Israel’s apartheid image
Gadi Taub
Published: 28.01.11, 01:09
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1. Absolutely...
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (01.28.11)
This is something the right in Israel just does not get. The problem is not Breaking the Silence and other human rights groups. The problem is not PR. The problem is that the world is just fed up with Israel building settlements.
2. Gadi: you have won! Truly you are beyond repair, Oy Vey !!!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.28.11)
3. Settlements and other issues.
Jules   (01.28.11)
Gadi Taub seems to forget that in the eyes of the whole Islamic world Tel-Aviv is an illegal settlement too, no different from Ariel or any other beyond the "green line". There are no "green" (or any other) lines on the maps of "Filistin" published by the PA and taught at their schools. The author of the article can be a sincere left-wing believer in a peace with those who deny his basic right: to exist. However, there is no concept of "right-wing Jew" or "left-wing Jew" in the Islamic teachings. The latter are very clear about the treatment ALL Jewish people should be subjected to.
4. As soon as I saw the title...
Lobo ,   USA   (01.28.11)
I wanted to go to sleep. Habibi, take your leftist crap somewhere else. May I suggest Gaza or Ramallah? Israel doesn't need people like you.
5. Gadi, so much hot air just to attack one person and
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (01.28.11)
through him, all the people that live in what YOU, the leftist ilk and the arabist Europeans consider outside the green line? Remember, to them the green line is flexible. The more Israel gives, the more it shrinks the area in which we can live. And you want Lieberman to be quiet about this??? You scare me more then any arab with your desire to whore yourself to them just to make them happy!
6. however
dani   (01.28.11)
the reaction by the arab world and palestinians to the 'shocking revelations' that the 'right of return' is being 'sacrificed' should make one realize that its not about the occupation. its about the existence of israel. the muslim, arab and palestinian view is that israel, "in toto" is illegitimate, for many reasons, and thus israel must be dismantled. yes, there is a viewpoint that views israel's occupation of the west bank as like apartheid, but those who hold that view will not be happy until israel is completely erased. surrendering is not an option.
7. Gadi Taub is also a settler
Besalel ,   Great Neck, NY   (01.28.11)
Enough with these lies, Gadi. In the eyes of the Arab world, Tel Aviv is also Palestinian and there is no difference in their mind between Ariel and Tzur Haddasah. Well, in this Jew's eyes, there is no difference either. Israel has every right to live in every part of the West Bank it wants to live in. Arabs can learn to live like good neighbors in the Jewish state or get the hell out. We are sick of your lies.
8. Get a brain, moran
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.28.11)
Gadi Taub disprove the stereotype that Jews are supposed to be intelligent. Did his brains fall out through the holes in his earlobes?
9. Another Opinion
Were settlements a problem in the years of 48-67? World opinion of us was not better then. We were still pariahs. In Europe we were pariahs. In the Greek empires we were treated like pariahs. All throughout history we have been treated as others and pariahs. This is the path we walk, and although this opinion is nice, it is naive to think the settlements are what makes us pariahs in the eyes of others. We keep kosher, follow different traditions, and while some are obnoxious about it, others not. Still we are viewed as different, and in a secure world this is welcomed, but in the insecure times it is denigrated. Copts, Armenians, Kurds, once thrived and at the end of the day all we have is "Arab ". Please don't preach to us who are "occupiers".Most of the pluralistic middle east has been swallowed by an identity imposed by colonizers, and we in the world eyes are constantly chastised for refusing to give up our identity and homeland to these true colonizers.
10. Mr Taub:
Israeli 2   (01.28.11)
Why are you so obsessed with what others think about you? Why are you so sensitive to those who hates you and Israel? No matter how appeasing you might be, they will still hate you. You must litterally convince them that you hate Israel and denounce Judaism and Torah, then they MIGHT sort of accept you. WHY, Mr. Taub are you sooooooo sensitive about our enemies and not about your only true friends? Those who criticize Israel are not worthed to respond to. Israel is still the best among nations and many Christians and others still respect us and like us. I know, Mr. Taub because I am a Jew with over 40 years of overseas experience throughout the world. Travel with your head high knowing that you are an Israeli! Be proud of it and represent Israel always in good light.
11. Another thing Mr. TAUB
Israeli 2   (01.28.11)
STOP using the word occupation. You might as well give up your Israeli citizenship.
12. Naive wishful thinking
David M.   (01.28.11)
My dear Gadi, You need to read history and not mindlessly repeat the leftist cliches. It's not even about the remnant of Israel. Without the so called occupied territories the rest of the country will disappear soon after. The libel against Jews will persist as long as a single Jew is left alive wherever in the world. Only the reasons for hate Jews change from generation to generation. Nothing else. Grow up already
13. You can't change stupid...
Alexander ,   NJ USA/Israel   (01.28.11)
Israel is not an apartheid state and will never be one. The real problem is Jews inability to stand up for what is rightfully their own land. This is the land of our forefathers the land that our nation was built on and thrived in for thousands of years. Why should we give what is rightfully ours to Arabs who already have over 90% of the middle east to call home. The problem is not what stupid people believe in, the problem is that Jews are beginning to believe it too...
14. A fool, a pen, & stupid = Bad cocktail
Phil ,   Flushing,USA   (01.28.11)
Stop judging Israel and open your eyes to reality. If the rest of the middle east acted the same way as Israel the world would be a far better place. Find another country that treats the majority and minorities as well as Israel. Israel is the truest form of democracy in the middle east, and the rest of the middle east are monarchies, dictatorships, or democracies in name only(ie. Egypt). Liberman speaks the truth, and we should be proud of Israel and the hypocrites of the world should be put down. Why don't you defend and rejoice about what is good about Israel instead of nitpicking its flaws!
15. Please ask yourself the following questions, Gadi.
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (01.28.11)
1. Why are the roadblocks present in Judea and Samaria? For no reason other than to make life miserable for the Palestinians? 2. What exactly is the nature of this "occupation" we have over the Palestinians? Don't they have total control over their own towns? Don't they vote for their own leaders? Don't we supply them with electricity and water? Don't we let in bountiful amounts of aid? Don't we give them jobs inside our country? 3. Didn't they choose to stay under this "occupation" even after we offered them 95% control over the West bank, because they did not agree on declaring an end to the conflict? 4. Whoever said the "occupation" is merely inside the green line? Aren't West Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Beersheba, also part of "Zionist occupied Palestine"? And what is the connection between the former armistice line with Jordan, to the present-day Palestinians? 5. What happened when we stopped the occupation of Gaza? 6. Why do many Palestinians in Gaza nowadays look back longingly at the days when the IDF was in control over there? 7. How would any other country in the world react to people who commit constant terror attacks against its citizens? Can you give an example of a country more tolerant of terror than Israel? 8. What is so wrong about inquiries about the funding of political factions? If these factions have nothing to hide, then what are they afraid of? And why do they choose to attack Lieberman instead of cooperating? 9. Are Jews able to purchase real estate in Arab towns? Particularly East Jerusalem? And who said several years ago, "whoever sells a land to Jews, sells his soul to Satan"? (hint: he is an Israeli Knesset Member, and his name rhymes with Bibi). 10. How is the pledge of allegiance affecting Israel's Arab population? To the best of my knowledge, only olim hadashim have to recite it. 11. Do all those goyim whose opinion you're so afraid of - have nothing to hide in their own closets? Hmmm.... 12. And most importantly: can you show me another country in the world who exercises so much self-criticism and self-loathing as we do, as apparent in articles such as this?
16. Any writer placing the words "Israel" & "Apartheid" together
Is not a writer to waste your time reading.
17. Occupation and Economic Migrant Settlers
Elias   (01.28.11)
Nice article. Occupation and colonialism went out of fashion with the advent of democracy.. Some Israelis might still cling to the delusion that the occupied territories have been given them by God, but the American and Russian economic migrant settlers have no claim to the land whatsoever - they are are just driven by Israeli government subsidies.
ZICHRON   (01.28.11)
There can be an equal number of arabs and jews and with also humanitarian refugees as long as the jews control security .The Haredim dont serve in the army neither will the arabs need to serve . They can build nuclear bomb shelters and be in magen david adom and other humanitarian activities with the jews in peace and equality to protect the whole land of avraham our forefather.
19. Convenient Label
Reuven ,   Israel   (01.28.11)
The apartheid label is stuck on Israel by those who want to use that powerful symbolism. That's it. The situation here has nothing to do with apartheid, as anyone who lived in SA during the apartheid years will tell you. So sadly nothing will change, regardless.
20. ''our problem is not a shortage of inventions''
Ben ,   Israel   (01.28.11)
That sentence sums up what is wrong with Israeli ''PR'' attempts. One feels like weeping when hearing misguided people trying to justify their existence by going on about Israel's democracy and its contributions to the world of science and technology. Those things prove nothing about Israel's ''right to exist''. Israel has existed for over half a century and will continue to exist. That's all the world deserves to know, its all the world needs to know, and its all that most of the world cares to know.
21. We're "occupying" our own land.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.28.11)
Neiter Taub nor anyone else has ever presented any evidence that Judea and Samaria don't belong to Jews. That they legitimately belong to Arabs. Nor will they ever, because there isn't any. Judea and Samaria belong to Jews as they have for more than 3,500 years. We're "occupying" our own land. Let's stop acting like tresspassers on our land and act like the proud owners we should be.
22. The Land of Israel
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (01.28.11)
The Land of Israel is eternal.Your post-modern westernish outlook is imitation.Spend your energies building up the Land of Israel instead of publishing this rubbish.
23. Why is he living in Israel.
tejas ,   India   (01.28.11)
Even when all arabs say that entire Israel is illegal settlement.
24. Gadi... you lost the plot and joined their plot
Anon ,   Johanneburg   (01.28.11)
The problem between the Palestinians and Israel is WAR, not apartheid and never will be. We are a small democracy trying to survive, self defence is not apartheid. When we are faced with peace, then all this will end... but we never will, because the Palestinians will not let us leave & live... we left Gaza, and they came after us with rockets... they will not let us go. Because they know that as long as they wrestle us and keep us close and fighting, we will be seen as the aggressor! Seems that racist Palestinian propaganda worked just fine on you Gabi
25. I can already see it....
Anon ,   Johanneburg   (01.28.11)
Anti Semites feast on articles like this. well done Gadi... cant wait to read this article again on all these pro-Israel's-destruction hate sites.
26. The Facts
Frank ,   israel   (01.28.11)
facts differ significantly from truth as truth changes with the author. But Fact, the US is not only an occupier but an aparthaid state and has been since its inception. Why no criticisam here? The French build a wall? No one says anything. The world ignors the Basques and Kurds...Again no noteworthy criticism. Women in Saudia? Not a problem...women's rights in the Muslim world, not a word. But let the Jews try to defend their homeland? And the world is outraged. Not outraged over Hamas shelling innocent settlements, schools and children, no...not outraged over Iran their nuclear program or their stated designs on killing all jews...naw, but Jews whatever and wherever get the blame. Now what does that tell you? It tells me that 13 million people cannot do right regardless. So if that is the case, don't even bother as whatever we do, we are bad and wrong....interesting that after thousands of years of people hating and kills us it is NOW only about settlements! Without the settlements everyone would love us? Now those are the facts....
27. @9 A question:
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (01.28.11)
" Were settlements a problem in the years of 48-67? World opinion of us was not better then. We were still pariahs. In Europe we were pariahs. " In 1967 I was 18 ys old. My memories of those days was that Israel had a lot of respect - not a few of my school mates then and a few years later went to israel to stay in kibbutzim, in military service my officers were very respectful, not to say worshipful, towards IDF (they had visited Israel just after the war 1967). Please explain why you claim that Europeans (a very wide group, BTW) considered Israel and Israelis pariahs. I'm curious.
28. While leftist treason persists, apartheid label will stay!
Binya ,   Haifa   (01.28.11)
No leftists, no treason!!
29. Images......
tiki ,   belgium   (01.28.11)
Image is something which is 'groomed & cultivated. It doesn't have anything to do with 'reality & facts. Image is something you 'feed to the audiance and sometimes that's the 'only thing what the 'audiance WANTS to see. Look at Hollywood, Lady Gaga, Pop & theater culture, Monarchies, etc....It's all IMAGE = BS! Israel's Apartheit image is 'cultivated by it's enemies, untill there will be another 'hype, it will stay like this. Don't waste any energy on it...it won't help or change a thing.
30. To Gadi Taub
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (01.28.11)
Excellent article Gadi. I have read this brochure as well during my last visit at Ben Gurion. Thank you for your good analysis.
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