Egyptian national treasures vandalized
Rachel Shlomi-Chen
Published: 01.02.11, 08:02
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1. whats new ? tomb-raiding as old as egypt...
eporue ,   europe   (02.01.11)
2. Egyptian National Women Vandalized...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.02.11)
...While living women are being raped by mobs is this really the time to weep over the vandalization of the ancient dead and their relics?
3. Don't believe everything you read!
Edithann ,   USA   (02.02.11)
Israel will do anything to denigrate the Arab culture to keep up their endemic racism against the Arab culture.... All that nonsense about rape is great for Israeli's what they want to read and believe..The world knows rape doesn't exist in Israeli or amongst Jews, it's only in their Presidents... Oh, and the looting of museums is what Israeli's did when the US took over Iraq...Jews are very interested in ancient artifacts especially when it isn't their own. There's money to be made..and we know where there's money to be made, etc, etc, etc.... ...They'll do anything to investigate any DNA that might tell then where they really come from. Anyway, I found the Egyptians very law abiding and protective of their communities espcially in their time of turmoil.. At least they don't have to deal with insane settlers marauding neighborhoods and vandalizing Palestinian homes and property..which seems to be the Israeli norm... TATA
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