Palestinians raise flag at Washington office
Associated Press
Published: 18.01.11, 22:04
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1. Uh Oh....Americans must be Anti-Semites!
Raed ,   Palestine   (01.18.11)
2. Yet another accomplishment, but you haven't seen it all
Nour ,   Palestine   (01.18.11)
Now watch the UK and/or Germany recognize Palestine with its capital in the "Eastern" (old) sector of Jerusalem. Sarah, Ben Jabo, Ghostx, Zionist Forever, where are you now to comment and downplay this as "irrelevant"? Haven't you all realized that it is in fact you who has become a gang of irrelevants, along with big fat (and broke) America? Did you seriously think that 80 years of our struggle would not bear fruit? We will stop at nothing before we are totally free, and lead dignified lives just like any other people, ON OUR LAND. Oh, and we don't mind the hard work and waiting. Remember, we have a long breath.
3. Palestinians raise flag at Washington office
split ,   US   (01.18.11)
On January 18. 2011 ,...
4. A very sad day
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (01.18.11)
This is a very sad day for morality, and for the peace loving people left in the world.
5. "palestinians" already have an independent state
Aharon   (01.18.11)
it's called Jordan. Their flag is essentially the same except it has a star, and who doesn't like stars? It's quite clear that the arabs don't want peace, but land, land, land. And the world thinks Israel's greedy, ha.
6. Raed & Nour
JUDAH THE LION   (01.18.11)
Told you before,ISRAEL will not care if the whole world will recognize you.Christians Countries knows very well the land ofm Israel is JEWISH LAND,but unfortunately,they are appeasing you for their own interest. At the end of the day,you will get NOTHING & NOTHING. In the HALEL it is written than we JEWS should not trust in HUMAN. IN G D WE TRUST AND NO ONE CAN DEFEAT THE ALMIGHTY. ISRAEL WILL ALWAYS REMAIN JEWISH WITH or WITHOUT WORLD APPROVAL.END OF STORY
7. no 1
TALK Talk Talk. You will get ZIPO LAND
8. # 2 What actually means.
Jules   (01.18.11)
I am baffled to see the current US Administration openly declaring a war against America's only staunch, devoted and reliable ally in the ME. Maybe that's exactly because, as Nour (#2) said, "America became big, fat and broke" ? Israel, obviously, is the next superior world power in making, because she has everything: loyal people, brains, experience and devotion. G-d bless Israel.
9. In the land of 'make believe'.
DR ,   Wales, UK   (01.18.11)
Self delusion in the Arab and Islamic world is renown amongst the hyperbole and propaganda. Recognising a state that doesn't exist, within borders that are not, in a land that others have a claim to, is both hyperbole, propaganda and self delusion. The 'Palestinian' flag has been carried by those hostile to Israel for years. Many nations appeased Arafat in 1988 when he declared a 'state of Palestine' and pandered favour by 'recognition'. It was a delusion then to which the reality is still sought even now. When the Arab world was offered a state of 'Palestine' in 1948 it refused, flouted UN resolutions and sought the genocide of the Jews instead. When the Arab world occupied the territories allegedly sought by the Palestinians to create a state, none was created. Instead the PLO was created during the same period to 'liberate' territory occupied by the Jews - the real state of Israel - which the Arab and Islamic world largely refuse to recognise. The above is echoed in the PLO plan of phases - check it out. It's also mirrored in the comments of PLO Supreme Council leader Zuheir Mohsein = "There are no differences between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. We are all part of one nation. It is only for political reasons that we carefully underline our Palestinian identity, because it is in the interest of the Arabs to encourage a separate Palestinian identity in contrast to Zionism. Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity is there only for tactical reasons. The establishment of a Palestinian state is a new expedient to continue the fight against Zionism and for Arab unity ." Now there's the reality for you.
10. #2 Nour. No accomplishment and no state.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.18.11)
#2 Nour. You must be very easily impressed if raising a flag counts as an "accomplishment". Any kid can do it. So go ahead and declare "Palestine" statehood, as in 1988. The result was nil than and it will be nil again. You can't wish a fake state into existence. You may as well try to wish Oz, Atlantis or Neverland into existence. Judea and Samaria are ours forever. Incidentally, the "Palestine" flag in Washington won't outlast Obama. There is no way Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee will tolerate it.
11. Soon the Muslim crescent will be flying over the white house
TheUglyTruth ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.18.11)
and only then will the US and its European allies realize that it's too late. "Oops! Looks like Israel was right, after all!"
12. Palestinia terror statehood bad for a free world
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-italy   (01.18.11)
13. Nour #2
Rachel ,   US   (01.18.11)
Only the US counts!!!
14. Enjoy it while it lasts
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.18.11)
It won't last long. But you can fly your flag wherever you'd like; please take note of the fact that you don't have a country over which to fly it! And when the resolution gets vetoed and you all have to go home with your tails neatly tucked between your legs, what are you going to do then?
15.  most East Jerusalem Palestinians want Israeli citizenship
Jonny ,   South Africa   (01.18.11)
Strange, most East Jerusalem Palestinians want Israeli citizenship.Will not be long before Hamas and Fath are slaughtering each other. Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan are prime examples.
16. Politics is Local
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (01.18.11)
The Flag raising is symbolic and actually is in keeping to a path established by George W Bush, The US vote at the UN will probably be a veto or an abstain because those politics are local, too. New York's Senator Gillibrand, like me, wants to see negotiations. We both think that is the way to achieve something permanent. But I'd bet even she wants to see an Israeli government dealing in good faith with the US and with the Palestinians. That crap about Jordan is Palestine won't even sell in New York or Florida. The Palestinians either get Palestinian citizenship where they live or Israeli citizenship where they live. It is time for Israel to choose, one state for all with equal rights, or two. Nobody needs move unless they fear living as a minority.
17. @8 Baffled? Jules
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (01.18.11)
The flags of the USSR has and PRC does fly in DC. The flag of Syria and Iraq currently fly in DC at their diplomatic missions and have for years. The Cuban flag flies in NYC. Recognized governments that have diplomatic missions fly their own flags. Why are you baffled? This is just the culmination of a Bush-initiated process. It is no declaration of war.
18. Big wup!
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.18.11)
Wouldn't be the first time some 3rd world, blood-lusting miscreants managed to open a mission in the USA. Only speaks for how far the USA has fallen. Oh well, I guess the stolen car business will heat up now that there are Palestinians in town. DC police- take notice!
19. to #2
israeli ,   Israel   (01.18.11)
A fact on the ground is that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the Jewish state. about this article of the palestinian flag and your comment, well... is irrelevant.
20. #14 Sarah the big B - I love your BS
21. We will continue to build, while you wave your dumb flags
Nanoboy ,   Nanoworld   (01.19.11)
22. # 2..On the money!
Edithann ,   USA   (01.19.11)
And Jerusalem will be the capital of Palestine's just a matter of time as you say... And no, it's not irrelevant #'s all relevant and masterfully done... hahaha.. Without the USA, Israel is nothing as it's always been...Israels 15 minutes or shall we say, Israel's 60+ years of empire, blatant cruelty and outrageous land theft is finally coming to an end... TATA
23. I'll only start to get excited when I see..
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.19.11)
the flag flying over the old city walls of Jerusalem : (
24. Palestine's Flag will fly all over Palestine
Palestinian   (01.19.11)
25. Let these frustrated souls enjoy thier flag.
Tejas ,   India   (01.19.11)
26. 16 - Mark of Lewiston
Bruriah Sarah   (01.19.11)
First of all, there was never an arab country called Palestine. The name comes from the ancient Romans who sought to erase the Jewish presence in Israel. Secondly, since the PA nor Hamas will recognize Israel's sovereignty and want Israel destroyed, Land for peace does not work. 80% of the British Mandate was given to Jordan. Let the Gazans et al move there. Israel is a tiny country and cannot be divided up.
27. US Embassy
dan ,   bat yam israel   (01.19.11)
When will the United States move its embassy from Tel-Aviv to the Israeli capital city of Jerusalem?????
28. Terrorists worldwide can thank our muslum president.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.19.11)
29. Pal's will never have a state because they dont want peace
Alexander ,   NJ USA/Israel   (01.19.11)
It's pretty obvious by the posts of the Palestinians on here that they are not interested in peace and co-existence with Israel. They are interested in having their demands forced upon Israel which is nothing short of destroying the Jewish state. God will never allow this to happen and so the Palestinians are fighting a losing battle. What Palestinians don't seem to understand or realize is that even the states that support them including the SA states that have recognized them still believe that they need to negotiate boarders with Israel which is what the Palestinians have failed to do and as time goes on they will have less and less to negotiate for, so keep dodging the peace bullet my Palestinian neighbors your only delaying your own state-hood not ours...
30. To Mark # 16
Rachel ,   US   (01.19.11)
Jordan is Palestine. The population of Jordan is 75% Palestinian. Why do you think King Abdullah has been whining more than usual lately? He knows his reign is shaky at best.
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