Poker with Ahmadinejad
Orly Azoulay
Published: 20.01.11, 13:55
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1. orly
alexi   (01.20.11)
are we to believe that iran nuclear bomb efforts have ended? Orly says that 1/5 of its capacity is wiped out so that its quest is over.He is stupid. Is he another livni who says rockets from gaza-who said it? Iran has not been stopped, just slowed. Orly says that obama can now demand of israel and plo to make peace since he has solved dealt with iran problem and if peace occurs then iran won't feel the need to continue. Is orly stupid or what? And israelis calll themselves chosen- nn their own miinds. Orly joins livni( i can make peace with queria), halutz(we won on points), ramon(we have to withdraw from east jerusalem because of tractor terror), peretz(who surveys the battle scene with his binoculars capped),olmert(something in the manner or disposition was not correct in reference to idf lack of performance in lebanon war, as olmert ran from every confrontation and was paralysed by fear) in a long list of idiots. No, even if god came down and blessed all israelis, the jews were not chosen except by themselves. How else would you explain this collection of idiots and you can add haber to the list.
2. To Obama's Credit?
Moshe ,   Rehovot, Israel   (01.20.11)
To give Obama credit for a covert action that was planned and begun during the Bush administration's final year is simply a fig leaf for his failure to achieve very little else vis-a-vis Iran. What else could he do - put a stop to the plan? That would have signaled Israel that it was indeed on it own, with the obvious consequences.
3. Congratulations Orly& Obama: you have just saved the World!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.20.11)
Are you for real Orly? How am I supposed to ingest it: use spoon, use fork, maybe chopstiks..?
4. Think Like A Winning Poker Player !
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.20.11)
mmmm, Humility plays a large part in becoming a better poker player, no wonder, Obama is a man of humility . Orly , don't worry "Israel" will find maybe create a new enemy in order to evade the obligations of peace.
5. Risky poker & wrong political link
Joe ,   Canada   (01.20.11)
Even if the computer bug works as good as speculated in delaying the Iranian nuclear program internally it does not prevent a desperate & fanatic regime like the regime of the ayatollahs to secretely negociate the acquisition of high grade uranium (or even nuclear weapons) from rogue sources such as North Korea, Pakistan, the former USSR. And if the author of the article is right in assuming that for the USA there is a kind of immediate obligation for Israel to reach peace with the Palestinians as return for the US accomplishment in Iran, then a serious political mistake is at work. A peace would not deter Iran from its irrational ambitions. It would only give the US foreign policy standing in Arab countries a temporary boost at the government levels but not influence the popular masses who are deeply opposed to the right to exist of Israel. The priority is not only to quickly remove without a doubt the nuclear threat but to either strictly isolate Iran or more importantly to get a regime change so that the Iranian petrodollars & propaganda stop being incitements to Arabs, giving them hope & means to try "wiping Israel off the map". Reaching peace between Israel & the Palestinians is a most difficult objective under "normal" conditions. It is an impossible objective as long as powerful opponents to any peace are internally & externally in the driving seat on the Palestinian side.
6. slowed down and stopped NOT THE SAME!!!
ben yaacov ,   herzliya il   (01.20.11)
7. 2 years from now the "Bronze Bozo" will be history...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.20.11)
and a Tea Party President is bound to be a little more favorable for the "peace process".
8. I like the picture of Obama praying to his father Satan.
Joe F.   (01.20.11)
9. Nuts
homer jones ,   nyc usa   (01.20.11)
Obama didn't do anything. This is a very inaccurate story.
10. Play UNO
AP13 ,   Dallas Texas   (01.20.11)
Israel is like the US's drunken friend. We are tired of Israel provoking and we have to clean up the mess. Alligator mouth with hummingbird rear end. As for Iran it would do you best to just shut your mouths. Leave the US out when making your idle threats. We should get out of the middle of this and deal with our own problems and leave the east to their own ways. If the US would just step out the countries in question would show their true colors.
11. Husein Obummer
Wise Saba ,   Eretz Yisrael   (01.20.11)
Obummer didn't stop Iran or do anything else, he is a complete failure. He lost control of the Congress now & will loose it all in 2012. He is naive & clueless when it comes to the Middle East.
12. Orly Azoulay is a RADICAL ATHEIST LEFTIST like obama hussein
Jason   (01.20.11)
13. Exaggeration Iran is not stopped
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.20.11)
Iran has been delayed. It also has enough material already for at least one nuclear weapon. So do not celebrate prematurely. Obama has so far unduly pressured Israel. The Palestinian Arabs are fakes in regard to Peace. They do not want real peace with Israel. Obama should try to change the Palestinian Arabs attitude. I wish him good luck.
14. @2 MAN-UP!
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (01.20.11)
Why don't you lobby the Israeli gov to fuel up there planes and go to war with Iran. Why don't you Israeli's take your short hands and put them in your deep pockets and go fight. All you people do is blame America for this or that. Why don't you just MAN-UP and get the job done. Iran is no major threat to us (US). You claim you have the worlds most sophisticated and highly trained military. You Israeli's are the best in the world. MAN-UP wink wink!
15. Orly still believing in the Black Messiah? Get off the pot!
Santa   (01.20.11)
16. #4
dani   (01.20.11)
you know, you say "israel" in quotes, and do not accept its existence, but then insist it will 'evade the obligations of peace'. why should a country be obligated to make peace with people who do not accept its existence. this is nonsense. its clear that the goal of 'peace' is to try to win a war that would create an independent palestinian state, through 'peace', and then continue the war...
17. Iran is the head of the octopus
BH ,   Iowa   (01.20.11)
Hezbullah, Hamas, Syria, PA, Turkey, and the rest are mere tenticles. Chop one off and three more grow in its place. Nothing gets resolved until Iran is neutralized. This is America's fight. Iran's newest tenticles extend into Venezuela and Mexico. Iran will shortly pose a direct threat to the US if not stopped. Be careful what you wish for, A-Jad.
18. Iran or no Iran, end the occupation already!
Yitzhak ,   Hannaton, Israel   (01.20.11)
There is not, nor should be, any linkage between the Iranian situation and our occupation of the West Bank. All that matters is the occupation is wrong, it is corrupting our society and politics, and its time we end the occupation and focus on our desperate needs here in Israel proper. Zero out the funding for the settlements and redirect it towards our terribly underfunded schools.
19. You are NOT ORLY!!
Israeli 2   (01.20.11)
You are OR to Obama! What is your LOVE obsession with this anti-semite? Leftists love leftists? Your article is FULL of dreams and wishful thinking like your friend Haber.
20. Azoulay assumes facts not in evidence
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.20.11)
A New York Times article based on unnamed sources is evidence of nothing. Yet Azoulay rushes to give Obama credit when both the "accomplishment" and his level of involvement remain open to question. Obama has delivered nothing except somewhat stronger sanctions, but much of the credit for *that* goes to the Congress which forced his hand on the issue, and a few good folks in the Treasury Department (Jews among them) who have worked the financing angle. As to the virus, it's not even clear who was behind it, or how much it has accomplished. Meanwhile, Iran's nuclear project has not been abandoned or derailed, centrifuges are spinning, her agents continue importing sanctioned equipment, and cooperation with North Korea continues apace. But that doesn't stop Azoulay who has an obvious agenda - pressuring Israel to follow Obama's lead.
21. "O" to keep pressing Israel, meddling w/Syria
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (01.20.11)
Barack Hussein Obama will not give up until he achieves his goal: being "The One" to create a Palestinian state, to divide Jerusalem, and to hand the Golan to Syria - all which will destroy Israel. Obama will go all out in 2012 to achieve his goal - because after re-election, he will have nothing to lose. Obama, son of an African Muslim marxist and disciple of black liberationist/anti-semitic Jeremiah Wright (for 20 years), wants to go down in history as hero of the Islamist-Marxist alliance.
22. Stuxnet was GREAT til u found Obama was behind it LOL
Ben ,   USA   (01.20.11)
Sarah B has already assured us repeatedly that Stuxnet has paralysed Iran. And Iran was Obama's biggest problem when entering office. Any fool can tell that the Americans were behind Stuxnet--- I mean duh...the Israelis were calling for airstrikes but America was strangely uninterested even in the Bush years. Therefore if Sarah B is right about Stuxnet , Obama has dealt with the biggest problem facing America without firing a shot. LOL...LOL...LOL.. oh dear oh dear, how this must pain the Ynutters
23. Orly's new movie script. Total rubbish, total fiction.
Bernie ,   Erehwon, USA   (01.20.11)
24. Another bad joke from Azoulay, who specializes in them.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.20.11)
So Obama donned his Superman unform and singlehandedly paralyzed Iran's nuclear bomb program... If you believe that, surely the Brooklyn Bridge still looks like a very good deal. Obama hasn't delivered on anything. Moreover, even if he had a role in stuxnet, there is nothing to justify Israel ceding even one inch of our tiny Homeland. Stopping Iran from building nuclear bombs is not simply an Israeli imperative. It is a global imperative. Another bad joke from Azoulay, who specializes in them.
25. #18. Save the far left preaching. Nobody is listening.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.20.11)
#18 Yitzhak, Israel "occupies" Judea and Samaria in the same sense that America "occupies" the State of California. Israel "occupies" our own land. However, unlike California, Judea and Samaria have rightfully belonged to us for more than 3,500 years. Save the ludicrous far left preaching. Practically nobody is listening anymore.
26. Salma - 4
Israel will never have to create an enemy or excuse to evade peace. The "palestinians" do it for them all the time.
27. Obama stopped Iran? Is Ynet going to get an editor?
Leah ,   Rehovot   (01.20.11)
How can they let their columnists publish stuff like this? When I saw the byline, I thought this piece was satire... I'm still not entirely sure that it isn't.
28. He treats China like royalty
David ,   New England   (01.21.11)
Obama treats China like royalty, the communist country that occupies the country of Tibet and complains when Israel builds apartments, as he is visiting a country that has commited genocide.
29. I am the one who stopped Iran
Dima ,   New York, USA   (01.21.11)
Orly, you neglected to mention that it was me who stopped Iran because I supported the effort to attack Iran which led Obama to take the threat seriously. It was very very very hard for Obama to keep a straight face knowing the covert activity going on. But he would not have done it without my support of the issue. Thank you for your support of my efforts.
30. No #27: From Orly pieces like these are
Israeli 2   (01.21.11)
deadly serious.
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