PA bans anti-Mubarak protest
Associated Press
Published: 03.02.11, 16:46
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1. Fatah is more pro yankee even than Israel
ivan ,   haifa   (02.03.11)
2. The Palestinian Authority will get the same fate of Mubarak
Tareq ,   Jerusalem   (02.03.11)
3. Abbas the old fox is very smart
avraham ,   nyc   (02.03.11)
4. Time for Abbas to go home..
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (02.03.11)
5. PA is in the wrong, as usual...
Nour ,   ONE STATE   (02.03.11)
You don't deny people the right to protest in the 21st century. Abbas still lives in the age of fax and cables. If he continues on this path, he will join Ben Ali and Mubarak in Jeddah!
6. fax and cables?
dont you mean stones and sticks? but isnt that what all u arabs accept and are used to?
7. Little off topic, but
Mark ,   usa   (02.04.11)
The day after the failure of the 5+1 talks with iran in turkey. Two news stories where in the headlines, both now over taken by events first in lebanon and then eygpt. First, the for camera statement from iran, that in a short period of time, the international community and iran will sit down gain and broad advances will be made... Something in that statement struck me as what is afoot. Second the news that the iranian navy is planning to send naval forces through the canal and into the med. With events as they are now, what is the status of these forces since the article reported that these ships where approaching the red sea. While, they may not enter the canal, it doesn't take crayons to map out a means to exploit the situation in eygpt to landfall a cargo of weapons in the sini and have the preoccuipation of the eygptian ministry of interior troops being hoodwinked to focus concerns elsewhere for smuggling this cargo into gaza.
8. Little off topic, but continued
Mark ,   usa   (02.04.11)
Besides weapons, the landing of iranian revolutionary guard reasources are a strong possibilty, either to infiltrate in gaza or act as sappers for action against the canal. There is a news report somewhere in this observation.
9. Abbas & the PA
MK Ultrac ,   Camaguey, Cuba   (02.06.11)
Wow! What a great job the US and Israel have done with Abbas & the PA. They should pat themselves on the back for it everyday. A more loyal dog they couldn't have found if they had bred one. Now, time to do the same thing in Egypt.
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