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Tens of thousands pray for Pollard's release
Published: 20.01.11, 14:04
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1. We should let him go..
Jim ,   USA   (01.20.11)
Enough is Enough!
2. Tens of thousands pray for Pollard's
seadog1946 ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (01.20.11)
continued incarceration.
3. Pollard should be released, and accepted quietly.
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (01.20.11)
Pollard's story is that of a tragic hero, who did what he did purely for his love of Israel, and paid dearly for this. Clearly, he has paid much more than his due debt to society by now, much more so than any other spy who committed similar offenses, and clearly, it is high time to release him. However, we must remember that he is still a convicted criminal (with Israel being the accomplice to his crime). If and when he is released (and soon, I hope) and Israel gives him a hero's welcome, this might have a detrimental effect on our relationship with the US. If Obama would be generous enough to give us this great gesture, the minimum we could do in return is not to gloat over it and flash it in America's face by extolling Pollard as some sort of a martyrized national hero. He is not. We should accept him here quietly.
4. Prayers NEVER helped
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.20.11)
5. No amount of support will free Pollard.
David Turner ,   Richmond, USA   (01.20.11)
I'm sure Pollard is encouraged to finally be receiving support by our people, as well as members of the administration that jailed him, past CIA director James Woolsey, Denis DeConcini, head of the Senate intelligence committee during the Pollard Affair. Will this support finally achieve his release, I suspect not. The entire fabrication was an act of political theatre. From the incongruity of a publicly-proclaiming Zionist being hired by Naval Intelligence, arguably the least friendly military service towards Jews and Israel at that time, and this following his turn-down by the CIA; his promotions over the warnings of co-workers and even an admiral who found him “unreliable,” promotions that eventually sat him across from Israeli intelligence during information exchanges, allowing Pollard to see what was being illegally withheld; that for nearly two years Pollard, called by all on the US side “amateur” was able to smuggle briefcases filled with documents which SecDef Weinberger described as filling a space six cubic feet out on Fridays, in on Mondays, from one of the most secure facilities in D.C., for nearly two years and without detection? Anybody else smell rotten fish? And then, of course, the comic theatre of our SecDef, Weinberger, well-known for his antisemitic humor, a defense against his name and appearance bespeaking his Jewish heritage, racing from his offices to the courtroom of Judge Robinson one minute before sentencing to deliver that mysterious and still undisclosed Secret Memorandum which provided Robinson, another know antisemite, the “cover” to ignore the Justice Department’s supposed plea agreement…. No, the Pollard Affair was never about espionage. If it were Pollard would long since have made aliya.
6. Dishonest Statements
Greg ,   USA   (01.20.11)
Robinson did not "ignore" the plea deal. Answer a simple question, did Pollard give interviews to Wolf Blitzer and 60 Minutes in direct contradiction to the plea agreement? Speaking to the press repeatedly is grounds to vacate the plea deal, with or without Weinberger's memo. I understand the desire to free Pollard. But using dishonesty, claims of anti-semitism, and demonizing the US Justice system (imperfect as any system is) is only going to harden our resolve to keep someone American's view as a traitor in jail. And the Israeli hero routine is hard to stomach as well. Answer another question, did Pollard also steal secret documents to benefit his wife's business? Did he also approach Australian, South African, and Pakistani sources with stolen materials. Until Pollard's supporters are honest about his crimes, there will never be true grounds to discuss a release. Let's see if this get's published. All of my previous comments have been censored by this news source
7. What about Gilad Shalit?
Dina ,   Canada   (01.20.11)
Why is B'nai Akiva NOT mobilizing its worldwide network in the struggle to free Gilad Shalit?
8. pray for Pollard? being secondary citizen isn't being Jewish
observer   (01.20.11)
what about praying for other Jewish Spies: Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, Mordechai Venunu, Harry Gold, Morton Sobell, Ehud Yatom, Klaus Fuchs, William Perl, Elizabeth Terrill Bentley, Aleksander Fetlisov, David Greenglass, Ruth Greenglass, Max Elitcher, Theodore Hall, Robert Oppenheimer.
9. Prayer
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (01.20.11)
Berel is looking for a parking.After turning around more than an hour,he talks to himself: If praying , doesn t help,it doesn t harm.He asks G-D to help him find a parking ,and at that moment ,just in front of him,he sees a car freeing a parking. Berel, relieved says happily to G-D: My G-D, i just found a parking,you don t need to bother anymore.
10. I forgive your ignorance of the facts, #6
David Turner ,   Richmond, USA   (01.20.11)
And while the reasons Robinson gave for setting aside (“ignore”) the plea agreement was in fact the Weinberger memorandum. But I’m glad you reminded me of the Blitzer interview (Pollard never appeared on 60 Minutes) how, do you suggest, that Pollard could have permitted Wolf to enter the prison with, according to a surprised Blitzer, camera and tape recorder (both restricted items) without the approval of the warden; and would the warden, in such a high profile case, have even considered approval without authorization from above, and above, etc.? Just another of those bizarre twists to this comedic Reagan Administration extravaganza. As regards Pollard approaching, “Australian, South African, and Pakistani sources with stolen materials,” I believe those were discredited already as misinformation. And in any case were not part of the Government’s charge. Mr. Pollard was charged and convicted of a single count of passing information to a friendly country. Period. And by that standard would, in a court dedicated to upholding the principle of law and justice, in accordance with every such conviction of the past, would have seen the prisoner released at the latest, twenty-two years ago.
11. Every minute is torture!
Jack ,   Jerusalem   (01.21.11)
Every minute that Jonathan is still behind bars is complete torture for him and the Jewish people. America is being cruel leaving justice only for the books. Pollard should be let free NOW!
12. No need to forgive, I'm correct
Greg ,   USA   (01.21.11)
As regards Pollard approaching, “Australian, South African, and Pakistani sources with stolen materials,” I believe those were discredited already as misinformation. You believe incorrectly: "During the course of the Pollard trial, Australian authorities reported the disclosure of classified American documents by Pollard to one of their own agents, a Royal Australian Naval officer who had been engaged in a personnel-exchange liaison program between the U.S. and Australian Navies." But you are right, it was Pollard's wife who gave the 60 Minutes interview, also in violation of the plea agreement. And you never answered about Pollard stealing information to benefit his wife's business. "Pollard also stole classified documents related to the People's Republic of China on behalf of his wife, who used the information to advance her personal business interests and kept them around the house, where they were discovered by investigating authorities when Pollard's espionage activity came to light." What a hero!
13. Pollard admits taking money
David ,   Los Angeles   (01.21.11)
He is a traitor to his country and brings shame on American Jews, as well as Israel.
14. #13 is right on the money
Mea   (01.21.11)
Pollards release will hurt Israel. It will do significant damage to relations. For many reasons directly related to the real and actual facts in the case--which have nothing to do with Esther Pollards ability to retrofit the facts int a manufactured folk hero instead of an unbalanced piece of shit who was selling information to any taker--even Pakistan--Pollard will never be released and he should not be. But besides this, Obama isn't stupid enough to bring on what this release will do to his re-election plans. I am no Obama fan, but I know enough about Pollard's case to understand that there are many people who will use the REAL facts in this case to slay his candidacy with them. Pollard may be a Jew, but that does not give him a special license to lie, and so to turn him loose on the lecture circuit so that he can trample Israel and US relations? Not gonna happen. Netanyahu had no issues sending the request because he knew it would go right into the circular file shit can, as it should.
15. #13
ilyse ,   calif/USA   (01.21.11)
Your statement is full of BS. It is ok for the x - governer of calif to reduce a prison sentance of a murderer, because his father is in politic's? governer arnold s. did just that. the kid stab and killed someone and now his sentance was reduce. i am not embrassed by what jonathan pollard it is to bad if you are.
16. As #13 said
Cameron ,   USA   (01.21.11)
TS, #11
17. No need for arrogance, Greg!
David Turner ,   Richmond, USA   (01.21.11)
But I repeat, the only crime Pollard was charged with was passing classified information to an ally. No mention of any of those countries you refer to. Not to say you are wrong, only that government prosecutors chose not to raise the issue if, indeed, you are correct. Although I suspect your interest does not lie in guilt or innocence, justice or injustice; only whether or not you can pin a label on someone who, for private reason, you care not whether justice does apply. BTW, why hide your full name?
18. Pollard
juan solan ,   san diego   (01.21.11)
Everybody must know the because of him, dozens if not hundreds of US citizens were caught or killed by the Russians all over the world.
19. never in america
sam ,   b'klyn n.y.   (01.21.11)
25 years is enough. as an american it doesn't feel right. even though the judge didn't accept the plea bargain he should have left open some possibility for the defendent to defend himself, (as in order to make a plea bargain he gave up that right). usually when a judge doesn't accept a plea bargain, he simply gives a harder punishment than was agreed to. but the idea that in america a judge will send a person to prison without a real trial and than throw away the key, so that no one has really heard his side of the story. one would expect this type of story to happen in another country never in america.
20. Impossible under Leftism
Brod ,   USA   (01.21.11)
So long as the Leftists and AntiSemites are in charge, the mission would be an impossibility. They would have to wait till Palin beomes President. She will tell the AntiSemites who are blocking the move to go to Hell. Strong leadership is needed to go against the tide of the dark forces. Only a strong leader like Palin can do it.
21. Arrogance?
Greg ,   USA   (01.21.11)
I don't believe I was being arrogant in the least, at least i wasn't intending to be. I simply hate traitors, I have no mercy or concern for them at all. You are correct in stating that Pollard was only convicted of a single charge. However, he was sentenced to life in prison. However, when considering parole or clemency, all mitigating and aggravating circumstances can be considered. I think the aggravating circumstances surrounding Pollard's crimes are strong enough to let his sentence be fully executed. I don't disclose my full name because it has no bearing on the conversation and I don't trust random people on the internet.
22. #15
Greg ,   USA   (01.21.11)
First off, what exactly do the actions of a California Governor have on the Pollard case? None. Second, you are certainly free to not be embarrassed by Pollard's actions. Just as we are free to lobby that his sentence be fully carried out and he remains in jail until death.
23. Perhaps, Greg, you are privy to levels of information above
David Turner ,   Richmond, USA   (01.22.11)
me, which would account for your certainty regarding what you understand as the facts surrounding the events of the case. I agree that I have not yet seen the infamous "Weinberger Memorandum." Nor, for that matter, have lawyers for Pollard whose security clearance should provide them access. Your certainty, Greg, is what I refer to as "arrogance." Most of the damage attributed to Mr. Pollard by the government and press and led to the passion surrounding his sentence and continuing incarceration more easily fits administration incompetence in detecting and ending the careers of spies for the Soviet Union, Aldrich Ames and the Walker family. And these, for the most part constitute what you refer to as "aggravating circumstances." As a matter of fact in recent months several ranking Reagan Administration personnel are now agreeing that the Pollard Affair was over-hyped at the time. And even a somewhat contrite Casper Weinberger, suggesting as much, came out for parole before his passing. Add to the list past CIA director Wollsey, past head of the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time of the Affair DeConcini and you have a pretty knowledgeable and politically powerful group of insiders saying the case was overblown, and its time to let Pollard go.
24. Palin
Marilyn ,   USA   (01.22.11)
To me, Palin is kind of scary. She just isn't that knowledgeable in the realm of international politics, yet she says that she would not be afraid to use the power that she would have. I can see her saying something like this-After years of frustration we've blown up Sorth Korea. Oops wrong country. My bad.
25. Prayer
Marilyn ,   USA   (01.22.11)
With Pollard, it's like people are praying for someone that we don't have. We don't have this noble person that you are looking for. All we have is someone who talks a lot and who's perhaps not all that honest, etc. He's also high maintenance. Anyways, who is going to support this man and his family should he decide to move to Israel? It's one of those things that need to get figured out ahead of time.
26. Marilyn #24
Brod ,   USA   (01.22.11)
You have been imbibing the anti-Palin cesspool of vitriol that the Leftist outlets-CNN and MSNBC have been spewing. Obviously, you don't know Palin. Have you read her books? She has outstanding track record as an Executive in government work rising to become Governor of Alaska-America's largest state and the richest state (in oil resources) in the Union for more than 20 years. By contrast Obama has only 4 years of government work experience as a Senator before becoming President. Palin has been a Keynote Speaker of a prestigious Asia-Pacific Economic Conference in Hong Kong. She has traveled to give support to American forces in Iraq and Germany. And she will be traveling to America's key allies this year. She led the Tea Party Movement to help the Republican dethrone the Leftists and capture the House of Representatives (Congress) and some Governorship seats in the November 2010 Election. She is a powerful Conservative leader whose vision of restoring America's greatness, that has been eroded by the Obama administration, resonates with all patriotic Americans.
27. Hahaha
Greg ,   usa   (01.22.11)
Folks, I wouldn't pin my hopes on the right in the US as Brod's unhinged rant suggests.First off, Palin is a quitter and her cause is herself and no one, brod doesn't mention that more americans dislike palin than like her. Second, if the right thinks of pollard at all, it's that he should have been strung up or shot, not jailed. Pollard has a far friendlier audience on the left than on the right.
28. Let the traitor rot in jail for life
Joseph Blough ,   USA   (01.23.11)
Pollard betrayed his country and his selfish criminal actions cost innocent lives leaving blood on his hands. Never should he walk free.
29. Pollard wasn't pardoned by your big buddy Bush the 2nd...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (01.23.11)
Surely that should tell you something? If you insist of having him here, keep him away from secrets. If he betrayed the USA for $$$, what makes you think he won't do the same to Israel. It's like when one marries their partner in an extramarital affair -- the odds are good that there will be cheating again!
30. Joseph #28
Brod ,   USA   (01.23.11)
Pollard is not a traitor. He was a good American who helped America's friend and ally. AntiSemites like you hate people like Pollard so your comment is irrelevant.
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