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Macy Gray: Boycotters are just assholes
Noa Rubinstein
Published: 21.01.11, 00:37
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1. Ok Macy
Paul ,   Adelaide,Australia   (01.21.11)
I have smashed my record collection. You are the asshole.
2. You know what I really think here? this was a publicity stun
To get more tickets sold or some other thing...this is bullshit pure and simple.
3. Haha!!! I like her already!
Etoile ,   Montreal, CAN   (01.21.11)
I never heard of her music before, but I am definately going to look for it and take a listen. Kudos for her!
4. Awesome Woman
Max ,   Washington DC   (01.21.11)
I just became a fan of Marcy Gray as she speaks her mind against the AH Boycotters!
Brant ,   Hilton Head USA   (01.21.11)
Not only are they the nethercheeks apertures she called them, they are just plain idiots if they seriously believe that Israel is either apartheid or Nazi. It's easy to sling cheap invective. Not so easy to look a little harder and see all the Arab responsibility for there still being no Palestinan State.
6. Lova ya Macey
Mikey ,   SomeWhere OverHere   (01.21.11)
I feel bad about all those illegal downloads and I'm going to the iTunes store to buy all your stuff now!
7. They certainly are... just assholes
Alexander ,   NJ USA/Israel   (01.21.11)
8. Fourth visit to Israel and she has to ask others ?
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (01.21.11)
What is it about the first three times that she could not understand ? Israel is a democratic and wonderful country, andd a beautiful people .............. ecxept if you happen to ne a Nazi, Islamic terrorist, Hamas, Hizbo, etc.
9. Ineloquent depiction. Nevertheless it smells of accuracy!
Robert Blum ,   New York USA   (01.21.11)
Leftists want to destroy Israel! send those myopic, sick minded trouble-making scum where they want to reside...Gaza!
10. and then
5 people in the concert, and she no come no more.
11. Go Girl
Matt ,   UK   (01.21.11)
Even a drug pusher will find a justification for their work. Consenting adults and all that... You gotta make a livin girl !
12. You wanna be blessed ? Then bless Israel !
Ben Zion   (01.21.11)
''He who curses Israel will be cursed. But he who blesses Israel will be blessed!'' These are the words of the one and only God. The choice is up tp to every individual! We have to base our positions on facts - not lies ! E.g. we could not say '' but Goebbels told me to hate the jews!'' Our conscience forces us to be based on facts ! The fact about Israel and its neighbours is that her neighbours refuse to coexist - worse, they never gave up their goal to wipe out Israel !
13. Good for You
Harry ,   Toronto   (01.21.11)
Good for you Macy Gray. Hitler will be turning over in his grave when he hears you singing. Him and all the other anti-semites. God Bless You.
Frederic   (01.21.11)
THANKS TO THEM: Johnny Lydon (exSex Pistols) Ozzy Osbourne (ex Black Sabbath) Mettalica Scorpions Korn The Fall The Editors LCD Soundsystem The Drums
15. @Paul of Adelaide
Mish ,   Perth, Australia   (01.21.11)
hahaha - you're cutting off your nose to spite yer face, mate!
16. 1. Paul, wrong matey!
Fred Nerks   (01.21.11)
You are the asshole! And btw, Macy has no 'records' that are 'smashable'. Maybe CDs or MP3s. Are you tripping diggah?
17. K'schoice and Peter Murphy were here to perform great gigs
18. Who wants to see her anyway
Israeli ,   Israel   (01.21.11)
19. Atleast she is coming here again, not
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.21.11)
like that overrated pinhead streisand. We need perfomers like Macy visiting and as friends, not kishka "jews" like streisand.
20. A new fan in South Africa
Anon ,   Johanneburg   (01.21.11)
come sing in SA! i am glad you were able to see over all the blind hate against Israel on Facebook. enjoy Israel!
D ,   Botswana   (01.21.11)
22. 1-hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23. I have no idea who is Macy Gray, but I like her!
Joav ,   Germany   (01.21.11)
24. No 1 Paul
Madeleine ,   Israel   (01.21.11)
Been to Israel, have you? Seen everything first-hand? Been the victim of terrorist attacks? No? I thought not. Read the many reports that never make the international media - which is not interested inportraying Israel in a favourable light - showing cooperation between Israelis and Palis on a non-political level - hi-tech, football? Meanwhile, if smashing your record collection makes the likes of you feel better, then by all means, do so.
25. Happy that she is comming
donna ,   Israel   (01.21.11)
I am happy that she is comming to Israel but who realy needs it. This is just another over priced concert.
26. Play the gig, Miss Gray
Cameron ,   USA   (01.21.11)
You've been there 3 prior times, so follow through on the agreement to do a show.
27. #18 Everybody wants to see her! Except for impostors like u!
28. #2 You know what? It worked! Just bought three tickets!
...and here is my one-finger-salute to you and all the racist boycotters of Israel!
29. Go Go Macy! Show the finger to those hateful gangs!
30. Muslims hunted us into slavery! Now it's our time
Blacks for Israel   (01.21.11)
to say "no" to Islam, its followers and its supporters! Go sista! Do the gig! Support Israel!
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