Shalits concerned over Egypt uprising
Ahiya Raved
Published: 31.01.11, 14:02
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1. The best they can do
Ali ,   Scotland   (01.31.11)
is fight for Palestinian prisoners too, this way would put them in better stead to have young soldier Shalit freed.
2. #1 - the problem is, that nobody knows who those prisoners..
eporue ,   europe   (01.31.11)
would be... if there was a list, with the current hamas-demands, it would be more "easy", to light up their background, and make them also a "real person"... otherwise, there is only the anonymous term "prisoner swap"... as hamas, doesnt want any pressure on themselves, they dont release such a list...
3. The Shalit family better asks
Donatus ,   Strasbourg, France   (01.31.11)
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