A million people protest in Egypt
Tsur Shezaf
Published: 01.02.11, 20:42
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1. How Ironic! These protesters are
Israeli 2   (02.01.11)
obviously the LEFT and all of those anti Israel, anti Jewish way of life. They always parade "PEACE" and now they demand war. Hypocritics at their finest hour. TRUE COLORS INDEED.
2. Annulment of peace treaty? Give back Sinai?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.01.11)
3. How do you determine the number??
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.01.11)
The picture that is shown clearly doesn't reflect a million people (let alone 2 million)? So first I'd like to see more pictures, video's etc. and experts who know how to judge this sort of thing. As we all know, the Arab press has serious problem with truth and exaggeration in their reporting. The Arab press has been clearly taking the side of the protesters. That's NOT reporting. Reporting is the facts and only the facts. Editorials are for opinion, I'm not saying that million people were not there, they may have been. I just don't trust the bias reporting. But this is a history making event.
4. I hope police and Shabak photographed everybody there
Calling for anulling the Peace Treaty is a direct call for the destruction of Israel. There is a law under which these terrorists are punished.
5. Democracy: Many Arabs calling for our destruction in T.A.
alien ,   outter space   (02.01.11)
6. annull the "peace treaty with Israel
tiki ,   belgium   (02.01.11)
I thought it was because the foodprices rose, there is no work and no freedom. So, it's again about Israel after all. Cut ties with Israel and there will be cheap food, jobs and freedom. Morons.
7. To: Mark at No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.01.11)
Excellent point. Tahrir Square is slightly smaller than the Washington mall. Packed like sardines, the Washington mall can hold about 250,000 people. Unless the Cairo crowds are spilling into the side streets, there is no way that there are more than 200,000.
stude ham   (02.01.11)
these demos are overly exaggerated by the press... and the egyptians gullibly suicidal to fall for that .. the islamic brotherhood hand in hand with al-qaeda is clearly behind these demos and are clearly the ones who would rape egypt with their tyranny and terrorism should the mubarak regime suddenly disappear. we are not seeing democracy in these demos. rather we are seeing mob rule. hardly a fitting excuse for a political grievance.
9. The US & Zionist Ponzi scheme in the ME is collapsing
IRAN#1   (02.01.11)
This is a small step for man but a giant step for mankind!
10. facts
Shmuel ,   Ge   (02.01.11)
Live with it/ The will of the Egyptian people will be done and all the Israeli bleating will have zero effect. They will not forget that the only support the tyrant Mubarak got was from Israel...the kiss of death
11. Protestors in Tel Aviv to annul the peace treaty
ezer   (02.01.11)
What Hutzpa!!! We in Israel pray for peace and who is more likely to keep the peace, Mubarak the tyrant or Islamic Brotherhood the democratic opposition? My vote is for Moubarak and Israel should pray for his continued good health and long, long reign, to keep those fundamental fascists nuts in check. Never mind 'democracy' they will only use it as a tool to gain power like Hamas and then throw the Democracy Book out the window, like Ahmadinajad did in Iran. Those who protest in Tel Aviv, against the abrogation of our peace treaty should be 'transferred' or 'teleported' to Gaza, Timbuktu or to any Galaxy light years away.
12. The cause
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (02.01.11)
The problems in Egypt and the arab world, for that matter, started for almost 60 years ago with Nasser and Mubarak was one of his disciples.
13. 12 - Your puppet is done, keep counting ;) ,...
split ,   US   (02.01.11)
14. Mark from Batumi
hal ,   us   (02.01.11)
who is all in as we all know?
15. Mohammed Ghannem of Egypt MB said "Prepare4War with Israel"
Alan ,   SA   (02.01.11)
Any comments from posters please
16. Iran's designs on ME are collapsing
IRAN IS FINISHED   (02.01.11)
The Sunni Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt will be much more aggressive than Mubarak ever was in destroying the Shia Infidel entity.
17. #15
pete ,   uk   (02.01.11)
wow he said 4war and not for war did he send an sms?
18. # 7 the best way to figure the numbers
teflon moslem ,   kufa iraq   (02.01.11)
is when you stand on the door of the great Exodus and use hand held counter and count who came in rush and count them board the ship of no return like the crusaders many centuries ago
19. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.01.11)
I really don't care how many people turn out to protest in Egypt. I just don't think that the numbers reach one million. Of course, once the food shortages start to take hold, then you'll see crowds of one million.
20. To: Alan at No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.01.11)
It would be daylight madness for Egypt to agitate for war with Israel. That would put an end to any agreements currently in place between Egypt and the United States, with no one to fill the void. Moreover, it's really not a war that Egypt can win. From the Stratfor Intelligencer: The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is very conscious of the negative connotations surrounding their Islamist branding, and certain elements of the organization are therefore reaching out to secularist opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei to join with them and negotiate with the army, as opposed to negotiating with Mubarak. (Mubarak, meanwhile, ordered his new Prime Minister Shafiq on Jan. 31 to begin negotiating with the opposition to find out what their exact demands are.) The move by the MB to align itself with ElBaradei is not something that the entire group appears unified on, but is likely motivated by the notion held by certain MB leaders that the group has a better chance to forge a political opening for itself if aligned with El Baradei, seen as more palatable in the West. In trying to enhance their popular appeal, MB members have been playing a key role in the popular committees that have sprung up across the country to maintain order in neighborhoods. In addition to reaching out to the masses in a time of crisis, the MB is attempting to demonstrate itself as an indispensable player to the army and the secularist opposition through the size of its support base and organizational capabilities. ElBaradei’s camp, well aware of the costs entailed in aligning itself with an Islamist organization, has not yet delivered a response to the MB’s outreach.
21. # 9 Iranosaurus
Hal ,   Usa   (02.01.11)
Fortunately for mankind and it's ascent, Iranosaurus, you aren't included. BTW extinct specie, there is no greater scheme in the Middle East than the one being perpetrated daily on the good Iranian people by the wicked illegal military putsch govt run by the military industrial mullacrats and affiliated thugs. To wit Iranosaurus, collapsing, will be a fond description of how the regime was in it's last stages. Other extinct lizzards, such as yourself, when trying to explain how the Iranian people finally threw off the shackles of the odious military/mullahcratic crimminal regime will refer to their own place in history as having collapsed within months of the Egyptian phenomenon. Your place in history is the past o' extinct one. Be gone!
22. The 40% of Egyptians on $2 a day can now look forward ...
Barry   (02.01.11)
to living on $2.06-$2.09 per day if things turn out well.
23. Obama the muslim publically joins the Jihad
John F. ,   USA   (02.01.11)
Nothing he wants more than the return of the capiphate and sharia law. Perhaps he has been in cahoots with El Baradai all along.
24. Annul the peace treaty? Then the Sinai will be ours again
Yitzhak ,   Israel   (02.01.11)
If a new regime in Egypt annuls the peace treaty unilaterally, then Israel would be in its right to re-occupy the Sinai. The peace treaty is a legally binding document guaranteeing that a state of peace exist between the two sovereign governments of Israel and Egypt. Israel returned the Sinai for the guarantees embodied in this piece of paper. If Egypt tears up the treaty, Israel will have the right re-take the Sinai as a strategic buffer protecting it from an aggressive belligerent government.
25. One party states always fall by popular revolution
Jes   (02.01.11)
Popular revolution is the only way for people to overthrow one party politics, so no surprise there. Who is next is the question . It does raise the question of whether any Israeli palestinian peace agreement is possible until the arab countries develop free multi party political systems. So is a lasting agreement really possible ?or is it more likely to be a short term agreement non aggression agreement . Look at the stability of the alliance with Turkey for an illustration
26. Annul the treaty - SO ISRAEL can destroy YOU!
Michael ,   Canada   (02.01.11)
27. why???
Salah ,   uk   (02.01.11)
What makes you think we would want to attack you as soon as we have democracy? Or are we meant to live as slaves for your own security fears.
28. #14; hal, You must be a mind reader
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.01.11)
As many may know in 1878 Batumi was annexed by the Russian Empire in accordance with the treaty of San Stefano between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. Since I'm a Russian descendant, I guess in a strange distant way your right. As to your comment it's a puzzle to me?
29. #19 you miss read #18
tea man ,   marjayoun   (02.01.11)
I think he is on for something readit again
30. #25; Jes, One other thing about...
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.01.11)
Popular Revolutions, often it depends on the make up...economically speaking...of the population. Now I saw a demographic that stated over 60% of the Egyptian population was in the under 30 age group. Plus one third of that group was illiterate, which translates to 20% of the total population (1 in 5) can't even read. What causes revolutions is high poverty rates, that's why any society with a large middle class can often avoid revolutions (because most people are at least satisfied). But when the poor as a class, get to be to large of a group, that's when you have problems. I haven't seen the demographics in Egypt broken down into socioeconomic rates. So I'm not sure if this was also one of the primary causes. Also there was a political divide between the leadership and the people. But that was a self inflicted wound.
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