Galant: I'm still designated chief of staff
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 04.02.11, 22:22
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1. To TURKEL Com and Mr Benjamin Nethanyahu
ben ,   singapore   (02.05.11)
fire all thsoe who were invilved on the Land Transaction including those in the officers of the land authorities ! This is LAND FRAUD!
2. he takes the law into his own hands
pini ,   USRAEL.   (02.05.11)
and he wants others to apologize, well if he isnt a true israeli i dont know what is.
3. He's rght
mea   (02.05.11)
I know this will upset "Claudia" the self appointed Troll overseer, but the fact is Galant is right that any person can be found to have made mistakes (except you Claudia, of course) and when a nation like Israel starts expecting public figures to be perfect good people stop desiring to serve and you end up with bimbos like Sarah Palin (probably posting as Claudia) and Mike )letsaveIsraelforJesus) Huckabee.
4. Karma is a ........
Rachel ,   US   (02.05.11)
Where was all this consideration for the Jews he expelled?
5. Well Said - I Support Galant and see him as the best choice
Shame   (02.05.11)
for the countries future and safetly. Is this another tool of the left wing elite to take control of the army. Ashkenazi prefers to sit back and watch than make vital decisions and actually do something to stop our enemies surrounding us.
6. He still doesn't get it!
Baruch Norman ,   Bat Yam   (02.05.11)
And he isn't going to get it....Is he?
7. Mr Galant, the solution is simple: return
Vardina   (02.05.11)
the land in question, ask forgiveness and you may be forgiven and get the desired position, since noly your moral, not professional qualification arises serious doubts.
8. israel tal, it is said
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (02.05.11)
didn't get to be chief of staff because he wouldn't follow an order he considered illegal (breaking the second cease fire in 1973). now we have someone else who didn't become chief of staff because he did something illegal. so, times have changed.
9. pityful
joe ,   northern israel   (02.05.11)
it was both pityful and frightening to feel the agressiveness of such a brilliant fighter in the interviews to the media.i feel proud that the system, knows to deal with a person, that did not know to combine his record with personal integrity
10. To #3 I would rather have Palin or Huckabee
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.05.11)
as a P.M. and a president of Israel than the two we have now or the previous ones going back 40 years. They probably worry more about the security and future of Israel than bibi, peres,barak,livni,katzav,olmert and a host of others. Too bad people like you do not realize that Gov. Palin speaks what many feel in their hearts. She does not put a spin on everything. She does not have all her answers programmed into her by "experts".
11. This man is dangerous
Paul ,   Israel   (02.05.11)
The way this man is speaking now reminds me of monarchs speaking about the divine right of kings. What does that mean " I was meant for it"? If this is what he truly believes, this man could be very dangerous and attempt a coup d'etat in Israel! His refusal to accept the decision to cancel his appointment points in that direction. All that is beside the fact that if he IS right, that there WAS a planned conspiracy to remove him from that position, he must be so disliked by his colleagues, that he will not be able to work with any of the other generals - in which case, that is even worse for the army. Does he really not get it, that the decision is made and it's all over? He is doing even more damage - to the army and to himself - holding on.
12. to Jason White supposedly in Afula
mea   (02.05.11)
Jason I live part of the year in Alaska and I have known Palin and her family for 30 years. I also work in the government. Let me tell you something my friend, Sarah Palin is about as smart as the chair you are sitting on. When she was governor, her staff couldn't manage to get the woman to memorize basic talking points and we who worked in the government with her had to constantly plead with her to perform r even show up, as she hid in her office once she realized it was all over her head. In fact, Palin is petty in the extreme and spent her last short months dismantling organizations and careers of any person who had voted Murkowski in the election. She set back projects 30 years with her ineptness. I have a button that says, "I' am an Alaskan, Ask me about Palin". The girl is dumber than a box of rocks, petty and mean spirited. She is currently getting credit for being sly, when the truth is, she simply has no ability to engage on an intellectual level and swap ideas and speak with any authority on virtually any subject. She isn't outsmarting the media--she is hiding out fro the media. Alaskans came out in a force never before seen when Joe Miller, her hand picked toady attempted to get the senate seat from Lisa Murkowski. Just the idea of another Palin type representing Alaska was enough to create an energy force that brought hundreds of thousands of people out of driving cold in order to put him down--and therefore stop the Palin agenda of extremist bigotry and ignorance based upon fundamentalist Christian wingnut public policies. Now I know you right wing Christians (and I have never believed you were anything except that and you certainly are not in Afula let alone Israel) love to excuse criticism of Palin with smarmy remarks about libs being afraid of her. Let me tell you something, we're only afraid of her stupidity, her bigotry and her lack of intellectual curiosity--and the fundamentalist machine that see profit in putting an incompetent nitwit in power. I am a very, very conservative person and a Jew. Sarah Palin should be careful to not go too far because there are people willing to reveal the name of the man (now a father of four in Anchorage) who she had an affair with and National Inquirer is camping in Wasilla holding out for that information so she can go the way of John Edwards.
13. Check with ELS Torah code scholars on YHWH's take on Galant.
Rivkah   (02.05.11)
If it is a positive reflection of Galant, he should be IDF Chief.
14. Galant.....
kapriza ,   tzafon   (02.05.11)
Go like a man! You did it to yourself with your arrogance and disregard for the law. If you're looking for who to blame, look in the mirror.
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