PM determined to advance peace talks
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 18.01.11, 07:22
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1. Kadima and Livni just became Ahora.
David ,   USA/Israel/Egypt   (01.18.11)
Netanyahu needs next to court Mofaz Break up Kadima and join his government for the strongest ever. Good luck to all. Long live Israel
2. There can be absolutely no movement towards peace...
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.18.11)
as long as we aren't serious about it. And how can we be expected to be serious about it, when we can't even solve our (regrettable) inter-Arab squabbling ;-)
3. No peace without Free Palestine 1967 borders
Palestinian   (01.18.11)
4. Bibi's solution: Arm-Twisting !!!
Nour ,   One State   (01.18.11)
Ain't going to work Millikowski. The UN will declare settlements illegal and we shall only move forward when you remove the squatters from Russia and New York.
5. democracy is swift transfer of power
observer   (01.18.11)
then why Israel has always peri-election violence? take for example the war on Lebanon 2006 and the war on Gaza 2008?
6. 2,3 4
just be greatful whatever land the Israeli will give you.Asking for the moon,you will get ======all
7. Give them their state and throw the Pals out of Israel!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.18.11)
Netanyahu and his 40 no goods are turning Israel into a pariah state. Proof? Open your eyes! The Israeli taxpayer has seen billions of shekels poured into the West Bank and anyone with a little common sense will realize that in the end the Palestinians will get their state. All it will take is a majority vote in the UN General Assembly as it did in 1947 when our country was created. No one can stop this and no one will! So, the time has come to do a deal. Give them their country where they stand today. Annex those those settlements which can be connected to sovereign Israel and boot all the Palestinians, legal or illegal, out of Israel. Establish a proper border control system and stipulate that any Palestinian who wished to visit Israel for any reason will need a visa to so. The new Palestinian state must see that they are self sufficient. There is more than enough money in the Arab world to ensure this. To go on with this right wing ideology we see in the Knesset today will cost us dearly in the future. We must protect ourselves because terrorism against Israel will never end. Arabs know only one thing and that is violence. Proof? Tunisia today! The only way we can protect ourselves is to keep the enemy out. Israel is a democracy and its citizens have rights and those rights require our people, loyal Israelis, to be protected from attack and terror and we cannot do this if the country is shunned by the international community. Yes, the "Settlers" will be upset but what comes first - Israel's survival or ideology? Time to cut our losses.
8. nobody ever believed bibi, the only credible one was barak..
eporue ,   europe   (01.18.11)
until yesterday... now, his mask is off too... this was (another) bad move for israel...
9. it's clear #2 is a fake post.
10. # 3 to "Palestinian " if exist !!!
Salman   (01.18.11)
Learn from the Tunisian, and free JORDAN where all your people is leaving, get rid of the " King ", and get your Independance, where you belong.
11. I agree with Nour #4- Kick out squatters
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (01.18.11)
Nour says in the same sentence: 'declare settlements illegal' and 'remove the squatters from Russia and New York'. Yes, I agree with that. Jews living in New York, Russia and everywhere else for that matter are not following the Torah definition of living in a legal settlement. Only in Israel can a Jew be living in a legal settlement according to our commandments. Naturally, that includes every part of Israel, including the so called 'West Bank' which had the first Jewish settlements there from the time of Joshua bin Nun, thousands of years before the Arabs came. Yes Nour, you are spot on. Kick out those Jewish squatters living in New York and Russia and let's ask the UN to pay for their trip home to Israel! Sigh, at least we agree on the one State Solution!
12. How can you advance peace when Israel is approving
A Bethlehemite   (01.18.11)
illegal construction beyond the green line; an area that not one country in the worlkd considers to be part of Israel..... Bibi, we're not buying your bs!
13. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.18.11)
They have their state. It's called Jordan. Send the royal family packing (Tunisia-style), and then let them sort out their differences amongst themselves. What they cannot have is Judea and Samaria. Sorry. They've had plenty of opportunities to avail themselves of a two-state solution, and failed to do so on each occasion. There is a limit to anyone's patience, and I think Israel has reached the end of its tether when it comes to being patient with the ersatz "Palestinians." We will not carve up our land.
14. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.18.11)
Sure. I can live with that. The borders as they were on June 11, 1967. Works for me.
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