Chaos in Cairo; looting, rapes reported
Elior Levy and Reuters
Published: 29.01.11, 20:58
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1. Not impressed
john   (01.29.11)
Out of a population of 78,866,635, "tens of thousands" are protesting. It's not impressive. More people show up at Hamas funerals.
2. Will this be the way to get rid of Israel's
chaim   (01.29.11)
self-proclaimed non-democratic justice system?
3. Chaim #2
David ,   Haifa Israel   (01.29.11)
4. #2 yes thats the way aha aha I like itttt
tea man ,   marjayoun   (01.29.11)
Fake democratic and justice systems are falling from within Dominio effect about to reach all the middle east
5. After weekend the military will act, more about next leader
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (01.29.11)
Mubarak is likely safe but some generals would like to be next leader and not let Mubarak's son or other family member.
6. Obama
Felix ,   Jlm   (01.29.11)
Naiive OBAMA didn't learn the lesson from CARTER and Iran !His stupid policies will destroy the position of the west in this region !
7. Any hope of sensible assessment?
Proverbs 6 v 16 ,   Psalm 2   (01.29.11)
Western news should grasp this. The Christian wedding service speaks of children begotten and brought up in the clean fear of the Lord. Not so islam, they have as many as possible, at a time when we understood population explosion was a serious problem, a generation ago. All that has happened is you get a generation of angry youngsters, no work no food, with a mob mentality and incited to riot. We had this 20 years ago - organised riots but not for the same reasons. The islamic brotherhood seem to have a temporary upper hand, adding the lie that islamic law will make things better. Wrong, blood guilt leads to blood guilt and rape is as murder and there will be no blessing. Israels enemies will end up fighting themselves and the wise will worship the God of Israel that He is in the midst of us, mighty to save Be Shem Yeshua - nations who worship foreign gods even if they hide behind political correctness and the biggest lie of all, democracy, will fail....
8. # 5
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.29.11)
Gamal Mubarak (son) has resigned. The weekend in Egypt is over. Sunday is a normal working day.
dan ,   Canada   (01.29.11)
10. In SA we call call "looting"...AFFIRMATIVE SHOPING
Alan ,   SA   (01.29.11)
and goods are never "stolen"... they are "liberated"
11. #2 illiterate impostor
12. #4 another Hezbollah monkey, showing teeth behind women
13. #1-There were more film extras in DeMille's "10 Commandments
Alan ,   SA   (01.29.11)
But I thought your remark about Hamas Funeral was very funny . LOL
14. It is a good time... don't you agree?
SyrianFreedomEagle   (01.30.11)
Hello my friends from Occupied Palestine! How are you today? I am having a cup of tea and watching Al Jazeera. I feel great today and how about you? I just wanted to remind you that security is a truly valuable asset. We all want to live in security and freeom. Hence, you must return back to your home countries to ensure your security. Please think of your children, too! Have a nice day!
15. Chaos in Cairo
JUDAH THE LION   (01.30.11)
Many of these so called demonstrators are there only to loot,and to steal. They are CRIMINALS and should be brought to juctice
16. democracy and arab street
alexi   (01.30.11)
well, you had street protest to get rid of shah and you ultimately end up with the father of terror kameinei who kills his own people like in the last uprising where obama was somewhat quiet. Yes mubarak was a dictator but in terms of policy was moderate and reasonable. Now you see egyptians looting, yelling, destroying which will eventually lead to the moslem brotherhood who are very disciplined. And when they take power, they use the basigi, palinclothers hezbollah thugs on scooters who beat the hell out of the people and execute a number of opposition figures. So once the egyptian hamas takes over, it will join hamas, hezbollah, syria and iran in the mother of all battles and it will be tough though Israel will fight like hell. the press is talking up baradei, when he is one of reasons iran is acquiring nuclear weapons as he gave them cover. Listen to the crowd-I hate him,t he economy is not good, the US didn't do enough, watch the looting by guys on motorcycles with swords, the rapes. Mubarak was Egypt's best as the egyptian crowd is rioting because they were put up to it by th emoslem brotherhood. And Ben weidemann, a reporter is inciting the egyptians towards furthur violence. Be careful what you wish for.
17. # 14 It is a good
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.30.11)
Syrian ! How much security and freedom do you enjoy under King Bashar the second ?.
18. #14 We're not secure, neither shall you be. G'day.
19. #14
ester ,   melbourne   (01.30.11)
And once upon a time there was Egypt, Siria, Iran Lebanon.... just try and see, I hope that you remenber Kunetra and 20 kilometres before the Army went in Damacus.... Just think of it, because ALLL Shitzeera never show it.....
20. America's mess -- the norm ! - Go Hillary !
jo   (01.30.11)
A gem from king Abdullah of Saudia. " Islam cannot tolerate harm to the security and stability to our sister Egypt, in the name of freedom of expression " What a bunch of 'Royal Bull ', right from the horse's mouth (should have said camel). Abbas, the MASTER SCHNORRER, and Gaddafi, one of the despot among the unlimited supply of seasonned islamic despots, wish to express their solidarity with Mubarak, this 82 years old fool, who does not hesitate to sacrifice 1000's of his " beloved " brothers in order to satisfy his own Ego,while his Empire is crumbling. Like all modern strong men, a special jet (always at the ready) is wisking his wife, children and a few Billions $ (from his beloved Egypt), to the safety of the UK, a haven for islamic criminal - " cash always welcome "
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