Egyptian flags at Jaffa rally
Yoav Zitun
Published: 29.01.11, 19:56
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1. If Leftists resort to violence, suppress them all
Mike ,   Atlanta USA   (01.29.11)
2. Civil war is coming and the LEFT will be destroyed!
Danny   (01.29.11)
3. They forgot their white sheets
Ilan   (01.29.11)
Racists and leftists. No contradiction.
4. So where ever Jews move to in Israel,
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.29.11)
they are settlers? The arabs are the illegal settlers in our Jewish land and should be removed along with their leftist collaborators. The government should start to think about arming a Jewish militia of former I.D.F. vets to prevent a bloody uprising by anti Zionist elements. Jews have a right to live in all parts of Israel. Where are those that protested the rabbi's letter about renting or selling to arabs?
Jason   (01.29.11)
6. ah yes the piece movement.
Golan ,   Modiin   (01.29.11)
End Arab settlements in Jerusalem, Hebron, and Jaffa!
7. Jaffa
Neal Rothner ,   Ha   (01.29.11)
Jaffa fist, to be followed by Ramla,and Acco. Neal The Hasmonean
8. Matan Kaminer: You make uncle Tom look like Malcolm X. Shame
Hebrew ,   Israel   (01.29.11)
9. left versus right
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (01.29.11)
If the settlers were to utter we will liberate Hebron with blood, the police would arrest the leaders, beat up demonstrators and the press would accuse the right of being undemocratic. When the arabs chant: we will liberate Jaffa with blood, they are treated with kid gloves, given freedom of speech and left to form terrorist cells to destroy us. We have an prejudiced state and media.
10. "Liberty for Palestine". Sweet thought, but no dice.
11. what goes around comes around
Jerry ,   Israel   (01.29.11)
people in tel-aviv shout how Jewish settlers have no right to be there. Now Arabs are calling the Jews in Tel-Aviv settlers and saying they have no right to be their. What goes around comes around.
12. Christians who support Israel
Annmarie ,   USA   (01.29.11)
speak up now & spread the truth !! Teach that the promise to the Gentiles only comes to them through the G-d of Israel ! Reach the muslims and those "christians" who have been taught incorrect replacement theology. Teach them to support Israel! Joel Rosenberg Ariel Ministries HaDavar Ministries David Hocking
13. NGO Leftist
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (01.29.11)
And these leftist are complaining about a Knesset investigation. The Israeli people will finally know the truth that these groups are backed by the US EU and enemy nations groups and anti Semites
14. Leftists will destroy Israel
Rachel ,   US   (01.29.11)
They are pure scum.
15. Mattan Kaminer, quoted in the article, is
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (01.29.11)
not only a protester but an agent provacateur who is utilizing this protest as a means of sabotaging the state. I hope he will be hauled in by the police and prosecution and charged accordingly.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (01.29.11)
To quote a protester in the article: "need to learn from the Egyptian people how to rise up". At last glance there were 82 dead and over 2,000 wounded. So what's to learn? Then we have the typical nonsensical remarks like: "Allahu Akbar" or "we'll liberate Jaffa with blood.", brilliant. Then we have one of my favorites: "No to apartheid." Which if fact is true, there is NO Apartheid in Israel anyway, so it's just another stupid and false remark. So now they think they can jump on the coattails of the other idiots. In Egypt they don't even know what it is exactly, that they want. But by destroying the tourism industry (12% of the jobs in Egypt) and and $11 billion dollar plus paycheck/year and the U.S. withdrawing the $1.5 billion dollars in cash they give Egypt, I'm sure that will help Egypt's economy?
17. Are you serious?!?
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.29.11)
When are people really going to educate themselves enough to know what apartheid and racism are and stop using these terms so casually and without intention? It is infuriating to see such pathetic anarchism displayed from such ignorance and stupidity! Do your homework people and quit acting like the infidel you say others are!!!
18. Traitors
Jersey Boy ,   New Jersey   (01.29.11)
Any traitor that seeks the destruction of his or her own country is a traitor. Such a person should be thrown in jail, in solitary confinment.
19. #9..Thanks Larry, You are correct, many people agree with
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (01.29.11)
Many people agree with your honest and truthful comments. Why is it tolerated when the leftists and Arabs chant such blood-curdling slogans ? Is there no law against this type of violent threats ? If Jews chanted what these demonstrators are saying, they would be labelled extremists and racist.
20. Whi=o is this guy Matan Kaminer who racistly says Jews not
Observer ,   Globe   (01.29.11)
allowed to live in Yaffa?is he yaniv oppenheimers cousin? They say the same racist screed against Jews rights to live in places. Funny how Jews cant live in where arabs are but arabs can live where Jews are. Thats back @sswards.
21. The leftists!
Patrick ,   Paris France   (01.29.11)
The leftists could be considered to have noble and decent feelings, all other things equal. But you realize that they demonstrate side by side with people willing to pour Jewish blood, they are just what they are stupid idealistic people. Just to remind them, the arab and jewish communists on the eve of the Independance war had sworn to do everything possible to avoid the war: noble goal, no? And you know what happened, the Jewish communists were killed (and raped for women) by the fellow arab communists.$ So those stupid guys do not realize as Lenine have said, that they are selling to the hangman, the rope that will be used to execute them. And who said that Jews were smart? :-)))))))
22. @4
daz ,   uk   (01.29.11)
The Arabs have been living in Palestine for over 1000 years before the Zionists (who are essentially European colonists) came onto the scene..
23. Egyptian flags at Jaffa rally
alex ,   ashkelon israel   (01.29.11)
leftist in israel are 5th colum they are enemy of state like arabs they should be taken care of as enemy of state or we will have problem soon
24. Stupidity is #16
Shlomo Kamera   (01.29.11)
Mark, apartheid is rife in Israel and the settlements, where there are rules for jews, and different rules and courts for non-jews. But you knew that.
25. Atheists are friends of Israel
טובי ,   Tel Aviv   (01.29.11)
The middle east needs more atheists....the opposite would lead to the end of Israel. Religions are sources of horror and war and atheism is a source for coexistence and facing the fact we are all humans. I am atheist and I am a foreigner and I fully 1000% support Israel! Israel is the light of enlightment in a world of darkness. Educate the religious people, promote secularism among jews and muslims and christians and we can all live in peace in this world! renounce religious violence and ignorance! And it is a bad behavior of those protesting in Jaffa! Coexistence has to start now! And arabs should stop blaming Israel for everything!
26. Sick leftist Jews
G.S. ,   USA   (01.29.11)
So, Jews who don't want to live with Arabs are racist, but Arabs who don't want to live with Jews are fighting apartheid. You can't make this stuff up. These leftist Jews who hate Israel with such passion have got to be the sickest people on earth. I don’t hate Arabs, but I do hate these leftist so-called Jews. Maybe they should leave the "settlement" of Tel Aviv. They could always try Gaza.
27. thsi kind of racist actions by arabs, our left must be meet
ralph   (01.29.11)
28. #22..FALSE - And You in the U.K. colonised almost everywhere
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (01.29.11)
29. Send these demonstrators to Egypt and Tunisia
Abraham br\en Jacob ,   Canada   (01.29.11)
If they like what''s happening in those countries, they should go there..............or be sent there.
30. ISRAEL, is the greatest country in the Mid-East
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (01.29.11)
Just look around at the Arab-Muslim countries in Mid-East and see how violent they are and no democracy or freedom at all. If the Arabs were smart, they would learn from Israel how to thrive in democarcy and have freedom, but it seems that the Arabs are more hateful and violent and not that smart.
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