Police: Sufficient proof to indict Omri, Gilad Sharon
Eli Senyor
Published: 01.02.11, 17:50
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1. Still trying to kill Ariel Sharon by breaking his heart in
Rivkah   (02.01.11)
attacking his sons? If you can't kill the father, attack the sons? They were paid for being consultants. Is that a crime? It is to people who are jealous of them and wish they could be paid well as consultants.
2. indictments
alexi   (02.01.11)
What has going on in israel by the various attorney generals borders on the criminal. Spending months and years to hector,badger and then launch an indictment when the evidence justifie it after literally damaging the person prior to the remedies should arise if the charges do not proceed in a reasonable period such that the administration of justice is not brought into disrepute. We have allegations against sharon's sons, we have the indictment against olmert which took years on multiple charges and we have a possible indictment of lieberman. What we have here is treating these people differently from the general public. Olmert should have been indicted years before. And in lieberman's case, it is clear that the indictment should not proceed as the AG is overreaching and grasping. No non practising lawyers should be appointed AG as they so little confidence that they take years to decide to ensure they don't make a mistake. This applies especially to mazuzz who was unsure of himself. weinstein is OK but move it, hurry up already.
3. Sharon
frank ,   Israel   (02.02.11)
STOP IT!!! Stop tyring to indict politicians. This is crazy, there is plenty of evidence, ala olmert! How come they are not in Jail? Stop wasting our money on things that will never happen! The corrupt court system makes sure to enrich and continue the wealth of the corrupt politician! Why the pretense? Why waste even more of our money. When you send Katsav, olmert and the rest to jail, real jail and for a real amount of time, then we can discuss the matter. But until the courts understand that they are not the playtoys of the politicans and they have a responsibility to, dare I say it, the CITIZENS of this nation, then let's just forget about these sham. Frankly I prefer to simply give the judges money to stay home. Frankly mob rule is better than what we currently have.....they at least would get things done...
4. 50K lawyers in a country of 5.5M Jews
Al   (02.02.11)
Do the math...any two bit blowheart today has pie in the sky notions of stardom in the legal profession. Israel has gone legal eagal on steroids. Too may lawyers, not enough workers and innovators. 50K Lawyers in such a small population is nuts.
5. To Alexi , Frank & al
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.02.11)
Sometimes it take years to investigate , yes , but because those "crimes" are very complicated , financial "combines" have many sources or "strawmen" . There are politicians in jail . Al : those lawyers work for ALL the Israelis , and even for non residents . They assist people who buy an appartement too . People are also going to court for stupidities . And if there are 50K as you claim [ your source for that number ] they are certainly necessarry .
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