Iran: 64 people executed in 24 days
Dudi Cohen
Published: 24.01.11, 11:43
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1. 64 people executed in 24 days
JUDAH THE LION   (01.24.11)
What International law? Iranian does not know what is the meaning of LAW. It does not exist in Iran.
2. World opinion,we want to hear you...
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (01.24.11)
loud and clear.
3. If a country has oil,it can execute as many as it likes
Alan ,   SA   (01.24.11)
4. This is Islam
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (01.24.11)
Islam is a religion that embraces, endorses and promulgates murder, violence and hatred. Historically, just look at the history; from the Roman empire, to present time. Sure, moderates exist, but Islam is marked by its' cruel methods of control and conquer. All religions seem to suffer similar history's, but Islam certainly defines the epitome of cruelty and hatred in the 21st century.
5. Yakov #3
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (01.24.11)
I'm against capital punishment. Everywhere. But I don't understand your point. Capital punishment is used for example in US and China. What's the role of islam there?
6.  Do you hear the UN screaming or
moi ,   ici   (01.24.11)
Amnesty international? Where are these voices???? Shame on you UN & Amnesty International....
7. What Barbarians.
JJ ,   SA   (01.24.11)
The poor Iranian people!
8. #5 Brilliant analysis.
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (01.24.11)
9. Take a Good Look at the New Palestine
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (01.24.11)
It will be no different when a country is formed for the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza. That's why I called it a oxymoron when the French Minister recently called for the forming of a "Democratic Palestine" as soon as possible. What a silly paradox. It revealed how little she knows of the world, you would have thought the attack on her in Gaza would have woke her up. Apparently, it just intimidated her.
10. Executions in Iran
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.24.11)
The wrong people were executed.
11. Er .. whats the population there?
64 in 24 ,   World   (01.24.11)
12. #5 Jarda
You won't be put on deathrow in the US for being a homosexual, or for cheating on your I need to continue...those Arab countries are NOT a Democracy, they have their own Sharia law....
13. I remember
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.24.11)
I remember what Iran was like under the Shah and the world condemned the killings that happened during his rule. Today the thugocracy in Iran is about 100 times worse and the world is silent. Interesting to note the difference
14. #12
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (01.24.11)
If we want to discuss about any religion, we have to decide what is the base of religion. Probably it's not the best place on those pages but I'll try to simply explain what I mean. Is any religion product of (any) god or is it a product of human beings? If we choose the first answer, there's not any space for discussion. But if we consider that it's a product of human beings, we have to consider origin of the beggining, all the historical development, historical experiences of followers etc. Isn't it strange that the worst crimes of the previous century were commited by "humanistic" Christians?
15. #5
let me explain it to you, you moron. capital punishment is done in the usa in case of horendous murders comitted by the criminals on death row such as rape/murder, execution of innocents, murder of innocents and things like that. those that are sitting on death row in the usa or any other place that is democratic comitted heinous crimes against innocents. do you understand that or do they not teach logic in the czech republic? these two recent executions/hanging in iran were of two ACTIVISTS THAT TOOK PART IN THE 2009 DEMONSTRATIONS AGAINST AHMADIN EJAD, FILMED THOSE DEMONSTRATIONS AND PUT THE FILMS ON THE INTERNET FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE THE VIOLENCE THAT THE MULLOCRACY DONE ON THE INNOCENT CITIZENS OF IRAN THAT REQUESTED CHANGE. THE IRANIAN GOVERNMENT JUST RELEASED A PRESS RELEASE ON PARS NEWS THAT THOSE ACTIVISTS WERE ACCUSED OF SUBORDINATION AND WERE ACCUSED OF BEING AGAINST THE MULLAH REGIME IN IRAN AND THEREFORE ARE A DANGER TO THE ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAN. they were not murderers. they were not slaughterers. they were innocent civilians that opposed the dictatorial regime in their country which is making the population suffer tremendously economically, politically and financially. they were ACTIVISTS IN OPPOSITION TO AHMADIN EJAD. any country that slaughters, hangs, tortures and executes activists that want a better life style is a murderous country and its regime a totalitarian despotic barbarian regime against human freedom, international law, civil discourse and freedom in general. we do not see israel, america or europe hanging people in public squares because they disagree with their governments. we do not see democracies hanging people and executing them without trial and due process. we do not see the democratic governments of israel and the usa hanging people for being gay, filming demonstrations and putting these movies on the internet. a despotic regime that is so afraid of another's opinion, of being found out, of trying to hide the crimes committed by them on their own people should not rule over any person. activism is not criminalism. only a desotic barbaric islamic country that is paranoid to be found out committs these executions against its people that try to strive for a better rule and a better way of life. now, go back to school and educate yourself. your question in your post is not only the dumbest thing i have read, but totally moronic. hameed aboughaze, iranian
16. The Religion of Peace, Ha!
Micah ,   St. Petersburg Fl   (01.24.11)
If an Israeli soldier slaps a Palestinian its all over the world news and the UN is blathering "Punish Israel!" Iran kills its own people, and its 'business as usual for the left wing media. Hypocrites!
17. Where are the so called human rights org.?
rachel ,   usa   (01.24.11)
18. where are all the riots and rallies in Europe?
rachel ,   usa   (01.24.11)
19. The serial killer is ahmadinejad
rachel ,   usa   (01.24.11)
20. #8
it takes an idiotic moron to agree with another idiotic moron. case in point. these IRANIAN ACTIVISTS WERE ACCUSED OF (ACCORDING TO PARS NEWS AGENCY AND THE MULLOCRACY) FILMING THE DEMONSTRATIONS THAT TOOK PART AGAINST AHMADIN EJAD AND PUTTING THESE FILMS ON THE INTERNET, THERBY EXPOSING THE BARBARITY AND CRUELTY OF THE IRANIAN MULLOCRACY AGAINST THEIR PEOPLE, SOMETHING IRAN WANTED TO HIDE AT ALL COSTS. THESE WERE ACTIVISTS, NOT CRIMINALS BY ANY DEFINITION OF THE WORD. THEY HAVE KILLED NO ONE AND VIOLATED NO ONE'S FREEDOM OR BODY OR SAFETY OR LIFE. brilliant analysis, you say? what are you, an idiot? have you no logic? well, it takes one idiot to agree with another, doesn't it? people on death row in the usa are there because they committed MURDER. THEY KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE AND DESERVE TO DIE FOR THEIR CRIMES AS DID THEIR INNOCENT VICTIMS. the two people that the ayattolas hanged in the public square were innocent activists wanting to show the world the brutality of the iranian regime. that is all. they killed no one. the regime doesn't stop at that either. they hang homosexuals as well. did you know that???? are homosexuals hanged anywhere around the civilized world that is democratic? moron! hameed aboughaze, iranian
21. Executions
Zev Taff ,   Kfar Vradim, Israel   (01.24.11)
Why hasn't President Obama condemned these executions? In addition, I am still trying to figure out why the Obama administration remained silent in the light of the fixed results of the last presidential elections in Iran.
22. ...but left wing protestors demonstrate in front Israel's...
Ariel   (01.24.11)
embasies and do not protest huge human rights infringments by the fascists governents of Hamas, Hiszbollah, Syria, or Iran. This emphazises their antisemitic roots and their lack of interest for truth, human rights, or justice
23. Silence from Amnesty Intl and Human Rights Watch, they are
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.24.11)
too busy pondering how to blame Israel for not giving imprisoned arab terrorists enough champagne.
24. number 15-you make very
Barney ,   USA   (01.24.11)
intelligent posts. I hope one day the iranians will enjoy freedom. What this cruel regime doesn't realize is that THEY are the REASON so many young people resort to drugs. No freedom, poverty, no opportunity, and the financing of poppy growth and heroin by radical islam. Every country has a problem with this but very few swing from the gallows
25. Now tell us
IRAN#1   (01.24.11)
How many people have been "executed" by NATO drone attacks in Afghanistan & Pakistan in the same 24 days. Thanks!
26. Dear #15
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (01.24.11)
In my country, we don't call "moron" those who we don't agree. But it's question of culture. I suppose that your censorship won't let the following sentence to be publicized but I can try it. Do you know how many people were killed by IDF the previous years and why?
27. Do not mourn, they were were all singing with joy
daniel   (01.24.11)
After all, they weren't killed by Israel. So...why worry?
28. # 27
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.24.11)
Because they were innocent human beings. Thats why we are disgusted.
29. To: No. 25
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.24.11)
Probably not nearly as many as Kurdish civilians murdered by the Iranian government. Iran conducts public hangings. People are invariably cruelly flogged prior to being executed. They are hanged from jib cranes which raises the condemned into the air, leaving them to slowly strangle to death. It can take as long as twenty minutes to lose consciousness; longer than that to die. Yours is a primitive and barbaric country whose so-called "leadership" takes a great deal of sadistic pleasure in taking what ought to be a humane and solemn moment and turning it into a three-ring circus, where audiences jeer and taunt the condemned, and count along with the lashes administered in the flogging. You are the most backward and disgusting people on the face of the earth.
30. O Iranian Posters-One day all yr Hangmen will B hanged thems
Alan ,   SA   (01.24.11)
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