Iran: Riots sign of Islamic awakening
Dudi Cohen
Published: 04.02.11, 11:48
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1. Yeah right, same as the uprising in Iran
Mikey   (02.04.11)
About a year ago. They were in favor of Islam and had nothing to do with secular people, oppression and the lack of rights at all.
2. Husain Barak Obama
jerry   (02.04.11)
same as Khamenei, A┬┤djad, Hamas & Hisbullah
stude ham   (02.04.11)
there is only so much choking that any people will allow from their tyranical terrorist theocrats.
4. day dreaming
Richard   (02.04.11)
this mullah is day dreaming- people in Egypt, Tunesia, Algeria, Syria etc... are sick and tired of religious fanatics and greedy mafia types who are pretending to be politicians- Arab countries are still in the Middle Ages in every respect because of them, and people finally want freedom. So keep in dreaming old man- your wake up day is coming, and it will be a rude one.
5. Israel shouldn't be too concerned..
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.04.11)
at being the most stable country from Pakistan to Gibraltar.
6. Egypt under Mubarak more democratic than Iran
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.04.11)
Egypt under Mubarak was not a democracy in the Western sense but there were more freedoms respected there then under the Mullahs in Iran. I think it is a vain hope that the current regime change in Egypt will lead to a situation where human freedoms are more respected than before.
7. Khameini lauds Obama
Seppo ,   Finland   (02.04.11)
who promotes Iranian type Islamic revolution better than anybody else in the world. When food riots start in America (according to many economists in a few years) Obama keeps on building FEMA camps for rioters instead of retiring which was his absolute command to Mubarak. Soon Iran's nuke is also in Egypt to secure peace.
8. Nuke Iran as a warning to the Islamofasicts!
Jason   (02.04.11)
9. Egypt vs Iran
Alex ,   RSA   (02.04.11)
The Iraniams swapped an oppressive monarchy for an oppressive theocracy. I don't think the Egyptians will go that route !
10. Barak Hussein Obama
Dan ,   Chicago   (02.04.11)
His middle name is Hussein. But no one ever mentions that his first name is Barak. So maybe he's really Israeli!
11. The riots in Egypt organized by Obama, Iran and the MB
The riots in Egypt organized by Obama, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei the Iranian traitor , the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran want to rule Egypt. They want Repression of women, prohibition of education, high unemployment, radical Islam as Iran, Somalia and Afghanistan under Taliban rule... As James Earl Carter supported Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979, so does today Barack Hussein Obama II... SINCE 1979 USA HELP IRAN TO TAKE CONTROL IN Middle East ! What is the condition in Iran 1979 before the islamic Revolution and today in: Human rights ? oppression of women ? freedom of expression ? Today if woman Wearing Jeans or Without a head covering in Iran she will be Punished...! After some months the Islamic extremists will take the POWER and people will be in worst situation then before... Do the people in Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan want the Extremists to rule ?
12. iran v. egypt
moron ,   galut   (02.04.11)
sunni v shia predates camp david by a thousand years
13. Mohammed was married to a Jewish woman for over 30 years.
noa ,   israel   (02.04.11)
Until she died. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
14. Khamenei is right: for the first time I envy the islamic
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.04.11)
facists. They have all the right reasons to be optimistic: if the crazy USA is on their side then I guess nobody is going to stop them. (Well maybe the French!) Vive La Republique& Obama Akhbar!!
15. Barbarian murderers will NEVER preveil.
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (02.04.11)
islamists are nothing more than cowardly bullies. Israelis are the only people that have the guts to stand up agaisnt them. Obama what have you done to the world!?
16. The reality is, it's a sign of Islamic weakening
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (02.04.11)
Poor Iranians. The more the mullahs twist the screws of stringent Islam on the Iranian people, the more the Iranians rebel and call for freedom and liberty. Such is the case with Egypt, where decades of dictatorial rule appear to be on the verge of crumbling. Far from being an "Islamic" awakening, the ayatollahs are afraid that the Muslims are waking up to the desire for freedom in Islamic dominated countries. Such is the case in Egypt, where the people appear to want real power sharing, and true democracy.
17. Aha.....So whos getting afraid.....
Mr Green ,   Manchester   (02.04.11)
Sounds like the usual attempt at some nifty deflecting of public attention by the well worn rhetoric Perhaps heres a reminder Iran is MORE of a police state and has LESS freedoms than Egypt The Iranian Political Elite along with the Republican Guard plc is miles more corrupt The Iranian Theocracy is Autocratic in the extreme and doesnt tolerate ANY other views Ahmadinejad is squandering Irans enormous wealth and foresaking the economic future of generations by the funding of unprecedented sums of money of the pursuit of terrorism and nuclear weapons as if nuclear weapons can bring prosperity and respect? As the old saying goes to the Iranian Political Elite - as you make your bed - so you shall lie in it
18. The only crap that Iran is capable of dishing out
jo   (02.04.11)
The only thing supreme about khameini, are his reputsiveness, his deviant and sarcastic look when posing for a picture. If this is the best that allah/muhammad & co. are capable of producing, I think that a Devil's facsimile would be a far better choice His sermon delivered with the usual viper's tongue, is nothing more than wishful thinking. The people of Iran will follow the lead of Tunis, Egypt, Yemen and others; they will smash once and for all the yoke forced upon them by a bunch of medieval,degenerate,birded ,crapulous rejects of mankind.
19. Is he 1.Out of touch 2.Out of mind 3.Out of time?
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.04.11)
Or all of the above? But yooohooooo! Where are youuuuu? How come Messrs Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah, Mashaal and Haniyeh the famous four buffoons - have gone so quiet?
20. REAL awakening, Islamic or not, eventually leads to Torah
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.04.11)
Perhaps he's right in the short term. On the other hand, it remains unclear that his wishful thinking is anything more than that.
21. Obama, Clinton and Khamenei on same side. How pathetic.
Cynic ,   USA   (02.04.11)
sathya ,   India   (02.04.11)
It's not new for the Zionist regime to be surronded by enemies . They were able to emerge victorious jsut with in few days after the birth of Israel . I hope Khamenei remember 6 day war . Though the whole world turn it's face against ISRAEL , we will prevail . Even before getting nuke in hand , Iran speak too much and blows it's own trumpet . What they have to understand Zion has its nuke in her pocket . Arab speak as if they were so generous , if so why don't they just give a small portion of land to a small community (Israel) and recognize them . That part of land belong to the JEWS and they have every right to live and protect it's citizens . Today Egypt may be unstable , tommorrow even the allies may snub ZION but it will endure all the hardship and will prevail .
23. revolutions
alexi   (02.04.11)
the mullahs in iran have in for israel because shah had good relations with it and mullahs direct their anger at israel, an anger that is unyielding, barbaric. The only way to deal with it is to meet it and kill it. Instead bibi makes more gestures to what obama calls the dictators of the west bank and hamas. Its enough that jimmy carter,t he olmert pacifist, screwed up the raid on tehran, and enabled khomeini to stab shah in the back. Now we have jimmy obama who stabbed mubarak in the back after stabbing israel in the back with his humiliation of israel on the settlement issue. Two things are obviouis- obama is an islamist in his bones Bibi though better than olmert is vain and insecure. he can't make a decision yet he's in fear. One has to question why he wanted the prime ministership. He like livni would be a reasonable ambassador to the united nations. What will cause an earthquake in likud's coalition is ehud barak. Many mks think he is no longer effective and want him out yet bibi clings to him because he was his commanding officer and the margin of 5 mks from labour. Barak's 4 mks would probably stay with likud if bibi boots him out. yet bibi can't do it and he can't see that yaalon is 10X barak. That he can't see it means that israelis notwithstanding the risks will get rid of bibi, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Lieberman, landau, ayalon, yaalon would have far more leadership ability than bibi. if bibi does cut barak off soon, he will sink in the mud.Most israelis are sick of barak like they were sick of omert, 97% of them. To prove the point, I never agree with marcus of haaretz and his positions. Yet I agree with his articles spot on about barak and the dangers he poses to israel as he sows discord in the idf and remains paralysed to take proper actions. Sharon at 76 was 1000X the soldier that barak ever was.
24. Spin it!
Bob & Babs ,   Seattle   (02.04.11)
Just goes to show , if your deluded enough, and evil, you can shape anything in your image. He may be right in one way, it may be that Cairo is a direct result of the demonstrations he put down in Iran.
25. i am ashamed to be an american because of huissien nobama
26. to nr, 6 and the others
James ,   A Country   (02.04.11)
Obama was silent to Iran because the iranian regime did not kill 150 people in 3days like the Egyptian regime did it to its own people . In Iran died 76 people in 2 months over the protest. And the iranian regime did not cut off the internet they just blogged facebook or twitter BUT the egyptian regime cut all internet off and all mobile net thats the difference.
27. Khamenie should be concerned about...
Persian CAT   (02.04.11)
his own regime. He Mobarak is being thrown under the bus because his shelf life has expired. The military will take over and the "peace treaty" with Israel will be kept. But in the long run, Israel will end up to be ONLY loser in the ME because of its wrong headed adherence to occupation and apartheid. The "new Egypt" will not support Israeli policies the way Mobarak did.
28. re: iran'S Khamenei & Mubarak
joel ,   usa   (02.04.11)
29. on #18, jo
joel ,   usa   (02.04.11)
you sounds very factual & correct in your description of Khamenei, he murders people in acts & speech!
30. G-d ! khamenei is so stupid !
Daniela   (02.04.11)
last year the same thing happened in Iran, people protested to change the governent. People are not happy under islamic tiranny ! put the tiranny in Egypt now will not help the situation!
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