Settlers arrested in attempt to enter Joseph's Tomb
Yair Altman
Published: 23.01.11, 08:31
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1. Real Dumb Kids.
Ali ,   Washington, DC   (01.23.11)
2. The big question
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (01.23.11)
The big question is if we Jews have the right to pray in one of our most sacred places. The answer should be simple, as long as arabs want their rights to pray at the Holy Temple and other places to be respected they should respect our right to do the same thing, to pray. Why is our government so shay to go to the UN and complain about lack of religious liberties? Why don't we do what's just? Are we afraid of being proud Jews? I don't promote violence, I just demand equal rights for Jews and arabs!
3. strange article
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.23.11)
The article misses some important facts. A central part of the agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is that Jews be allowed to pray at Joseph's tomb. Why did both the IDF and the Arab army arrest the peaceful children, and not the racist rioters who tried to murder them just because they are Jews? Also, why does the article say that the children entered the "heart of the city"? Joseph's tomb is at the outskirts of Shchem so there is no need to enter Shchem itself.
4. selfish teenagers endanger IDF lives
Avi ,   Israel   (01.23.11)
how selfish of these so called religious teenagers, they not only put their own lives at risk but also of the IDF security forces. A few months behind bars should teach them a lesson. All for a bit of idol worship on a saturday night.
5. The left has its anarchists, we have these morons
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (01.23.11)
I say stick both sides on a slow boat to antarctica...just like the anarchists are not building a better Israel, neither are these losers. Yes, there is the issue of Palestinians destroying Jewish religious and historic sights - that's a known fact. But bypassing the army and trying to create incidents shows that these kids are uneducated morons who couldn't build a country if our lives depended on it. And they do. Charge them. Lock 'em up. Try them. And if convicted they'll pay the price. We need smart people working for our national cause and thank G-d we have many. These jerks are not among them.
6. Mr ali.@1,all faiths have the right to pray in their respect
Trumpeldor   (01.23.11)
in their respective places Imagine the opposite with the fakestinians denied access to el aksa ....
7. #2 When america gives fighter jets to the
Ken ,   Burma   (01.23.11)
Palestinians then we can talk about equal rights,
8. to #4 you mean palis might hurt IDF soldiers
ghostq   (01.23.11)
cause 2 teens went to danger zone, wow we finally got some progress here Avi you admit palis make terror actions against IDF on regular basis.
9. Its a shame they have to ask permisson to visit a Jewish gra
JOSEPH with ARABS? ,   Il   (01.23.11)
after all work to bring his bones to the Land of Israel- Shame
10. Ricardo- do you know for whom the UN work?
some History needed ,   Il   (01.23.11)
11. what's right for the goose, is right for......
tiki ,   belgium   (01.23.11)
Why is it when Pali's come into Israel to work or go to the beach (brought there by Isr. woman), NOBODY bothers them, shouts at them, throw stones at them? When a few Jewish youngsters want to pray at their holy sites, they get stoned.
12. They always arrest the girls.....mmmm
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.23.11)
13. #7 Ken - Palestinian's will get Jets
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.23.11)
just as soon as they give equal rights to their women, which will be never in your lifetime or that of your great grandchildren
14. The heart of Israel, in the Spirit of David Hamelech
Observer ,   Global Village   (01.23.11)
God bless these kids.
15. Ynet: Adopting the language of your enemies weakens you and
Interested ,   Israel   (01.23.11)
them. case in point, describing the Jews trying to visit their patriarch Joseph's burial site, "infiltration attempts may lead to casualties". Infiltration? Casualties? Are Jews in their homeland of near 4000 years infiltrating? Are Jews vsiting the site of Joseph son of Israel...infiltrating? "Casualties". You mean by drinking too much chocolate milk? by tripping over a stone? Casualties like forgetting to look both ways when crossing? Or perhaps the better word would be racist and nationalistic murder of Jews, because they are Jews? Its murder when arabs murfder Jews for being Jewish and vsiting the Jewish patriarch Joseph. These are not understandable deaths. They are murder. You should call it such. Or will you be fired for not being Politically CoreLeft?
16. #7 tell them to go ask their muslim brothers
rachel ,   usa   (01.23.11)
You only want the technology from the west !!!! go invent your own ..... with your lack of education ,media brainwashing that jews are evil and the treatment of women I won't hold my breath....
17. -Zaphnathpaaneah-
Galut ,   selah   (01.23.11)
Joseph was once a prisoner in egypt it took a world disaster to reunite him with his brothers - it appears it will take another disaster to allow him to be reunited with his true brothers and sisters.... how long will it take for the modern brothers of Zaphnathpaaneah to recognize him as the brother they sold to the Ishmeelites (palistinians)... playing to palistinian and world politics will not solve the problem.
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