Peres praises Mubarak for his contribution to peace
Omri Efraim
Published: 05.02.11, 23:31
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1. the ikwan
amazing   (02.06.11)
Democratic change means the muslim brotherhood© in charge. Great prospects, but probably necessary.
ALI ,   VILLANOVA -USA   (02.06.11)
3. re: Mr Mubarak and his intention
joel ,   usa   (02.06.11)
ONE WORD IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR A WISE MAN, so the proverbs said! Mr Mubarak have already expressed to retire from his position after his term and to hand the government to a legitimate successor, so what is difficult to understand by the western leaders, they want Mr Mubarak to be their "slave" to follow all their orders? you can't do that to the president of the USA!
4. #1 Ikhwan = Brothers
observer   (02.06.11)
if Mr. Mubarak left, the Brotherhood — the most organized opposition in the country — would not present a candidate for election. why? to take away the scare tactics that Hosni Mubarak uses to deceive the people here and abroad that he should stay in power. The Muslim Brothers are no way extremists, they are no way using violence…You have to include them like the evangelical groups in the U.S., like orthodox Jews in Jerusalem. The name is correctly translated as Brothers, rather than Brotherhood!
5. Ali,Villanova-USA no 2
JUDAH THE LION   (02.06.11)
Correction ALI,Israeli lives in 100s and Egyptian lives in 10,000s. End.
6. #5 get the ratio corrected
observer   (02.06.11)
In 11973, Over 2.800 Israelis had been killed, at least 7,500 had been wounded, and some 500 had become POWs. it the US had experienced equivalent losses in the Vietnam war, it would have suffered 200,000 American dead- a figure four times the actual number. That is exactly a reversed ratio to what you proposed.
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