Israeli reports of 'friendly atmosphere' in Cairo
Ziv Reinstein
Published: 30.01.11, 14:11
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1. Good grief man. Is this REALLY a story? 1 irrelevant nut
Jeepers ,   globe   (01.30.11)
syas life is great meanwhile hundreds are dead and 10s of thousands injured. You couldnt make this shyt up. If Im the parents of a student of asshairov, im thinking this dude is getting fired or closed down on his return.
2. this is very irresponsible, because in the wink of an eye
over there they get taken as hostages. i really do not think this is a good idea to put these people in harms way or have an opportunity for them to be opened up to something that can happen. we all know that things can get out of hand there quickly.
3. And how many Egyptian tourists in Israel
Russ ,   tlv   (01.31.11)
Zero. They never visit. Ever. How many Egyptian tour guides in Jerusalem, showing Arabs the Kottel? None. They feel nothing for our country. So how safe can an Israeli be in Egypt?
4. Israeli self centered - - - ness....examplified
Safi ,   USA   (01.31.11)
5. My wish
robrott ,   USA   (01.31.11)
Is that the story is true. To me it shows the Egyptian people know their problems are caused by the Egyptian government and not Israel, the usual scapegoat.
6. I may throw up.
Riki ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.11)
7. He is also looking for students to sign
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.01.11)
up for his next tour of beirut.
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