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Commandoes: Armed mob lynched us
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 23.01.11, 22:28
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1. Barbarians
JJ ,   SA   (01.23.11)
INhuman actions of the creators aboard. The Israeli soldiers are one of the most moral soldiers in the whole world.
2. Two simple questions
Marcella   (01.23.11)
1) Israeli intelligence is regarded as the best in the world. Are we to believe that they were unaware of who had organized, financed and crewed the Marmara? 2) Why did Israel release the Marmara terrorists without charging them with attempted murder and torture?
4. If they come for Israel, nuke them!
5. what should have been asked
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.23.11)
This testimony is shocking. If US Marines had been attacked like this, the incident would have been over with many terrorists dead within minutes. What should have been asked is why the IDF failed to kill more terrorists.
6. crying commando
selim ,   istanbul   (01.24.11)
ordinary turkish is able to beat israeli commando until they cry. Technology sometimes is not enough to make people brave.
7. patently absurd
Jeff, Ex-Marine ,   San Diego, US   (01.24.11)
This is a rather desperate attempt to demonize the 600 men, women and children onboard. What did the soldiers expect? Their reputation precedes them.
8. selim ,istanbul #6
john   (01.24.11)
Israeli commandos were attacked by a pack of cowards hauling turkish dogs,and the end results 9 of these animals were sent to meet their virgins in hell.
9. To: #8
Bigizz ,   USA   (01.24.11)
I must say very well said. The Turks are Shumcks..They have changed thier ways to show the Islamic World they Shmucks also...They are trying to show they are bigger and better Shmucks then they are. However, the Turks have a small memory. They forgot how important it is not to piss off the Israelies.. Its funny how all of Turkies enemies have become Israel's friend since this Turkish Flotilla. Israel has been friends with the Turks for a long time they know all the weaknesses to thier country.. It would be a classic move to see Turkey get screwed by another country. Dont foget Turkey Shmucks & Islamic Shmucks. Israel is smart, wise, calculated, & deadly. Think what you are doing? A good plan now, may be a devistating decision later. The Bigizz USA.
10. #2, the answer is simple
Israel didn't expect that Turkey, an ex-good friend, will stab her in the back and turn towards radical Islam.
11. #6, yeah they just need to outnumber him 60 to 1
Danny   (01.24.11)
12. question to Jeff, the ex-Marine
Alex ,   Baltimore   (01.24.11)
Jeff, would you agree that a boarding party, consisting of US Marines would have behaved in exactly the same way, had they been attacked in the same manner upon their boarding ? I bet that the number of killed on the ship would have been greater.
13. #6 Turkey out of Kurdistan / Cyprus
Sami ,   New York, USA   (01.24.11)
#6 Turkey out of Kurdistan / Cyprus
14. to turkey selim-the reason for this is
Barney ,   USA   (01.24.11)
the moral IDF was practicing restraint and this was supposed to be a "humanitarian" mission although the whole world knows this does not exist in the islamic world. If the IDF had acted properly they would have opened fire at the first sign of violence. all around the world radical islamic violence. everyone is sick to death of hearing about it and everyone including muslims being blown up everyday by other muslims are sick of it as well.
15. the fish stinks from the head. While the main drive
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (01.24.11)
of Soldier Number One is to prove to Anti Semitic world that IDF is the most moral army, these humiliating pictures are the natural outcome. Good this time our soldies were not seriously injured. What about next time?
16. to #6 yeah but mobes r brainless, the fact that
ghostq   (01.24.11)
they took camera and documented their own violence is enough evidence to convience internation jury that they r criminals with malice intentions.
17. I could not read the whole article.
noa ,   israel   (01.24.11)
It reduced me to tears. We have an indifferent P.R. If we had been on the offensive, strong and indignant right away, we wouldn't be on the defensive now about something so horrible. Erdogen probably will never read this, because not only has he already decided, but he may even be complicit in the Flotilla's happenings.
18. This is all thanks to a dimwit DM who send these
Al   (01.24.11)
brave soldiers of Israel onto the ship with paintball guns. MR. Netanyahu...if you want to be remembered for anything, get rid of Barak and take over the Ministry of Defence. This dimwit will end up pulling you down.
19. Soldiers' actions were justified.
Dave ,   Melbourne, Australia   (01.24.11)
I'm not a supporter of Israel but if I was attacked like those soldiers were, I would not hesitate for a second to kill anyone trying to attack me. I think the blame lies with the leadership for sending the soldiers onto that ship in the first place.
20. #6 Crying is humane behaviour, lynching is not.
Anon ,   Istanbul, Turkiye   (01.24.11)
#6, you should be ashamed of your thoughts and your comment. 1-Those so-called humanitarian activists were lynching the soldiers. It is absolutely humanly behaviour to cry if you are being lynched and if you are about to die. Do you find it funny? Do you think that those lynchers are strong heroes? 2-Stop calling those IHH warmongers as "ordinary Turks" because they are not. IHH is formed by mostly Kurds and Kavkaz originated Islamists. And they are certainly not ordinary, most had militant training, and one of them actively participated in hi-jacking a Russian ship in the 1990s as part of Chechen campaign. He served jail sentence in Turkiye for that terrorist action. Also, IHH has connections with Kurdish Hizballah and Kurdish Al-Ansar Islam which are both terrorist organizations. Are you calling them 'ordinary'? 3-Stop calling IHH's Islamist Kurds as Turks. This is an insult to Turks. Most Turks, including some religious Turks, are aware that IHH was not after taking aid to Palestinians. IHH was seeking a Jihadist adventure, and bothced IDF operation gave the IHH&Erdogan the excuse they were looking for.
21. #3 About Kurds and Cyprus
Anon ,   Istanbul, Turkiye   (01.24.11)
Most Turks want to separate from Kurds as Turks are fed up with Kurdish Islamism, Kurdish mafia and terrorism, Kurdish wild and primitive traditions such as honour killings. But Kurds won't leave Turkiye. Most Kurds live in big Turkish cities, suck the Turkish state's social welfare system, earn millions through Kurdish mafia's human and drug smuggling. So Unfortunately, Kurds would never leave Turkiye even if Turkiye gives land to Kurds. Do Arab Israelis leave Israel? No. It's similar to Kurds. As for Cyprus, learn about ENOSIS, Akritas Plan, Greek military coup to unite with Cyrus and exterminate Turkish Cypriots. Read and watch Greek Cypriot Antonis Angastiniotis's documentary and book "Voice of Blood" and "Other Side of the Coin-Barbarism against Turkish Cypriot". There was an ethnic cleansing against Turks in Cyprus and Turkish military had to intervene to stop that massacre. It was a legal operation as Turkiye was one of the guaranteer states along with Britain. Are you annoyed by that? I thought Jews would be against ethnic cleansing and mass massacres?
22. To Jeff the ex-marine
Free Gilad Shalit ,   Israel   (01.26.11)
These Israeli Commandos were only issued with paint-ball rifles. Their personal hand-guns were for use in an emergency, but they certainly did not expect to use them. The other 6 ships were taken control of without incident. No doubt the brave Marines would have gone in with machine-guns blazing. That is the major difference. A high-ranking officer stated that the Commandos' restraint and professionalism were excellent. Lacking these, far more people would have been killed. Had the Marines been involved, I'm sure at least a 100 would have died. p.s. I would LOVE to know the exact number of civilian casualites in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Free Gilad Shalit ,   Israel   (01.26.11)
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