Potential Lebanon kingmaker supports Hezbollah
Associated Press
Published: 21.01.11, 17:49
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1. Walid Schmalit
Sam ,   nanuet New York   (01.21.11)
Poor Walid looks worn out and tired and does not want to be assassinated like Hariri. the Druze always take the stronger side to survive.
2. Well ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.21.11)
Jumblatt's history is one of backing the wrong player. What's one more time?
3. Obviously Jumblatt does not want same fate as Rafik Harriri
Cynic ,   USA   (01.21.11)
4. Now the chamelion Hez is resistance against Harriri?
Cynic ,   USA   (01.21.11)
First Hez was resistance against Israel in southern Lebanon; then resistance because of Shebaa Farms; now they are resistance against the Lebanese people.
5. junblatt
ISmael Shafer   (01.21.11)
He finaly came to his senses and now does what is good for his people and his country. I wisch we would start doing what is good for Israel, becaus we are on the road that leads to a dead end and we are nearly there. We have to face the reality and see that we lost the game that we plaid although we constantly changes the rules to our favour. We lost the media game, we lost the political game, we lost the diplomatic game and we will loose the militairy game all be it with manny casualties on both sides.
6. Half of the ministers represent terrorists. Lebanon was the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.21.11)
"garden of the middle-East" until the muslums decided they wanted to run out the Christians. Once again the "religion of peace" is nothing more than a camp of terrorists who kill the leader of the country and refuse to face justice when caught.
7. This big blow for israel and the USA
tea man ,   marjayoun   (01.21.11)
They invest so much in this man now he trun on them lebanon is bound to form a war government just like Bibi has 100 day war is on the horizon this time lebanon will win it with a Bang
8. Jumblat may think he saved Druze from Hizbollah persecution
Joe ,   Canada   (01.21.11)
By allying with Hezbollah he may think that Druze who live in Hezbollah controlled areas of Lebanon are safe from retribution he foresees coming for other ethnic or religious groups especially in the case of a partition of the country. But Hezbollah has no long term future even if it gets temporarily the upper hand in a civil war. The inevitable demise of Hizbollah mentors in Iran is going to be the end of Hezbollah as well. So Druze may face discremination if & when Lebanon recovers its independance for having sold their country to Hezbollah & Iran (if not Syria).
9. Jumblatt in this photo, doesn't look very happy..
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (01.21.11)
..In fact, we haven't seen any happy pictures of him of late. Surely he's not at one with this sad decision. It's either that or he's OD'd on the brownies.
10. new war is coming
turkman ,   istanbul   (01.21.11)
Who will start the war for lebnon its win win situation they have been ready for war even if the american brought the aircraft carrier the lebanese could sink it and turn to a fish house thanks to the chinese new missiles that will turn big ships into a fish house
11. Delusional islamonazi #7
X'   (01.21.11)
Your pschopathic delusions are taking the better of you. The coming war will last only a matter of hours because Israel will use only a small percent of its nuclear arsenal and you and the rest of the terrorist criminals along with Lebanon will be flat, black, lifeless and glowing in the dark for the next 10,000 years.
12. It's sad to see what islam does to a country
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (01.21.11)
13. #7 tea man
GOOD ,   USA/Israel   (01.21.11)
What do you put in your tea that makes you delusional, man? Israel does not need 100 days of war to wipe your butts with your faces. This time there are no leftists in the Israeli government - this time it will be swift and painful to Hezbollah if they dare attacking Israel.
14. good bye lebanon
izzie irgun ,   usa   (01.21.11)
You would think Jumblatt had a brain but clearly he has lost his way. At one time he was pro democracy but has now sold out the dark side. His support for a Hezbollah lead governmet just moves lebanon one step closer to war. Anyone who doubts that an Islamist governent won't end up in a confrontation with israel is delusional However, this time Israel is run by a hard core right winger who would love to nail nasrallah ... my bet is that when when the first rocket gets fired, lebanon will be bombed back intot the stone age ... and we will see if the syrians or hamas jump in with all their big talk ... my bet is that it isn't worth doodly squat
15. This Spineless, Jelly Fish
Brazen   (01.21.11)
blows with the wind and Like Sarah B's said this guy Always picks the LOSER's ? Some leader.
16. Only for health reasons
Alan ,   SA   (01.21.11)
17. Helooks like he needs a Happy Meal
18. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.21.11)
Sweetheart, no one invested anything in that fraud. That said -- do you REALLY think that Lebanon's firecracker "Bang" can beat Israel's nuclear bang? Think again, idiot. And then think one more time after that. Hint: it won't be 100 days. More like 100 seconds. Trust me. BANG!
19. I love you Sarah B... Keep up the good work!!!
wiliiam ,   Gotham City, Lebanon   (01.21.11)
20. Look at Walid Jumblatt, his eyes.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (01.21.11)
I think he has been smoking to much hashish. You have to wonder what he is being offered? It simply makes no sense. Unless he's being intimidated in some way. I said before people get the government they deserve, apparently they want a religious tyrant, so be it.
21. #7; tea man, you mean like last time
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (01.21.11)
Final stats: Israel lost about 130 dead vs Lebanon 1436, over a 10 to 1 ratio in Israel's favor. Property Damage: Israel $12 million vs Lebanon $1.2 Billion; again a 10 to 1 ratio in Israel's favor. Assessment of the Merkava Tank: CASE CLOSED Israel only used 20% of its army in that war. Stop drinking the kool-aid. The next war which hopefully won't happen will end Lebanon in 3 days, according to American military analysis.
22. Bend with the wind
Green Baron ,   Bethesda, MD USA   (01.21.11)
Walid Jumblatt strikes me as the consummate opportunist (as often were his ancestors, the Midianites in ancient times). He seems to be the personification of an old and generally cowardly proverb, "The measure of one's success depends on the degree of won'e ability to bend WITH the wind. WITH the wind, Signore, NOT against!"
23. A cowardly fool!
Eshkol Hakofer   (01.22.11)
just to think that his father too was murdered by syrian agents. is he being 'pragmatic'? was he promised a reward by syria?
24. death blow to US allies in Lebanon
shadi- Gaza ,   gaza strip   (01.22.11)
Now the opposition outnumber the US-backed al-mustaqbal(future) party in lebanon and will form the next gov't.. now Hezbollah can confidently ask for the special tribunal for Lebanon be cancelled
DENNIS ,   CHICAGO, USA   (01.22.11)
26. Sarah, I agree with you on most
Barney ,   USA   (01.22.11)
everything, however, I don't think Israel would or will need to resort to nuclear weapons. Superior conventional arms and military will shut down lebanon in short order should the unfortunate occasion arise. This is why Israel is the only country in the ME that should have a nuclear arsenal.
27. Hizbollah will now try to get S-400 system before acting
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (01.22.11)
Hizbollah knows that without a good air defense system, its back to stone age. Israel will likely have to force Hizbollah to action soon, before they can get an air defense system.
28. One thing that is clear: Israeli Druze Loyal 2 Israel
May G-d Protect & Keep Israeli Druze Safe along with the rest of Israel!
29. #10 turkman
rivka ,   los angeles   (01.22.11)
turkey is the pimp in the brothels of all violence and genocide, for decades. erdogan has 5 swiss bank accounts from all the bribes he takes from his masters in teheran, damascus and riyadh - be careful what you wish for - the Kurds can change his ambitions very quickly and you will taste the violence you are so eager to negotiate for others.
30. #18
rivka ,   los angeles   (01.22.11)
Israel has only one enemy in Lebanon. The coward Nasrallah, who runs to damascus like a coward when syria and iran's errand boys, hizbollah use women and children to hide behind, when Israel strikes. Israel has never been an enemy of Lebanon's Christians, Maronites or Sunnis - they have always been enemies of Lebanon's tormentors - hate mongering iranian and syrian slaves, hizbollah and hamas, who live only for violence and destruction. Israel would like nothing better than to get rid of those cockroaches - and give Lebanon back to the Lebanese.
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