Anti-Mubarak activists bruised, tired, hungry
Associated Press
Published: 06.02.11, 10:00
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1. Muslim Brotherhood bet the loser
Alaa.Balsha ,   ┘ÉAlexandria - Egypt   (02.06.11)
Muslim Brotherhood bet the loser who bet regime is dying, Regime is using Muslim Brotherhood as a scarecrow to the West again, but where the owners of minds, Does the Brotherhood call for freedom and democracy, Does the Brotherhood call for equality and human rights, do you call the Brotherhood freedom of rotation of power, All this is a lie and a fabrication of a corrupt system, And else like burning of gas reminds me of Saddam Hussein who a burn oil in his last days, Regime in Egypt threaten Israel, not Israel liberty and equal , but corrupt Israeli an, collaborators with regime who gave them the gas at less than 10% of its value in the world causing a difference in the the price of production against getting Tourism beach from Israel to his Son's villages in El-Sherm El-Shikh with the percentage gets them for decision-makers in Israel from these amounts, international corruption, so it has affected markets in Israel these paradoxes of price in the cost of production elements, which impact negatively on the companies that did not get the gas with those value, then find a supporter of corruption, Calling that the Muslim Brotherhood behind the youth revolution to find a scarecrow in Israeli society against the revolution , Down.. Down Mubarak Down .. down corruption
2. Just remember French Revolution did not bring liberty
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church, USA   (02.06.11)
The French Revolution's dream of liberty and egalitarianism was replaced by the cruel reality of terror and Bonapartism.
3. These guys are dangerous now...
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.06.11)
With their self righteous belief in what they are doing. Listen to this, from the article: "the protesters have thrown together an impressive self-organization, with makeshift clinics to treat the wounded, security teams hunting out infiltrators " This heroic presentation of the protesters is laughable if it didn't overlook the dangerous. How do the "security teams hunting out infiltrators" determine this fact. Are there legal court systems set up protect those accused? What has happened to those accused? How many have been killed? I thought this was about more freedom and Democracy, not self styled mob violence and lynch mob rule! The MSM (Main Stream Media) needs to stop this silly and false romanticizing of this protest. Hunting down people you "think" may be infiltrators is lynch mob rule. Nothing romantic about it. There's an old movie and book, the "The Oxbow Incident", that needs to watched, to understand what is really going on here.
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