin's lands were to be used for temporary military used, it was latter legally transferred to state ownership. Israel is too small for so few people to control that much land and only use it part of the years. Jewish control of the land is critical for it to continue to grow and remain Jewish.
2. Plan Dalet will utlimately fail
Nour ,   One-State   (01.16.11)
3. State should sit with residents and find an agreement
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (01.16.11)
Had they been jews, state woud have provided assistance in finding appropriate housing, not just destroy they homes and leave people homless
4. human rights to build where the hell you like
zionist forever   (01.16.11)
The Bedouin want to be Israeli citizens thats fine but they must obey the laws of the land including planning ones just like jews are expected to do. This land belongs to the state not the Bedouin. Just because in the old days they used to pack up the camel and move on and set up a tent in the desert doesn't mean today they can built villages where they want when they want and demand recognition. If the ILA doesn't recognise their village and wants it pulled down then the Bedouin have to accept thats law and we don't always like the law but we have to obey it. They have been offered alternatives, successive governments have spend millions over the years building facilities for the Bedouin but the Bedouin keep rejecting what the state is offering and prefering to do things their way. Its time for the liberal jews stop feeling sorry for them and go out and help rebuild every time its torn down. If we let this village stay then every village we try to destroy they will just keep rebuilding until the state just can't be bothered trying to stop them and we will have chaos. As for El-Solana warning of a Bedouin intefada, that sounds to me like another treacherous arab MK who is calling for an intefada by planting the idea in peoples minds.
5. What about illegal Arab homes in East Jerusalem?
Esther   (01.16.11)
When will they be razed?
6. bedouin culture is interesting and
Barney ,   USA   (01.16.11)
reminds me of the days of when you thought of an arab this is what you thought of i.e. before you thought of terrorism or radical islam. their way of life should be preserved in an arab country where there is an unlimited amount of desert land for them to roam. i met one that was a tracker for the idf and he was a great guy and asset to the idf. I feel for them but do not know enough about the facts on the ground in Israel concerning them. I was told they are persecuted in the arab countries and that is why they prefer Israel.
7. Rami #3: You've been reading too much
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (01.16.11)
from Maan News and your perceptions have become distorted as a result. Two facts: The forced Gaza pullout of Jews was not accompanied by an equivalent settlement of those Jewish residents. Many still reside in makeshift abodes. And in terms of our "Yishuvs" in Shomrun and Yehuda, I can tell you without a doubt that when bulldozers come for what the authorities consider illegal housing, they are merciless. This situation occurred just two weeks ago in Teqoa where I live. In fact, the government is much tougher on what they consider Jewish squatters than Bedouin or Arab. I just thought a dose of reality might puncture your usual propaganda.
8. It all comes down to their growing population
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.16.11)
And that, of course, stems largely from the widespread practice of polygamy among the Bedouin - illegal in Israel, but largely unenforced. The Bedouin as a result represent the fastest growing sector of the population, and that puts pressure on state resources including land.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (01.16.11)
An article similar to this, it turned out with a little research it wasn't entirely true. What I mean by that is the "village" wasn't a permanent dwelling or "village". But rather a temporary one used by the Bedouins. That these people move around on a seasonal basis setting up temporary camps based on there lifestyle. Now what I'm asking is this: Is that the case here. After all, only eleven structures doesn't sound like a "village" or "town", (which exists year round). Not someplace your clan set up for 3-4 months out of the year. I'd like to hear more about this issue. Like the the American Indian (Native Americans) who moved there camps on a seasonal basis for thousands of years (both before and after the Europeans came here). My understanding is the Bedouins have a similar lifestyle as the early Native Americans. If that is the case here it should at least be mentioned in the article.
10. #9 Bloodyscot = Bloody fool
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.16.11)
O f course, in your home town of Dallas, everyone is allowed to erect structures wherever they feel like it, use the land and municipal amenities without bothering to pay taxes or fees Bedouin never had title to the land under any previous rulers, including the Brits, Turks, etal Bedouin have always been wanderers, following their flock wherever their was grazing land for them to feed on These very same Bedouin wander to & fro from Egypt to Israel, folliwng their herds & flocks
11. Israel built new housing for them
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.16.11)
They refused to move, preferring to live in the squalor & filth of their primitive encamplments Mounds of dung of the floor of the tents that they sleep in, just to have it handy for feeding the ovens they use for cooking That's the reason the mortality rate for Bedouin babies is so high In the new housing they have access to modern hospitals & schools and many of the assets of modern life, they just want to live the way their ancestors did
12. The important thing!
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (01.16.11)
An MK, a legislator of the State of Israel (not an arab state) is promoting and fueling an upraisal (I don't use the word intifada because it's giving them strength) Are we going to sit in silence while he attacks us? Don't you see that his place is for sure not in the Knesset? If somebody tells me that he has the right because we live in democracy I will laugh at his naivety!
13. Pay taxes, obey the law. All illegal structures should be
Ya'awqove ,   Israel   (01.16.11)
dealt with in a universal way. If they are illegal do the same to all of them, whether that means permitting them, or demolishing them. bottom line is you cant expect to just squat on land and call it your house. This isnt the neanderthal era. I cant go to some state land and just start building a city on it. get real al sana. down with you rmundacity and racist rhetoric.
14. "Warns of intefada"
BH ,   Iowa   (01.16.11)
If that's a threat he should be arrested for incitement.
15. Slums
Pedro ,   Brazil   (01.16.11)
If you let soon you will have slums in everywhere like in Brazil.
16. For using the term "fascist nazi", the
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.16.11)
knesset should throw al sano out of office. How dare he? We should ban all those that did not serve in the I.D.F. from being members of the knesset or voting. Any member of the knesset that works for the enemy or anti Zionist groups should also be thrown out.
17. re 10: Bedouin land titles recognized by Ottoman & British
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (01.16.11)
Their land titles were never formally recorded by British due to a signed agreement by Winston Churchill, the colonies minister in 1921 to recognize them. The Ottoman's did not record them due to fact they predated Ottoman control of area. There was also a treaty signed in 1948 between 16 Bedouin tribes and Israel with guarantees for Bedouin land rights. The state of Israel gained a lot of free land by not recognizing their titles but court battles still on going with this issue.
18. #17 Bloodyscot
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.16.11)
Place the blame on Turks, Brits & Bedouin, they never bothered to recors them As such, they don't exist as verifiable recorded titles The treaty that you claim exists, had to be , why not furnish a link to it, so it can be verified Thus far, we have only your word, which I take with a large dose of salt
19. #3 Rami Lookee Lookee
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.16.11)
Take a peek at my #11 this forum, that takes care of your concerns
20. #17 Bloodyscot - Proof is in the pudding
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.17.11)
I'm not a Bloodyfool, I asked you for proff of the treaty you had said existed in your post #17 WHERE IS IT ???
21. #17 Bloodyscot
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.17.11)
I know why you can't find the Treaty proof, it's there along with the deeds that weren't recorded Works of fiction in a deluded mind
22. The Cemetary is the Proof
Ravarik ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.20.11)
Why can't the State and the JNF wait for the outcome of the current court cases in which the Bedouin are trying to prove their ownership? It is unfortunately that the El Arakib cemetary can't be called to the witness stand. Graves testify to the fact that Bedouin have been living in El-Arakib from before the creation of the State.
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