Jordan: Thousands protest, demand PM step down
Associated Press
Published: 28.01.11, 14:46
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1. Which Way Are Jordanians Leaning?
emanon ,   USA   (01.28.11)
On the one side, it sounds like they want modern change. Then you read the crowds favor jihad. Which way are they going to go: another Islamic theocracy, a la Afganistan or Iran, or towards a more modern government?
2. But what makes the Professor think...
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (01.28.11)
That somehow this would change under Sharia Law. The people would have no vote whatsoever. Many of the countries under this for of government have a religious police. A kind of Secret police that enforce a kind of religious authority. Sadly, as I've said before these governments have indoctrinated their people to think like this. With many of the countries having a youthful majority population, it has come back to haunt them. What they thought was a clever way to distract the people from their government inadequacies, they taught hatred based on misinterpretations (sometimes not) of the Koran. Now the hatred has turned inward towards the governments that taught it. But the teachers have now, and can now, become the new leaders. So the teachers of perversion, are ones the youth of those countries trust. It may change the total world order. Since none not only don't trust the Western governments, but actually hate them. As this spreads the ramifications throughout the world may become bleak. Because we all see the "culture of death mentality" and where it leads. Note that not only the Western backed Arab countries are going through this, but even Iran with its religious based governments which are even more repressive are seeing protests as well. That is the only glimmer of hope, that these people understand Sharia Law based governments would be the worst outcome of these protests.
3. what is the imperial arab religion ?
bruno ,   portugal   (01.28.11)
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an artificial state. It came to existance because of a relationship between the Britts and a local ruling tribe in Mecca. So, Jordan is an imperial invention, not taking into account the local arab population. So it's normal they come to the streets and scream not knowing that the islamic brotherhood is waiting for their golden opportunity which is "seize the power". As a general rule, most arab speaking countries lack their own identity, because syrians became arabs, egyptians became arabs, lybians became arabs, berbers in Morocco and Algeria became arabs, babylonians in Iraq became arabs, and so on and so on, and on top of that, you add islam, a typical imperial arab religion. I remember when I was in Morocco Atlas Mountains, one berber told me "We don't want arabisation here, because they'll bring their own problems to us"
4. Jordan..The Little King will be sent PACKING soon(END)
harvey G ,   Chadds ford PA   (01.28.11)
5. Would Take Islamist Jordan Now If...
blash ,   Jerusalem   (01.28.11)
I would trade peaceful Jordan for an Islamist Jordan controlled by Iran IF AND ONLY IF such a change signaled a peace partner willing to take in Palestinian refugees. Israel can deal with hostile nations. We're dealing with Lebanon and Syria just fine. What's driving our blood pressures through the ceiling is Palestinian attacks on Israelis and Israeli sovereignty. Jordan always has been and always will be the Arab part of the British Mandate, and will always be the only true home of Arabs living in the land of Israel.
6. re: jordan's protest
joel ,   usa   (01.28.11)
all these protest going in the muslim arab world are spearheaded by Muslim Brotherhood org. which is a link to al qaeda terrorists, these governments must resist these protests or, they would turn into a "taliban type" group!
7. Jordan IS Palestine; 78% of land;80% of populace;
Yaawqove ,   Israel   (01.28.11)
and the rulers are non native British imports from mecca! Ironically the non native british import King abdullah married a "palestinian" so his son, the prince, the next king and RULER of "Jordan" is a "Palestinian. Land? check people? check. rulership?....check. Jordan IS Palestine. check..
8. "Quran is our constitution, jihad is our path."
Yaawqove ,   Israel   (01.28.11)
The demonstartions of Jordan a "bastion of western democracy". what a joke. its jihad in waiting... Israel, you still want to play russian roulette and be 8 miles wide with a piece of paper "piece" deal? abbas and salam will be knocked off before you can get araftas nobel peace prize....are you aware of your region?..... with masses of teeming jihadists waiting to stab the plump and corrupt western puppet rulers in the belly? Strength and wisdom, not weakness naivety and foolish cockiness. egypt.....tunisia....jordan....this is just the beginning....... Jordan is Palestine. 8 Miles wide is suicide.
9. The little King is next
Rachel ,   US   (01.28.11)
Palestinian problem solved.
10. Get rid of the king
Walid Samaha ,   Jordan   (01.28.11)
We should 1 ) remove the so called king pupet of Jordan. 2) PM must step down. 3) Through out the Israeli embassy.
11. He is not a REAL king, just a puppet type created by
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.29.11)
the british. NO arab country that does anything but sell oil can feed their people, they are all disasters and they look at Israel in envy. All these worthless countries will fall apart and shitria law will bring them down even further to where they have less than nothing.
12. walid, did you notice this is a Jewish newspaper?
Yaawqove ,   Israel   (01.29.11)
lol. why tell us you want to break the peace with Israel ? this is not a jordanian rag...
13. I agree with you Walid Samaha #10
Israeli 2   (01.29.11)
You just forgot to add and then Israel will come in to Jordan and make life good.
14. Pay attenton though, its highly critical
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.29.11)
Barry ,   US   (01.29.11)
his mother is. "Palestinian"
16. The hashemite kingdom Should Be
Brazen   (01.29.11)
Dismantled and democratic elections should follow. The majority in ammon and the surrounding terrorities are infact the true arab/ bedouins who dwelled under Ancient Hebrew/Jewish Patriarchs and under David and Solomon they were are neighbors and Content to be so. Now the Israeli people should aid the jordanian/arab/bedouins in Reclaiming their land and if they so choose to use abdallah and Riana as their Political figures, showcases or whatever capacity they choose and establish coilition government with paliment representing All major tribes, clans and religious sects with ONE capable and action taking voice.
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