Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood to begin talks with VP
Published: 06.02.11, 07:55
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1. Hussein Obama is the world's biggest terrorist:
EladXP   (02.06.11)
When Iran was about to make a pro-western secular revolution, and was needed western support at most, Instead of backing up the pro-Western iranian demonstrators against Khamenei- Obama did nothing about it. Now in Egypt, Obama decided to backing up the pro-radical islamic egyptian demonstrators, that against Mubarak- a faithful friend to the West over the last 30 years. Then, in order to convince europe, Obama claimed (in the first days of the demonstartions when nothing was clear) that he knows where the "winds are blowing", and "mubarak is on the way down", so they will better be on the "winner" side, and not be perceived as coming out against the demonstrators- so they could be influence as much as possible on the new candidate election. Gents, it's all lies! The "Muslim brotherhood" Party, is the largest and the most organized Party in Egypt's Opposition. they incite muslims in Mosques to demonstrate by claming that "their regime will take care all their needs, instead of Mubarak- who betrayed Egypt, let the u.s. stole egypt's goods, and the only solution is to back to the islam's way, create a Redical-islamic Regime, and demonstrate for it". and together with El-Baradei, who linking Iran's Regime to Egypt, and bribe demonstrators with iran's Regime money- in order to make riots. The "Muslim brotherhood" together with El-Baradei, are about to replace Mubarak, and create a Redical-islamic Regime. Obama the traitor, is going to do everything to push their way to power in Egypt, and roll that dangerous revolution snowball into other moderate Arab countries- that will fall like domino tiles, to form a Rediacal-islamic bloc, that led by Khamenei, equipped with the latest Western's technology and with nuclear capabilities, who wants the destruction of Israel- and then the west.
2. The Muslim Brotherhood
Wise Saba ,   Eretz Yisrael   (02.06.11)
Bad news for Egypt, Israel & the rest of the area. The Muslim Brotherhood entering the government will not bring democracy, on the contrary, it will be the start of a long slide towards making Egypt another Iran. The west must make it perfectly clear to Egypt that they will not support this government & will cut all aid to them.
3. Poor Egyptians...
Yaffa   (02.06.11)
I wish for them not to fall in the hands of Muslim Brotherhood... For such organizations, it is good for their existance to preserve poverty and above all ignorance. For mainly poor and desparate people can be mobilized for terror. People who run a good life wont agree to give up life for a life that has nothing to do with the love of God. God has given us life, and some of us were gifted with brain, but what do fanatics do? They dedicate their lives to destroy all God's gifts.
4. This is rather similar to the route
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (02.06.11)
followed by Hezbollah in Lebanon. It's no surprise.
5. 2. Wise Saba
Wise Neched   (02.06.11)
What makes you think it will be the start of a 'long slide' towards making Egypt another Iran? On the contrary, (as you say), it can actually take place almost overnight (as fast as right now whats happening in Cairo, & just like it happened in Teheran). Bad news is an understatment. For the whole world!
6. Sure thing.
Orao. ,   Serbia.   (02.06.11)
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood to begin talks with VP Comment - They have to - otherwise they would be wiped out by the Military. Nr 2 is wrong here - Egypt will never become another Iran - it will be contary to that. But Egypt will noit live much longer as it now does. According to the Bible, it will become a tiny Kingdom when the Nile is dryed up, by a Military action from Ethiopia, and the Egyotians will be Refugees in all Countrys upon Earth. And this Egypian Kingdom will be in a Covenant with Assyraia and Israel. Orao.Srbia.
7. #2 won't work
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.06.11)
Thanks to Obama, it won't happen that way. Obama will let the Brotherhood tear-up the Israel-Egypt agreement and will keep paying them money (and even increase aid) to keep the Suez Canal open. The next step will be to destabilize Saudi Arabia, that is, thanks to Obama, now surrounded by Iranian allies: Egypt, Sinai, Sudan, Yemen and Iraq. When Saudi Arabia falls and oil reaches $200, you will see Obama on his knees in Teheran.
8. riots in Egypt organized by illuminati Obama, Iran and MB
The riots in Egypt organized by illuminati traitor Obama, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei the Iranian traitor , the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran want to rule Egypt. They want Repression of women, prohibition of education, high unemployment, radical Islam as Iran, Somalia and Afghanistan under Taliban rule... As James Earl Carter supported Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979, so does today Barack Hussein Obama II... SINCE 1979 USA HELP IRAN TO TAKE CONTROL IN Middle East ! ** Barack Hussein Obama and Hilary Clinton = illuminati traitors in the white house. Jimmy Carter behind anglo CIA conspiracy in Iran which installed Khomeini and the Mullahs. ** Zbigniew Brzezinski discusses "intelligent manipulation" in Iran ** Kissinger threatens regime change in Iran if coup fails - ** Soros: China Must Be Part Of The New World Order ** What the conditions in Iran 1979 before the islamic Revolution and today in: Human rights ? oppression of women ? freedom of expression ? Today if woman Wearing Jeans or Without a head covering in Iran she will be Punished...! All the Opposition parties in Egypt Agreed to the government's changes and for new elections this year Except the Muslim Brotherhood ! After some months the Islamic extremists will take the POWER and people will be in worst situation then before... Do the people in Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan want the Muslim Extremists to rule ?
9. #8,contact me please..your right on the mark
chris ,   wales   (02.07.11)
well said!
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