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Haredi ads: Internet causes cancer
Ari Galahar
Published: 09.02.11, 08:27
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31. Religion or Control
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (02.09.11)
This is an interesting issue. A clear lie and deceptive tactic, to scare trusting followers. The deception, is to prevent those followers from seeing the truth.Many talkbacks doubt people will be so easy to mis-lead. History defines otherwise, and these "Rabbi's" have taken advantage of this fact. What is concerning, is that the Rabbi's are so frightened of the truth, that they resort to falsehoods, scare tactics and deception, to control those who trust them. Is this what Judaism is about? Is this what good Rabinical leaders beleive is right? This is what concerns me.
32. OMG! Dogs and cats living togeter!
Scott ,   USA   (02.09.11)
Human Sacrifice! Fire and brimstone! And everyone will speak Swedish and wear their underwear on the outside!
33. #23
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (02.09.11)
Interesting Freudian error there Rivkah. Sight indeed would be important to view the porn, but I presume you mean porn SITE..........
34. Internet causes psychological cancer...
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (02.09.11)
to influencal minds. Responsable parents ,instead of bashing Rabbis ,should better -if not listening to them -consider their prohibitions as a wake-up call. Keep a very close constant watching eye on what your children do on internet. To reject everything Rabbis say is not in anybody s advantage.Secular if more openminded ,can take what is good,and leave what they don t like. Secular and orthodoxe,we need each other,we complete each other,and together we will be with G-Ds help strong,and overwin our common ennemies. Let all Jews be ONE great caring and loving family.
35. 10 Zionist Forever Very well said
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (02.09.11)
36. Listen to Salma
Gabriel ,   Jerusalem   (02.09.11)
She only wants the good for the jews and the israeli people. Such a sweetheart, would love to meet her. byeee ;)
37. frummies have one track minds
david ,   manchester,uk   (02.09.11)
38. What breathtaking stupidity
Babishka ,   USA/Mea Shearim   (02.09.11)
Both the article and the talkbacks. When I come home from WORK (oh G-D a haredi who works! Head explode!) where I stare at a computer screen all day long, the last thing I want is more Internet. So I watch TV instead.
39. The real problem...
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.09.11)
Is their idolatrous worship of long-dead rabbis as icons. Elevating someone to "sainthood" is totally against the basic beliefs of Judaism. If they want to find someone to blame, they'll have to look closer to home than the Internet.
40. They don't want be people to find out the truth
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.09.11)
41. I will tell you what this is based on
Daniel Breslauer ,   Jerusalem   (02.09.11)
The same statement was put on posters all around the city a year ago already, or even earlier. They based it on gematria, that the cumulative numerical value of the Hebrew letters of "internet" and "cancer" were the same. However, there is one problem: the word internet has a value that is higher by 10 numbers. אינטרט סרטן Are not the same number in gematria. אנטרנט סרטן Are the same number. So they wrote "אנטרנט = סרטן" everywhere around the city. Probably it's the same now. This makes it even sicker, totally laughable and ridiculous. By the same way, manipulating words, I could probably say "Torah = cancer" by writing טורא instead of תורה, or I could probably write "Hashem = cancer" or "Gemara = cancer" of "Halacha = cancer" or "Shabbat = cancer".
42. Better be safe than sorry.
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (02.09.11)
Don t mock Rabbis,For uncurable diseases,they, with G-Ds help, are the last ressource ,also for secular.
43. @30 zionist forever , I didn't give you any thing!
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.09.11)
it's your bad idea........How could you be so heartless. shame on you.
44. 9 Hey, not so quick,Charles!
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (02.09.11)
I got the hint.... You can t mean giving your comments to people who agree with you. VERY BORING!!!! Anyway, I INTEND TO STAY. Where could i practize my ability to soften a two left footed superb guy,with an epiderm of an olifant? This Rabbi has good intentions.Internet can indeed be a spiritual cancer to influencal minds..It is very difficult to educate and protect children in this century,and he is trying the best he can.
45. People, be kind to Rivka
Israelit ,   Israel   (02.09.11)
Her oversight (oversite??) might have been caused by long-term deprivation. Any of her avid fans will remember she mentioned in other posts that her husband was impotent. So it's quite natural to get cancer and pornography confused.
46. Another electronic device that causes cancer is full body
Rivkah   (02.09.11)
scanners at airports that will soon be at train stations, bus stations, shopping malls, and government buildings. Not only do the Compton Scattering X-ray scanners and the Terahertz Radiation scanners (both in use at airports) cause cancer, they tear apart the DNA helix and sterilize people passing through them unless there is a lead shield over the reproductive parts as is used even in dental offices for x-ray exams. The radiation that is emitted from airport scanners is 400 times the amount in a CT scan or office x-ray and is 2000 times what is being admitted to. Nazi German scientists developed sterilization techniques by x-ray. They would have targeted people fill out forms while being bombarded unknown to the person with x-rays from two directions which is what full body scans at airports do. This is a population reduction mass sterilization campaign, not a defense from terrorists. The terrorists are the TSA agents whose numbers have increased from 200 to 67,000 under the Obama Administration to steilize mostly White males since that is who mostly flies airplanes. Obama's Science Czar is John Holder who wrote a book on Eugenetics about population reduction through mass sterilization with sterilants in the water supply. People who eat GMO foods are sterile in the third generation of those eating them. Bill Gates pays for chemtrails of aluminum over the cities and country to polute the land so that heritage seeds will not grow but only aluminum resistant GMO seeds will grow. Europe bans GMO foods, so America is the target nation of mass genocide by airport scanners, GMO foods, chemtrails and other devious devices to slow kill people. Scientists at MIT and the University of California are warning about the sterilization effect and cancer causing effect of full body scanners in airports, as well as skin melanomas, cataracts and other heinous effects. The TSA agents can turn up the radiation at will to target populations such as those with Jewish names. IMPEACH OBAMA, NOW! He ordered this sexual molestation of children and the elderly and all others to coerce them into full body scanners to cause cancer and sterilization. He ordered this days after the November elections of 2010. If there were 67,000 more border patrol guards on the Mexican and Canadian borders, that would better protect Americans from terrorists. Only 1% of the explosions on passenger airliners are from a passenger while 99% are from bombs put on the airplanes by baggage handlers and maintenance people. Sparing a few hundred people from death by jeopardizing millions with x-ray scanners which is a genocide device that sterilizes people is not good. It is terrible and Obama should be impeached immediately. His is destroying America and his bowing a deep bow to the King of Saudi Arabia that even Muslims do not do because they only bow to Allah, indicates he is one with worldwide Jihad and is destroying America and endangering Americans for an Islamic takeover of America. The US State department allows Muslims even militant ones to immigrate to America but shuns Christians. There are many in high places who want to destroy America and YHWH must protect us from them.
47. 19,26,17,28 etc.Mocking and slandering YHWH's people
Rivkah   (02.09.11)
cannot be forgiven by YHWH. It is blasphemy of the Ruach Hakodesh in those who are called, chosen, and faithful to YHWH. You are on dangerous ground in your posts.
48. 33 Mike Carmel, Rishon le Zion: A spelling error not a
Rivkah   (02.09.11)
Freudian slip.
49. They should ban PHONES
purim shpiel   (02.09.11)
All the loshen horra spoken over the phone is far worse.
50. explanation of#44
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (02.09.11)
In French the expression"you came out of your bed with your left foot" means:you are bad tempered to day.
51. Dear Rabbis: My mom was diagnosed with cancer last year
Jacob Blues ,   New York City, USA   (02.09.11)
Stage 4, metastatic. A horrible tragedy in every sense of the word. It was painful and traumatic for her and the rest of the family. It spread, and sadly, she died this year. During her illness, death, and subsequent mourning, my ability to use the internet, was an outright blessing. It enabled me to do research on mom's illness. It enabled me to connect with support groups. It enabled me to stay in contact with far flung family members who were sending their prayers and thoughts for mom's health. It enabled me to find phone numbers of family friends that moved so that they could attend the funeral and help bury my mother. It enabled me to contact my old shul so that there would be a minyan and siddurim during shiva. It enabled me to find times for late maariv services so that I can say Kaddish. It enabled me to find synagogues in other cities so that while I was attending client meetings I could find a ready minyan away from home. It enabled friends to give tzedukkah to the JNF, planting trees in my mom's memory. It enables me to view Jewish texts and commentaries so that I can study Mishnah and Torah. Dayenu? Someone needs to look at the internet in these communities for what it is; a tool. It's uses can be for blessings or curses. Indeed, one can look at books in the same way. Books can be printed with wonderful words, or porn, or hate. But just because there are books published of one type doesn't mean we burn all the books. So too, with the internet.
52. Rivkah! answer 26 those r serious questions!
we want your answers!
53. Haredi and internet
Mike ,   UK   (02.09.11)
These poor haredi boys, study all day and night, their hormones on overdrive - a little light porn on the web would do them a world of good. I frankly love the free availability of porn, its a shame that these young and some older men, are simply left to go stir crazy in the kollels
54. Makes you wonder what else are they lying about ?
Avi ,   Israel   (02.10.11)
55. Rivka honey can you be more specific , which porn sites
Haim ,   Tel Aviv   (02.10.11)
If you can supply a list of porn sites, i`ll check them out for religious content ok ?
56. Religion using scare tactics, why am I not surprised.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.10.11)
57. if that were so...
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.10.11)
the idea that the internet causes cancer, because of "gematriya", is scary! and if it puts even a single life in danger, it is halakhically WRONG, and inexcusable. it is apalling that supposed rabbis would put their names to such a violation of the most basic halakhic principles, and pretend to give medical advice without training in medicine.
58. I'm a proud orthodox Jew and these Rabbis are not my leaders
Dati Leumi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.10.11)
I'm a proud orthodox Jew and these Rabbis are not my leaders. It must be taken into account how diverse orthodox Judaism is. Modern Orthodox and National Religious Jews, as well as most if not all Haredim outside of Israel (as well as many Israeli Haredim) use the internet every day. Almost every Yeshiva has it's own website. Every charitable organization has a website and goes broke if the website goes down. There are Haredi online news services and blogs out there. There is a web service to send prayers to holy sites and graves of tzadikim in Israel and abroad. There is a website that, for a small donation, sends people to say kaddish for a person who has passed away or send a whole MINYAN to pray at the Western Wall in someone's merit. So don't you prate, you self-assured, ignorant, mistaken ultra-orthodox Rabbis, that Internet is a bad thing. Come back on the derech where you belong, get out of Mea Shearim and start participating in Israeli society like good Jews. Israel needs your wisdom and dedication to the true way of life. For everybody else: don't watch porn. Get married and have 10 children. It's more fun and a great mitzva at that.
59. The rabbis quoted had nothing to do with the statements made
E. Ganz ,   Yerushalayim   (02.10.11)
The so-called leaders of the Ashkenazi religious sect are not its actual leaders. Not for lack of ability or merit. Rather the culture that surrounds them heralds them as such and groups of ill-intending hoodlums create statements and positions on their behalf, receiving no actual approbation from the rabbis themselves. In other words, Ashkenazi Haredi leadership has been hijacked. Rav Elyashiv prbably doesn't know what the internet even is. The scenario is most likely as follows: Someone approaches Rav Elyashiv/ Wasner et al, and asks, "Is it true that one shouldn't gaze at lascivious pictures?" The rabbi gives an obvious, "Yes". "And isn't it true that the Torah says that sinful behavior elicits the wrath of God (as per the tochacha)?" Again, "Yes". Next thing you know Rav Elyashiv is quoted as saying that using the internet causes cancer. You can go into the Meah Shearim print shops and they have stamps of all the signatures of the rabbis. You can order any poster with any message and get Rav Elyashiv's signature just by asking the printer and assuring him that the rabbi agrees. Again, the absurdity lies in the small group of people who actually believe these "statements" and the community that continues to allow the misrepresentation of Talmidei Chachamim.
60. No. 8 - It does make difference
JEW1 ,   ASH & IL   (02.10.11)
Haredim has tedency to impose their believes on others. Come and see in verious secular areas where these haredim spread and now they are throwing stones on the vehicles passing on roads on shabbat? Even the ambulance is not speared? They don't work and live on our tax money which can be used to provide necessities of israeli citizens like to buy some extra hospital beds (we have shortage). If they will be exposed to real way of life then may be-may be they will stop being paracites and work...may be they will demand to include mats and science in their secondary school studies? May be they will become more tolarent and will not impose their way of life on others? May be.....
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