US diplomat: No aid if Hezbollah heads government
Roee Nahmias
Published: 23.01.11, 09:57
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1. Meaningless, empty words.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (01.23.11)
In other words, if some puppet figure heads up the regime but Hezbollah calls all the shots, then aid would continue? With responses such as this, is it any wonder that the West is beating a retreat on every front? If I was an Islamist, I would be laughing at the feckless wimps that predominate in Western politics. Lebanon is lost, abandoned by it's allies, thrown to the wolves by spineless double-talking cowards. Israelis should take to heart the sad lessons of this Lebanon fiasco. And that lesson is that we are on our own, we cannot count on our supposed ''friends'' & that includes the US. They will throw us to the wolves as well, without a thought. At best, some creep politician or bureaucrat moron might make an empty speech.
2.  No aid if Hezbollah heads government
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (01.23.11)
I don't see what all the fuss is about, the people of the lebanon supports nasrallah and hezbollah, they also support hamas and gaza's new found independence from the Democratic Law Abiding Jewish State of Israel
3. ha ha haaaaa !
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.23.11)
Hamas remains steadfast in the face of the siege and FYI, Hezbollah is much stronger than Hamas.......So baby, don't worry , Hezbollah & Lebanon will survive without aid from you : )
4. Lebanon taking its last Dive
Moragh   (01.23.11)
With murdering Hezbollah and Mickey the Mole heading the new Lebanese Government the poor Lebanese public will be walking on thin Ice at gunpoint by the Hezbie thugs. If and when that happens the Western world can kiss beautiful Lebanon goodbye! and PM Hariri can forget about revenge on his Father's killers. Whilst there's still a bit of time, I hope the Lebanese with the help of their friends will stand tall against the terrorist gang thinking they can walk in without a fight.
5. Is the slumbering Giant finally waking up ?
josef   (01.23.11)
Now, this is a earth shattering statement ( probably made by one of the Janitors at the "Maison Blanche" ). No money, no guns to killers? I am impressed ! How about a follow-up with hamas, fatah and other arab states. This stunning about-face will save americans, israelis and, for good mesure a few christian lives as well. It must have been a wrentching decision made by the State Dept. Should Israel rejoice? well, we shall see.
6. @3 That's all they'll do......"survive". Like your Pals.
7. Where's Palestine?
J. D. ,   Santa Barbara, USA   (01.23.11)
Survive just like Iraq and Afghanistan? The mouse that roared.
8. Salma why u live in Canada? Come 2 Palestine where it's good
Jibril ,   Gaza   (01.23.11)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.23.11)
In the Middle East.By denying aid to Lebanon even before any political change has become clearer,USA is jumping the guns and will further isolate itself.Come on Lebanon, show them that you could not be bothered about their aid!!
10. Jumblatt was blackmailed
R ,   Israel   (01.23.11)
Jumblatt did not agree to join Hizbullah government. Radio said that Jumblatt only agreed to make that statement of "support" because Hizbullah threatened to take over his territory. Hizbullah and their mafia tactics.
11. As a rule, the high ranking US diplomat
dave   (01.23.11)
needs to clear with the Chineses if he allowed to grant any aid or not.
12. @ 1 Terry from Eilat
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (01.23.11)
You had the opportunity in 2006 to deal with Hezbollah and you failed. You could of slaughtered them but you where afraid to get your hands dirty. Also you forgot who gave you diplomatic cover and who kept your military resupplied during your fiasco of 2006. ( USA) your only true friend. Also the US military was stunned how Hezbollah man-handled the IDF when you did decide to man-up and go toe to toe. The moral of the story is you can't send 18yr old 150 pound conscripts to do a man's job. The next time if you don't have a Genghis Khan mentality don't go to war with Hezbollah.
13. Hizbollah will not give a shit-End.
Orao. ,   Srbia.   (01.23.11)
14. So what?
marcel laurent ,   montreal, Canada   (01.23.11)
U.S. gives Lebanese army a $50M a year, and on conditions such as not to fire at Israeli soldiers, and most of these aids are on cars, light weapons and training courses and so on. The rest of their aid goes to their allies in the government who is gonna disappear for good in the coming few days. How U.S. of the other countries are hurting lebanon this way? they are hurting their friends only, and if Iran will open their Arsenal doors to lebanon you will never believe what kind of weapons lebanese army will get, and their strength will be 50 times better, same as they armed Hizbollah, so is that a bad news for lebanese or hizbllah in any way? it's a bad news to pro-america and Israelis.
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