Blair: West must prepare to confront Iran with force
Published: 22.01.11, 11:04
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1. Why the hawkish position?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (01.22.11)
He's right, of course, but his position is more about being in the pay of certain Arab interests than real conviction. It's a real long list of Western politicians who are in the pay of various Arab states.
2. Iran is an octopus that causes instability
Mikey   (01.22.11)
With its tentacles it supports terrorism and is an immediate threat to the entire Middle East. Hopefully, the good people of Iran will rid of this murderous and malignant regime because they deserve better.
3. West must prepare to confront Iran with force
split ,   US   (01.22.11)
So, put the uniform on , take a few neo-con-artists , few likudnics , Bibi and Libe with you and take care of the business,...
4. What a Sloth Remark ?
Orao. ,   Srbia.   (01.22.11)
Blair: West must prepare to confront Iran with force Comment - Prepere ? Sure thing - Iran has Prepered itsef to this Confrontation for more than 5 years now !. Further - "We have to get our head out of the sand. They disagree fundamentally with our way of life and will carry on unless met with determination and, if necessary, force." Comment - IF - ? Said the Awakening Idiot - IF- !. And as the Usefull Idiots they have behaved as, all this time Iran has Prepered itself for this Confrontation by Force, and because of that, some of the Usefull Idiots will say, -It Will Be To Costly - better to drop the matter- !. Surely it will be Costly - Because of the Ruling Useful Idiots Idleness - Ruled by Selfdeception-!. God bevere. Orao.Srbia.
5. Isn't this the same guy who supported the myth about
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (01.22.11)
Iraq's wmd program?? I wonder who's going to take him serious this time.
6. I am more than sure he didn't mean it, c'm on
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.22.11)
nex the chap shall be saying, that there's no Peace Process due to Arabs & their life-philosophy (or rather: death-philosophy). We can't have that, for Allah's sake. You just cannot destroy30 years of selfdeception in one day....?
7. A Churchillian attitude
Sagi   (01.22.11)
to Iran is what is required. They must be confronted head on with an ultimatum. Disband your nuclear program, live your life the way you want to but leave others alone. The ultimatum must be backed up by a show of force in which all Western freedom loving countries participate and if not met the force should be mobilised and not withdrawn until total capitulation is acheived. There is no other way.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (01.22.11)
His G-d is money..
9. Our way!
Munro ,   Scotland   (01.22.11)
Yes Blair attacking Iran would help Britain and America get out of the financial mess they are in....Did the bankers who give you your huge salary tell you to say this? I seem to recall the fact that Saddam Hussain also did not cooperate with the UN and threatened to sell its oil in Euro's and that would have sunk the dollar!
10. Oh get lost you war criminal
Nour ,   One State   (01.22.11)
You should be behind bars, not warmongering in your capacity as "peace envoy" !
11. #1, that is 100% correct.
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.22.11)
Blair and many western politicians are, "in the pay of various western states". Also as I have been saying for the longest time, but has finally come to light in maistream Israeli media and politics, is the fact that many Israeli NGO's, parties and politicians are in the pay of western politicians who are in the pay of Arab countries. Barak, Perez, Livni, so on and so on. Meretz being the worst. The ones paying not long ago traded Labor for Kadima. Funny to watch, back stabbing, traitor sellouts, being back stabbed, and sold out. Most of Likud too, no mistake at all. Likud is the new Kadima, and Kadima is the new Labor. The right needs to unite, every party right of Likud need to unite for the next election, than the b.s. will come to a halt(hopefully).
12. Not even Churchillian speeches?
josef   (01.22.11)
Empty talk as usual. The Brits, the French, the rest of the EU; they all have their heads in the sands, very deep. Their wretched policies, constant postures of apologies. and an Obama in the white house, created this unbearable and dangerous situation. Even a blind can 'see' and 'smell' Iran's impact and influence evertvhere AND GROWING. Blair's 2011 speeches are a far cry from chamberlain's empty ones in the 30's. Meanwhile ominous clouds are gathering and, at some point will release their loads. " Apaisement " is Europe's " cris de guerre ". Germany is overrun, France dito, the Brits are lost and Obama is smilling.
13. Chop off the head of the snake with extreme prejudice!!
RONNIE ,   ISRAEL   (01.22.11)
Disagree mate. Tony Blair has always had an amazing outlook on world affairs which has made him into a statesman rather than just another politician. I really wish more people would listen to this guy !!
15. Tony Blair
ronnie ,   Israel   (01.22.11)
Tony Blair always talked about regime change in Iraq and that is what people tend to forget. It was never about hidden weopons of mass destruction. This is what the press wanted us to believe. Just listen to any interviwes the guy gave after the war.
16. so what
ronnie ,   israel   (01.22.11)
who does not love money. At least Blair has brains !
17. Tony Blair and his eloquent speech
Personally I've always loved the way Tony can express an idea in its most fundamental form. We must listen to these thoughts, I've always danced around the idea of war with Iran. But Tony Blair states clearly the truth of our world situation, and it is a basic. To quote Tony Blair: 1st and foremost "
18. Tony Blair and eloquent speech Part 2
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (01.22.11)
The last post was sent early by mistake before I finished. To quote Tony: 1st and foremost "I say this to you with all of the passion I possibly can -- at some point the West has to get out of what I think is a wretched policy or posture of apology for believing that we are causing what the Iranians are doing," This is the most important well stated mistake the West and the Main Stream Media make all the time. That somehow we (the West) are the cause of Islamic radicalism. That only if we understood them, all will be peachy keen. WRONG. This is why: again to quote Tony: "We have to get our head out of the sand. They disagree fundamentally with our way of life" Let me say this again "THEY DISAGREE FUNDAMENTALLY WITH OUR WAY OF LIFE" That is what people refuse to accept or fail to understand. It will never stop because as far as the Muslim is concerned the Islamic radical does NOT care if this war...and it is a war...takes 1 year, 100 years or 1000 years. They are in this game to win, the sooner you understand and accept that the better chance we have of surviving. So when it comes to Iran, this is our test of resolve, will we measure up? We have the strength, but do we have the will to use it? Our innate goodness, our love of life, our respect for freedom are all considered weaknesses by our enemies. Because "they disagree fundamentally with our way of life". They want to destroy us, that is their goal, it really is that basic and simple.
19. Blair & the fundamental objection to negotiate with Iran
Joe ,   Canada   (01.22.11)
Tony Blair points out why it is pointless & very dangerous to believe that negociation with an irrational dictatorship regime like that of Iran can result in any kind of settlement of differencies. There is no example that a dictatorship will abide for very long to any agreement that leaves even the appearance of weakness that compromises entail. Democracies can tolerate such outcomes but not extremist regimes whose survival is based on the fear they can instill in their own people. The Iran case is even more frightening than North Korea whose leaders are only interested in the hold on the country & perpetuation of their own personal privileges. For Iran the leaders' ambitions are not limited to within the country borders. They want to resurrect & impose the way of life of the califate to everyone on earth.
20. Blair
tom dee ,   savannah ga USA   (01.22.11)
It is very good that the british are having hearings on Blair and the lies that got so many killed in Iraq. Lets hope they can stop the insanity of another war of choice for the war mongers. Give peace a chance and put people blair in jail.
21. for once Blair is correct
Galut ,   selah   (01.22.11)
22. # 10 Nour
tulag ,   hales   (01.22.11)
you should speak so loud -as you support the continuious rain of qassams and mortors down on inocent israeli civilians-then blame the israelis when they respond
23. So why did you import millions of these people into the UK
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (01.22.11)
OUR country?! No doubt he got piles of cash for it. The Tony Blairs of this world are a big part of the problem.
24. now he is not PM he can speak his mind
zionist forever   (01.22.11)
If he was he wouldn't make this statement because his speeches would be scripted by Obama. Everybody knows military action is the only solution but nobody has the heart to do anything about it. The EU is made up mostly of liberal anti war politicians. To begin with Obama's position was the one adopted by Bush was we want a diplomatic solution but all options are on the table. In 2010 Robert Gates even formerly announced the option of military action was officially off the table. Come on Tony your starting to talk like an intelligent individual what are you going to do about it other than make news headlines.
25. "Get Lost War Criminal"
Chris Jones ,   USA   (01.23.11)
Right on, spot on, dead on. How disheartening to see ANYBODY still foolish enough to fall for the war pimping of Blair and other western neocons.
26. Terry #1 is correct!
Israeli 2   (01.23.11)
His interest is in appeasing the Arabs so as to concentrate their foccus on the Palestinian issue again. They cannot do this at present because the Iranian threat is more menacing. The Arabs are now with Israel trying to destroy Iran. Palestine = back burner
27. Iran
Dave ,   Steinbach,Canada   (01.23.11)
Where is the proof that Iran is working on producing NW??? Will you be on the front lines if war breaks out or will you watch other peoples kids get killed!!!!
28. Ark Royal For Sale
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (01.23.11)
The Ark Royal is for sale. A Taiwanese businessman is bidding $7+ Billion. Maybe Israel can out-bid him. Only half a million troops are necessary to invade and search out all the nuke sites in Iran. It is doubtful that Pakistan or India will participate though, being down-winders. And the US is tied up. But heh, Congress is for sale. Maybe you can buy some and get the US to re-institute a draft. In five years after than, the US would have the troops, and maybe you could have bought a Presidency, too. The current Congress and President are not inclined to add a third war on right now. We haven't found a way to pay for the ones we currently have.
29. Bla, Blah, Blair
zorro ,   NY   (01.23.11)
Too late now, yellow already baked
30. When I read all these posts,
old mavis   (01.23.11)
I am so glad I have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin.
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