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Haredi ads: Internet causes cancer
Ari Galahar
Published: 09.02.11, 08:27
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61. theological propaganda
mike ,   namibia   (02.10.11)
i think the tefillen has cut off the blood flow to the rabbis brain causing psychosis
62. Re: Lies
Jaysyn ,   Jax, USA   (02.10.11)
63. For proponents of LaShon Harah - they pile it on at will.
Josh   (02.10.11)
Since we know to Jewish institutions and Rabbinical sources use the Internet, does Kabbalah which has been said to cause crazies for the under 40 crowd, get an honorable mention for this so called cancer causing? Rabbinical LaShon Harah.
64. Internet - Cancer link by Haredim
Barry Berger ,   Tion, Israel   (02.11.11)
We have only ourselves to blame if we listen to these fools in the guise of intelligent people.
65. 15 million Americans have nowpassed through airport scanners
Rivkah   (02.11.11)
that are 400x the radiation of a dental x-ray, equivalent to a CT scan without a lead apron to protect reproductive tracts. 15 million Americans and others at US airports have been potentially sterilized and set up for cataracts, cancer, and other radioactive isotope induced diseases. Where is the outrage?
66. Gimatriya - doesn't really cut it
EJ ,   RBS, Israel   (02.28.11)
According to the gematriya, Internet equals cancer ... אנטרנט = 319 = סרטן Except that Internet in Hebrew is really spelled with a yud. Plus 319 also equals טיש - and I don't think chassidim would be very happy in doing away with their tishes! :-)
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