Galant loses IDF chief nomination
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 02.02.11, 00:59
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1. Murder in cold blood
Raptor   (02.01.11)
2. Seems like a stupid decision. These arent ballet try outs
Observer ,   Globe   (02.01.11)
the best commander for the job. Not every hero is squeeky clean. annexed public land? what a square foot? sounds like a steaming pile of bs to me. Prove me wrong.
3. then Barak must leave too !
4. Observer, Globe
Eldar ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.01.11)
You've already been proven wrong. Or haven't you been reading the news?
5. what a square foot? .....
Eshkol Hakofer   (02.01.11)
....asks the Observer presumably of Globe, Israel. Not one, Observer Galant, not two & not sixty five sqft. Reportedly, "Galant’s property exceeds even its legal size by 350 square meters (nearly 4,000 square feet) on top of the 35 dunams (=35,000 sqm= 376,740 sqft ) he may have received under dubious circumstances from the ILA ". That's more than 380,000 sqft of public land. What will he / could he misapropriate as a chief of staff? Besides, in Jewish Ethics (that apparently neither Galant nor his mentor Barak recognise) , the law of 1 pruta, equals the law for a hundred.
6. galant
sas ,   israel   (02.01.11)
the man is dishonest - he cannot lead the army. he needs to set an example....... barack is dishonest too and should be thrown out of the government. lieberman is a dangerous man with fanatic ideas - he should be thrown out of the government. fantastic people heading or country.....either corrupt or dumb.
7. The Wall Was Arab Per Abbas
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodUSA   (02.01.11)
Oh come on Eshkol, get real. Since when did Isaelis have to turn the other cheek, as per good Christians ( right, and Ill sell you the Williamsburg Bridge for 24.00_. Look, the property annexation may have skirted the laws of property, but so what? The Arabs consider ALL of Israel to be illegal. Most of the world believes we Jews "stole" the land fromj the hapless Pales. 10 wars later, Israel now has Egypt to worry about, even though the Sinai was returned 3 times..while the IDF was almost in Cairo and the 2nd/3rdArmies were within the IDF. What matters here is competence. Is Galant the best choice for Israel. For that matter, virtually every P.M. was headed for indictments or indicted. Now Sharons sons are suspect. To my fellow Jews; do what is best for Israelis survival. I mean, even Rumfeld had his faux did the architect of the Vietnam War. Israel is far too political for itsown good.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.01.11)
Finally, they investigated before appointing him and then having to go through the costly process of changing their minds. It's cheaper to the taxpayer this way and much less time consuming. Imagine how many teachers could have been put on payrolls if they investigated Olmert in time, or Sharon, Katsav, and others such as Lieberman and the forerunner of Eli Yishai from Shas, Arie Deri? How many elections could have been avoided at the cost of tens of millions! Galant's case should set an example how government/judiciary should function.
9. Isn't Barak coming up a little "short" in all of this?
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (02.01.11)
BLUNDERS seem to be Ehud's forte.
10. Barak vs Ashkenazi
shrinkDave ,   Miami   (02.02.11)
God forbid, that Israeli soldiers are killed in battle because of Barak's dislike of Ashkenazi. He is risking Israel because of a feud. Israelis should be screaming in the streets.
11. F the miserable Leftists,they comlpain about everything
Dave Osborne ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.02.11)
Screw the crazy Leftists,take no notice of them,they are hell bent on bringing Israel down.Let Lieberman deal with them.He is the only one who knows how to deal with them.
12. He will be running the IDF,he's not running for Sainthood
Dave Osborne ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.02.11)
Is there one single politician in Israel that has clean hands.Why pick on Galant,if he is suitable militarily for the role,then that is all that should matter. The Left should have no say in the matter.Period.
13. Why is a lawyer picking the head of the IDF
Danny   (02.02.11)
Surely it should be about picking the guy who is the best leader and fighter.
BEN ,   SINGAPORE   (02.02.11)
15. Galant
mark ,   Montreal,Canada   (02.02.11)
One bumbling hero tried to appoint another unethical hero and got caught. I suggest Barak should move in to Chateau Galant or build himself a Chateau Barak. They both deserve it being heroes...Middle Eastern fairy tale.
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (02.02.11)
If all the leaders of Israel, or if all the leaders in the entire world were investigated, they would most likely be found " wanting" one way or the other. Who could meet the standards or requirements that are now being set at almost unachievable " fantasy " levels ?
17. Now for the other half: replace Barak !
Rafi ,   US   (02.02.11)
18. Ashkenazi
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.02.11)
I have a great deal of respect for Ashkenazi and had hoped his service as RamatKal would have been extended. But rightly or wrongly, he unknowingly influenced this decision by previously cashiering two excellent officers for what one could call 'moral lapses'; for not telling the truth in what many would consider minor transgressions (letting one's family member drive an army vehicle, etc). After those decisions, it would have been difficult for the government to explain a turnaround, a change in policy from the strict guidelines pursued by Ashkenazi.
19. Galant overrated
adam eliyahu   (02.02.11)
He wasn't chosen for his ability. He was chosen because he was Barak's poodle. It is no surprise that someone chosen because they suited Barak's political agenda was also morally unsuited.
20. I do not understand Israel
Patrick ,   Paris France   (02.03.11)
Israelis should be in the streets to demonstrate against Barak - Gabi is a great chief of staff - Barak is endangering the life of our children and the Israelis are not lifting a little finger? I am disappointed by Israel and Barak please go to hell - The more I learn about the full story, the more I just hate you and wish you death for the sake of Israel. Israel is not your personal property, you were a hero and you are becoming a piece of s.
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