Study: Coup possible in Morocco, Saudi Arabia too
Tomer Velmer
Published: 02.02.11, 08:17
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1. Pseudo-science by charlatans.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (02.02.11)
A good place to begin budget cuts would be the Political Science Dept.'s in our universities.
2. What these 'researchers' don't understand
Al   (02.02.11)
is that the Arabs are not running to 'Demoracy' but rather to Radical Islam. I would suggest that these mavens study political science for another 500 years before they get a clue as to what is going on. All this 'research' leads me to believe that some supposed 'Universities' are 'BS" centres rather than schools of serious thought. One more reason to doubt the benefits of all that money going down the rat hole of these supposed 'Universities'.
3. #1, absolutely
Danny   (02.02.11)
Why did the Iranian protests fail? Because the mullahs crushed them and their supporters - mainly China - didn't stab them in the back. What does Saudi Arabia and Morroco have in common? They are allies of the US where under Obama it is better to be an enemy of the US than an ally.
4. No expected uprising in Palestine !
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.02.11)
Don't be so sure. Political uprising just began .
5. Bevere -
Orao. ,   Srbia.   (02.02.11)
- Some neighbour/s who are Enemies to Israel, could prevent an Peoples upprise against their Regimes, by an Military Surprise Attack on Israel. Orao.Srbia.
6. A one-time election for Islam rule
Nora Tel Aviv   (02.02.11)
That`s all what the Islamists need. poor Arab intellectuals are used for that .
7. Impossible to measure
Yoann ,   Tel Aviv   (02.02.11)
Democratic aspirations of a country's citizens is a very abstract notion that is impossible to measure, even through opinion polls and indices.
8.  Royals
Hassan Ateye ,   Beirut Lebanon   (02.02.11)
I hope so and we pray for this to happen. We must get rid of this dictators and royals. They are all thiefs.
9. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.02.11)
Oh, sure. Go ahead. The first and second intifadas didn't really go so well for you, did they? Please give us a reason to throw your sorry asses out of Medinat Israel, once and for all. Please. Of that I am sure.
10. Did they take into account
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.02.11)
If your educational systems, that indoctrinate their kids with hatreds and racism. While teaching antisemitism and hatred of the Western culture and the U.S.. These ideas are taught at home, in schools, radio, TV programing, and the Mosques. At all levels of society. Then when any of those governments seek alliances with the U.S. or Israel they are in direct conflict with the brainwashing they've been doing for decades. So, naturally get a "political gap" between the leadership of the country (and where they may be taking it) and the population, commonly referred to as the "Arab Street". In addition to this you have a schizophrenic (It may be more actuate, to say, dissociative identity disorder - split personality) people who want two things that can't coexist. For Instance in Egypt recent polling suggested that 70% of the people wanted Sharia Law. Yet we hear, see and read they want more Democracy. Well which is it? Because the two, cannot coexist! As recently as 2005 the Muslim Brotherhood leadership (who would love to fill this power vacuum) were on record for what they wanted for Egypt and I quote: "Sameh Fawzy remarked in the Al-Ahram Weekly newspaper, "If the Muslim Brotherhood were in a position to enforce its ideological monopoly, the vast majority of the populace would face severe restrictions on its freedom of opinion and belief, not just on religious matters, but on social, political, economic and cultural affairs as well" Pretty clear, isn't it? Based on the above remarks and the 70% polling data of what the people of Egypt prefer (Sharia Law), only time will tell what will happen. The Professor's need to take these idea's into their theories.
11. How do you know that the United States hasn't already
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.02.11)
started that ball rolling down hill? That's going to be next weeks news. President Obama and Hillary Clinton will be telling their governments to step down and give up their power. If I were an Arab.....I'd be looking at my rear view mirror. President Obama and Hillary Clinton are driving right behind you with the CIA in the back seat of their Limo.
12. # 4 Salma
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.02.11)
You are at it again?! I predict another uprising of sorts and that will be of all the Caucasian People (white folks) in Eurobia. The time will come when they will say "enough!” They have good training from the Arabs living there. In no time they will just know what to do. So dream some more about your so called uprising because despite the millions of you worldwide, something is going to give sooner or later (I am very patient). I will just sit back and enjoy the show of the Arab Muslim extremists swallowing each other up for supremacy of what exactly??
13. its not as black and white as this
zionist forever   (02.02.11)
Just because their governments are undemocratic is not going to make them rush out and hold a revolution. IMubarak came to power as a result of Sadat's assassination and it was emergency powers but he promised to step down when the emergency did but never got around to it and instead was grooming his son to replace him when he died. There a re millions of Egyptians living bellow the poverty line and there is alot of unemployment so alot of people are unhappy with their lot. Also in Egypt this would not have been successful if it hadn't been for the position of the army having this respect by the general public. In other countries when the army do as they are told by the king or president and if they are told to open fire they will then demonstrations will never be allowed to get out of control because the army will put it down if ordered. In Saudi Arabia because the country is so rich people have a much easier & more comfortable life. Unlike in Egypt in Saudi Arabia nobody pays tax etc so they don't worry about how high the tax rates are and how its going to affect their family. The dirty work is all done by the millions of foreign laborers and palestinians. Your not going to find a Saudi citizen sweeping the streets. Generally most Saudi's are content with the way things are and quality of life makes up for the lack of democracy and its like that in the other Gulf States. Its just not as simple as a desire for democracy because there are so many factors involved.
14. Not Morocco
mar4evr ,   madison, USA   (02.02.11)
I do not think Moroccan will overthrow the King..What happened in El Laayoune back in November did rally all Moroccans behind the king. They really do like him and his family. The only change i see coming is new cabinet.
15. Morocco? lol no way
Omar Ben ,   Miami FL   (02.03.11)
How can you say that Algeria is less susceptible to a coup than Morocco? Algeria is a rich country with natural resources and yet the "people" are poor and unemployment rates are huge. Morocco does not have any oil or gas and yet it is stable and nobody is hungry. Moroccans know there are issues that are being worked on and the better days are still to come. Algerians are being robed by their military leaders who fund their personal bank accounts with the local economy
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