AG rules against Galant appointment
Aviad Glickman
Published: 01.02.11, 10:49
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1. get rid of the AG
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.11)
A person, even a guilty one, hires a lawyer to protect his interests in court. A lawyer must defend his client, even if guilty, to the best of his or her ability. A lawyer who refuses to defend a paying client should be immediately disbarred. The government is forced to use the legal services of the AG, even though these are substandard and colored by politics. If the AG refuses to defend Galant, the justice department should be shut down, its employees thrown out, and the government allowed to use competent private lawyers who know their job.
2. Slowly up, quickly down.
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (02.01.11)
30 years to almost reach the top , 30 seconds to fall.
3. He could go join the settlers they have a lot in common
Haim ,   tel aviv   (02.01.11)
4. Major General Galant, Sir Stand Down!
and in so doing you will do honor to the uniform you wear and you will regain respect from all of the soldiers of the IDF! Stand Down Sir!
5. Passing the buck
Sagi   (02.01.11)
is the name of the game. From Barak to Tirkel, from Tirkel to Ombudsman, from Ombudsman to Attorney General, from Attotney General back to Tirkel. All these are sans les testicules.
6. A Mistake?
Yobo ,   Australia   (02.01.11)
The proposed defender and protector of its citizens Galent has lied ,stolen public property, lacks morals and character. With these attributes he is an embarrassment to his people,
7. Greed...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.11)
... is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason. Yeah, yeah, I know that's a non-Jewish concept. Okay, so he coveted his neighbors' land, is that Jewish enough?
8. #1, your ignorance is appalling. The justice ministry is not
Reb L. Yell ,   Carmiel, Israel   (02.01.11)
Galant's private defense attorney. He has his own. The AG is the ADVISOR to the government. If Galant were more honorable, he would step out of the picture.
9. #5 I disagree w/u they have balls & r playing w/them!
They are all waiting for Galant to realize that he needs to go and live in the palace he built for himself! That is they don't want to embarass him and/or the IDF! Wait a bit more Sagi, if he doesn't go on his own they will push him out the door...his race is run and he's undone!
10. Minister Michael Eitan - well done you
israel   (02.01.11)
The state should absolutely NOT spend money on defending someone who stole land!
11. Can Barak please make sure someone is in charge of the IDF
rebecca ,   Modiin   (02.01.11)
Can Barak please make sure someone is in charge of the IDF (other than himself). Egypt's crisis could be ours tomorrow. Rocket Activity in Gaza has escalated. And we're sitting with an headless IDF. It's lunacy.
12. when only perfection will do...
Mea   (02.01.11)
you end up as we have ended up in america, with boobs like Palin, Huckabee and other slow witted idiots in pursuit of public offices because they believe jesus sent them. So Galant screwed up on a land deal--does that matter in a fight with Hezballah? It is s-t-u-p-i-d. Israel is crumbling within and it happens when any nation allows ultra religious nitwits to demand perfection of the hard working people doing the tough jobs while they sit on their asses complaining.
13. Rabbi #8
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.11)
One of the duties of the AG is to represent the government in the courts (look it up in Wikipedia if you don't believe me). The defendant is not Galant, but the government which decided to appoint Galant to CGS. Weinstein should have privately asked Barak to withdraw the Galant nomination. If Barak refused, Weinstein should do the job for which he is paid and defend the government, or quit.
14. Mea, Mea, Mea....
if we sent home all kinds of IDF officers for giving their cars to their wives without permission and for committing all other minor crimes can you please explain to me how Galant deserves to be above the law? What's next? O how about instead of fighting the Hezballah he'll cut a deal with them and get more land for his castle! Really Mea, Mea, Mea! explain why that isn't a possible case scenario?
15. #13 since when is Wikipedia a reliable source? LMAO!
also go back and read ALL of the story on Galant and the courts before making the supersilious comments that you make. The one who should quit, my friend, s you Israel Israeli, as your mega stupid is showing! really wikipedia a reliable source LMAO!
16. #1: "in charge of protecting the rule of law..."
Reb L. Yell ,   Carmiel, Israel   (02.01.11)
You misread the Wikipedia article, which itself says it lacks source material. Nowhere does it say that the AG is some sort of public defender. By not defending this appointment, the AG has said all he needs to. Galant should have had the foresight to clean up his act, by giving up the land he grabbed, if he really wanted to be Chief of Staff. This alone shows poor judgement that should disqualify him for such a critical role.
17. bibi, move barak out of defense
alexi   (02.01.11)
bibi, with the AG going against galant, its time to move barak out of defense to a desk portfolio. There comes a time for every general to leave as they cannot do it anymore. It happened to Dayan and zeira in 73, it happened to halutz in 2006 and it happened to barak in 2000 in not fighting west bank terror, for being against the syrian nuclear hit, for being ambivalent about cast lead and for overseeing th emarmora with paintball guns. I have told you that yaalon is far better and if you don't want him, then move vilnai to head of defense. Barak cannot do it anymore perhaps he can contribute in other ways. it is not personal, it happens to generals that at some point they cannot do it even happened to rabin after the 67 war where nerves got tohim so you notice he did little in the 73 war. It happens.
18. To: #1 Israel Israeli - Do you want a tainted General?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.01.11)
Surely with the amount of corruption and political shenanigans in this country the last thing we need is a Chief of the Defense Staff whose is accused of abuse of his position? Why should we, the taxpayers, pay for the state to defend Galant? He has the right to prove his innocence in a court of law and then claim compensation. Who says the Galant is a paying client of the AG? The AG is a State Employee not a private lawyer whosw job is to advise the Government on the legallity of its decisions. Regarding your point about shutting the Justice Department down, the AG is not the head of the Judiciary. We have a Minister of Justice and a Chief Justice. The AG in this country is the chief legal adviser to the government like the Solicitor General in the UK and not like the Attorney General of the USA who is the US equivalent of the Minister of Justice. You allegation about "substandard and colored by politics" and in contrast to you allegations. By not representing him he is referring the matter back to the Cabinet. You should read what you right and check your facts before you press the "Submit" button!
19. #19 #16
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.11)
Perhaps I misunderstood the AG's role as described in the MOJ website: פרקליטות המדינה מייצגת את מדינת ישראל ואת רשויות השלטון בפני בתי המשפט ובתי הדין השונים, על כל ערכאותיהם. Regarding Galant: I know he was overzealous in carrying out orders during the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif and he is Barak's man (which is proof enough that he is not competent). I also know that mysteriously-funded Yesh Gvul accused him of being a war criminal for fighting Hamas during Cast Lead. I think that if Galant is "tainted", Barak and Netanyahu should withdraw his nomination. If they think he is the most suited CGS, the AG should defend their decision in court.
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